Eximkey - India Export Import Policy 2004 2013 Exim Policy

Export - Statement regarding export of excisable goods without payment of duty to be submitted with renewal of UT.1
(1) Name of the assessee

(2) Registration No.

(3) Address

(4) Previous UT-1 No. & Date of acceptance / date of expiry

(5) Details of all removal of goods for export under the UT-1 refered above

Sl. No.ARE 1 No. & DateAmount of duty involvedWhether POE received? If yes, date of "pass for shipment order"" by CustomsDetails of any short shipment of, if anyDuty & interest paid in case of short shipment or where "pass for shipment order" not received without 6 months (St. time limit)

(6) Declaration.

(a) I/We declare that I/ We have compared the above particulars with the records and books of my/our factory and the same are true and correct to the best of my / our knowledge.

(b) I/We have enclosed proof of duty or interest payment where duty & interest was required to be paid [column (6)].

(c) I/We have submitted all documents for acceptance of proof of export to jurisdictional division office, in all cases where goods have been exported / "pass for shipment order" received by me/ us

(d) I/We am/ are authorised to sign the above statement.


Name & Signature of the
Assessee / Authorised Signatory

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