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CUS CIR NO. 30/2018 DATE 29/08/2018

Setting up of the Office of the Commissioner (Investigation-Customs) created under CBIC-regarding

I am directed to inform that a new post of the Commissioner (Investigation-Customs) was created during recent re-organisation of Directorates and field formations. The Commissioner (Investigation-Customs) shall be reporting to Member (Investigation) in the Board. The office of the said Commissioner is presently located at:-

Room No. 2, 10th floor,
Tower02, Jeevan Bharti Building,
Parliament Street, New Delhi-110001

2. The following is the work allocation for the office of the Commissioner (Investigation Customs) as approved by the Policy matters relating to search, seizure, arrest, prosecution and compounding offences under the Customs Act, 1962 [All legislative matters relating to chapter XIII, XIV and XVI of the Customs Act];

Monitoring on behalf of Member (Investigation), the work of Directorate General of Revenue Intelligence (DRI), and Customs field formations in respect of:

a) Important seizures and investigation cases;

b) Investigation into foreign assets cases;

c) Search & seizure operations and related reports / Management Information System (MIS) reports on searches, arrests etc.

iii. Coordinating with DRI in:

a) Internal Action Plan;

b) Analysing and disseminating intelligence to the field formations;

c) Conduct of researches and studies to monitor tax evasion and to find measures to curb tax evasion (Study of the price structure, marketing patterns, modus-operandi of evasion and classification of commodities and accordingly advice and issue Alert Notices to Commissionerates, study of the effects and implementation of tax concessions, exemptions and relaxations in controls and to make recommendations to the Government etc.);

d) Information management, data-warehousing and data mining relating to reduction of tax avoidance and curbing tax evasion, management of tax risks

iv) Matters relating to Risk Management Division (RMD);

v) Matters relating to preventive set up in Customs formations including staffing, infrastructure and other requirements through Anti-Smuggling Unit (to be renamed as Border Controls and single Window Unit);

vi) Matters relating to Multi Agency Centre (MAC) under the Ministry of Home Affairs;

vii) Matters relating to Economic Intelligence Council, Working Group on Intelligence Apparatus (WGIA), Co-ordination with the Central Economic Intelligence Bureau (CEIB);

viii) Act as nodal agency for inter-departmental coordination relating to investigation and enforcement agencies;

ix) Representing CBIC in the National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID);

x) Coordination with Directorate General of Analytics and Risk Management (DGARM) in Customs matters;

xi) Matters relating to reward to informants, staff and other government servants including related reports with respect to cases handled by the Directorate General of Goods & Services Tax Intelligence (DGGI);

xii) Matters relating to Cyber Forensic Lab and related software/tolls/issues;

xiii) Matters related to the disposal of confiscated goods;

xiv) Matters relating to the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT);

xv) Creation of special Courts & delegation of Power under Customs Act to other enforcement agencies;

xvi) Presidential awards;

xvii) Matters relating to Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985 (NDPS) Act and allied enforcement and co-ordination matters;

xviii) Representations from Trade Associations/ Chambers of Commerce regarding facilities in compliance of the provisions of Chapter IV – A and IV-B concerning notified and specified goods etc;

xix) Complaints and VIP references relating to and enforcement of Customs and other border control laws;

xx) Matters relating to Screening Committee (Headed by Member (Investigation), CBIC) of Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling Activities Act (COFEPOSA) Detentions.

3. All the concerned are requested to forward the matters related to the above stated subjects from 09.2018 to this office.

4. The contact details of the Officers posted there are, as follows:-

Name of the officer Designation E-mail Contact No.

Dr.M.G.Thamizh Valavan Commissioner mgt.valavan@nic.in 011-21400625, 9840205101

Ranjana Chaudhary Assistant Commissioner ranjana.chaudhary@gov.in 011-21400417, 9820923203

Harish Chander Bhardwaj Superintendent harish.chander1267@gmail.com 8130452623

F. No. 394/38/2017-Commr Hnv.Cus.)

(Dr. M. G. Thamizh Valavan)
Commissioner (Inv.-Cus.)

Copy to:
1. PPS to Chairman CBIC
2. All Members of CBIC
3. All Commissioner’s/ JS, CBIC

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