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Dated the-----------------------------

M/S ----------------------

Subject: Your unit application for permission under the EOU Scheme for
No._________________dated _________________

Dear Sir/Madam,

With reference to the above mentioned application, Govt./Development Commissioner is pleased to extend to you all the facilities and privileges admissible and subject to the provisions as envisaged in EOU Scheme 2009- 2014 for the establishment of a new undertaking at__________ in the State of ____________________for the following items(s) up to the capacities specified below on the basis of maximum utilisation of plant and machinery: -

Item(s) of production Annual capacity
---------------------------- ------------------------
---------------------------- ------------------------

You are also permitted to take out for job work abroad the following intermediate products as part of production process:

Item (s) description Quantity Item code (ITC (HS) code No)
Not required for service unit
-------------------------- ---------------- ---------------------------------------
-------------------------- ---------------- ---------------------------------------

The above permission is subject to the conditions stipulated in Annexure in addition to the following conditions: -

(i) The unit shall export its entire production/service, excluding rejects and sales in the domestic tariff area as per provisions of EOU Scheme for a period of 5 years from the date of commencement of production. For this purpose the unit shall furnish the requisite legal undertaking as prescribed in the EOU Scheme to the Development Commissioner concerned. Before signing the LUT it should have its own permanent E-mail address. The unit would have the option to renew its EOU status or opt out of the scheme as per industrial policy in force at that time in relation to items of production.

(ii) The unit would be required to achieve positive Net Foreign Exchange (NFE) as prescribed in the EOU Scheme for the block period as per Para 6.5 of FTP, failing which it would be liable for penal action.

(iii) It is noted that you require imported Capital Goods valued at Rs.---------for the proposed project.

(iv) Import/local purchase of all items except those listed in prohibited list for import/export will be permitted.

(v) This Letter of Permission is valid for 3 years from its date of issue with in which you should implement the project and commence production and would automatically lapse if an application for the extension of validity is not made before the end of the said period. Date of commencement of production shall be intimated to the Development Commissioner of concerned SEZ.

(vi) The approval is based on the details furnished by you in your project application.

(vii) You shall be required to enter into a Legal Agreement in the prescribed form (Appendix 14-I-F) with DC_______ for fulfilling the terms and conditions mentioned in the LOP.

(viii) You are requested to confirm acceptance of the above terms and conditions to the undersigned within 45 days.

(ix) If you fail to comply with the conditions stipulated above, this letter of approval is liable for cancellation/revocation.

(x) All future correspondence for amendments/changes in terms and conditions of the approval letter or for extension of its validity if required, etc. may be addressed to the undersigned.

(xi) Jurisdictional Commissionerate for the unit is ……………..

Yours faithfully,

Development Commissioner

Copy forwarded to :-

1. Deputy Commissioner/Central Excise/Customs/I/C of EOU (for EOUs

2. Director of Industries, Govt. of (State)

3. Development Commissioner(SSI), Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi.

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