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Bond (with security) to be entered into by person seeking release of goods seized pending adjudication

(Rule 206)
(Delete the words and letters not applicable)

I/We ______________of __________________hereinafter, called the obligor(s) am/ are jointly and severally bound to the President of India (hereinafter called the Government) in the sum of ________________ rupees to be paid to the Government for which paymentI / we jointly and severally bind myself and my / ourselves and our legal  representatives

Whereas a quantity of _________________(hereinafter called the said goods) belonging to the obligor(s) are seized by the Central Excise Officer____________________ Range/Circle/Division (hereinafter called the said officer) for an alleged offence under the Central Excises and Salt Act, 1944 and the rules made there under;

And whereas the said officer has required the obligor(s) to deposit as guarantee for the amount of this bond the sum of________________ rupees in cash;

the securities as hereinafter mentioned of a total face value of rupees endorsed in favour of the President of India and accepted on his behalf by the Commissioner Deputy Commissioner or Assistant Commisslone,1 of Central Excise, namely-

And where as pending adjudication of the case by the competent officer, the said office, has under sub-rule (3) of rule 206 of the Central Excise Rules, 1944, agreed to release to the obligor(s) the said goods on the obligors(s) executing the bond in the manner aforesaid;

Now the condition of this bond is that (a) if the obligor(s) and his/their legal, representatives shall observe all the provisions of the Central Excise Rules, 1944, so far as they relate to the seized goods; (b) If all dues whether duty, value, penalty, or other, lawful charges, which shall be demandable on the goods released to the obligor(s) be duly paid into the treasury to the satisfaction of the said officer within 10 days of the date of demand thereof being made in writing by the said office, of Central Excise; (c) if the said goods are produced, unless the same have totally perished in the meantime, as and when directed by the said officer;

This obligation shall be void.

Otherwise and on breach or failure in the performance of any part of this condition, the same shall be in full force.

And I/We agree that the Government shall be at liberty to appropriate the said deposit towards the payment of the amount of duty/value/penalty/other lawful charges, as may be assessed by the competent authority in respect of the goods.

And I/We declare that this bond is given under the orders of the Central Government for the performance of an act in which the public are interested.


signature(s) of obligor(s)

Witnesses (1)Address (1)Occupation (1)
(2)Address (2)Occupation (2)


Accepted by me this __________________day of ___________19 ______________of Central Excise

[for and on behalf of the President of India.]

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