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CUS CIR NO. 32/2018 DATE 17/09/2018

Customs procedure for export of cargo in containers and closed bodied trucks from IClls/CFSs through Land Customs Stations (LCSs) — Reg.

Kind attention is drawn to Circular No. 52/2017 dated 22.12.2017 whereby the Board had prescribed the procedure for facilitating and monitoring transshipment of consignments sealed under ECTS at ICDs/CFSs and destined for export to Nepal or Bangladesh.

2. In view of the positive response from the trade and the request to expand the said facility to more locations, the Board has decided to allow the said facility through the following locations:

SI. No.

Name of ICDs

Name of LCSs

1 All ICDs For export of goods by road through the following LCS:
(i) Raxaul;
(ii) Jogbani;
(iii) Sonauli;
(iv) Nepalgunj;
(v) Panitanki;
(vi) Petrapole;
(vii) Gede;
(viii) Ghojadanga; and
(ix) Mahadipur.
2 All ICDs For export of goods in containers by Rail to Bangladesh through Gede and Petrapole.
3 CFSs as specified by the Chief Commissioner of Customs, Kolkata. For exports through Petrapole and Gede.

3. Circular 52/2017- Customs dated 22nd December 2017 stands modified to the above extent.

4. Difficulties, if any, faced in the implementation of this circular should be brought to the notice of the Board.

5. Hindi version follows.

F. No.550/05/2011 -LC

(Dr. Swati Bhanwala)
OSD (Land Customs)

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