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TRADE NOTICE NO. 19/2018, DT. 05/07/2018

Implementation of otification No.04 dated 25.04.20 18 - reg.


Reference is invited to Notification No.04 dated 25.04.2018 and Trade Notice No.12/2018 dated 18.05.2018 wherein it was provided that apart from ICLC, only those shipments which are backed by 100% advance payments before 25.04.2018, will qualify to be registered by the Regional Authorities of DGFT.

2. Many representations/applications have been received from various associations/importers requesting for allowing imports which are backed by part advance payments. Considering the hardship faced by the trade, it has been decided to allow imports of Peas under Exim Code 0713 1000 against advance payments for that much quantity proportional to the part advance payment made before 25.04.2018.

3. Eligible applicants may accordingly approach their concerned jurisdictional Regional Authorities for registering their contracts under Para 1.05 of FTP 2015-2020. RAs shall issue Registration Certificate for quantity proportionate to the amount paid in advance by the importer before 25.04.2018. In this regard, RAs shall verify the date with regard to payment made through Bank (SWIFT) alongwith the quantity and value as mentioned in the contract.

(S.P. Roy)
Joint Director General of Foreign Trade
E-mail:- shyama.roy@nic.in

[Issued from File No.M-5012/300/2002/PC-2(A)]

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