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DGFT SION Standard Norms (wef 01/04/2003)
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Group CodeGroup NameExport Item Description
A1Chemical & Allied ProductsDeleted
A1Chemical & Allied ProductsExport Items*
A10Chemical & Allied Products1-Ethyl-6-Fluoro -7-chloro 1,4-dihydro-4-oxoquinoline-3-Carboxylic Acid (Norfloxacin intermediate)
A100Chemical & Allied ProductsCalcium Lactate Pentahydrate USP
A1000Chemical & Allied ProductsVictoria Blue R (Basic Blue-11) (C.I. No. 44040)
A1001Chemical & Allied ProductsVinyl Sulphone 2:5 Dimethoxy Aniline Oil base
A1002Chemical & Allied ProductsVinyl Sulphone Ester (Acetanilide based)
A1003Chemical & Allied ProductsVinyl sulphone Ester (Ortho Anisidine Base)
A1004Chemical & Allied ProductsVinyl Sulphone Ester (Para Cresidine base)
A1005Chemical & Allied ProductsViolet BF (CI No. Solvent Violet 14)
A1006Chemical & Allied ProductsDeleted
A1007Chemical & Allied ProductsVat Violet RR CDP/ Vat Violet RC (Vat Violet 1) (C.I. No.60010)
A1008Chemical & Allied ProductsViolet Toner C.I. 42535/ Pigment violet3
A1009Chemical & Allied ProductsWaxol Blue 6G C.I.61565
A101Chemical & Allied ProductsCalcium Sennocides A&B Powder
A1010Chemical & Allied ProductsDeleted
A1011Chemical & Allied ProductsWaxol Lemon Yellow 3G (C.I. No. 47000)
A1012Chemical & Allied ProductsWaxol Lemon Yellow 4G (Solvent Yellow 33) (C.I. No. 47000)
A1013Chemical & Allied ProductsWaxol Orange AB (Solvent Yellow 14) (C.I. No. 12055)
A1014Chemical & Allied ProductsWaxol Red OB, CI 26105 (Solvent Red-24)
Showing: 1 - 20 of 7517 | Paging: 20
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