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TRADE NOTICE NO.21/2019, DT. 28/06/2019

Inviting suggestions on Review of the Foreign Trade Policy-regarding


It has been decided to revise the current Foreign Trade Policy (2015-2020). Therefore suggestions/inputs are hereby invited from all the stakeholders for framing the proposed new Foreign Trade Policy. The suggestions may please be given separately for the Foreign Trade Policy and Hand Book of Procedures, chapter-wise, in the format given below:

Foreign Trade Policy Review 2019

S. No. Chapter of FTP/HBP/Appendix Para of FTP/HBP/Appendix Suggestions for changes Justification

2. The suggestions may be mailed at “ftp2019-dgft@gov.in”,within 15 days of the issue of this Trade Notice.

(Pradyumna Sahu)

Foreign Trade Development Officer
Tele. 23061562/262

(Issued from File No. 01/85/171/00001/AM20-FT Cell)

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