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(Procedure for deposit/refund of Import Application fees through Electronic Fund Transfer for notified schemes through designated banks)

1. Applicability to Schemes & banks.This procedure will be applicable for deposit of application fees for all DGFT related Schemes. Exporters may pay through designated banks on DGFT website (www.dgft.gov.in). At present the State Bank of India, Central Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Bank of India, Union Bank of India, ICICI Bank, UTI Bank, IDBI Bank and HDFC Bank have been designated to accept funds by way of Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).
2. Mode of filingApplication shall have to be filed electronically where net banking payments facility is being used, i.e. application particulars shall have to be submitted on the DGFT web site with digital signature.
3. Scale of Application fee.PARTICULARSAmount of fee (in rupees)
1. Application for import license (except for DEPB and EPCG) where CIF value of goods specified in the application does not exceed Fifty thousand.Two hundred.
2. Application for import license where CIF value of goods specified in the application exceeds Rupees Fifty Thousand.Two per thousand or part thereof subject to minimum of Two hundred and maximum of One Lakh. However, for applications filed electronically, the max. fee would be Rs. Fifty thousand.
3. Application for import license filed by SSI units where the CIF value of goods specified in application does not exceed Rupees Two lakhs.Two hundred.
4. Application for Duty Entitlement Passbook (DEPB.Two per thousand or part thereof subject to minimum of Two hundred and maximum of One Lakh. However, for applications filed electronically, the max. fee would be Rs. Fifty thousand.
5. Application for grant of duplicate license including Duty Entitlement Pass Book and other duty credit schemes.Two hundred.
6. Application for issue of certificate of Importer/Exporter Code Number (IEC) Two hundred and fifty
7. Application for duplicate copy of IEC No.Two hundred.
8. Application for issue of an Identity Card.Two hundred.
9. Application for issue of duplicate Identity Card.One hundred.
10. Application for revalidation of an import license.Two hundred.
11. Application for Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG).Two per thousand or part thereof subject to minimum of Two hundred and maximum of One Lakh. However, for applications filed electronically, the max. fee would be Rs. Fifty thousand.
NOTE:1 Notwithstanding the above, the application fee for all applications filed electronically would be 50% of the amount specified in this Table. The word ‘Electronically’ wherever appearing in this Appendix would mean ‘Digitally Signed and submitted through EFT’ on DGFT Website (Online/Offline).

NOTE: 2 No application fee shall required to be paid for any of the Schemes under Chapter 3 of FTP.

NOTE: 3 In cases, where a new Advance Authorisation, EPCG and DEPB authorisation is issued by RA in lieu of the earlier authorisation (which has been cancelled by RA, on the request of the firm, on account of non- registration at the Customs Port), the application fees paid in the earlier authorisation will be adjusted by the RA for the new authorisation. However, a minimum application fee of Rs.200/- shall be paid for the new authorisation. Head of Office of concerned RA while issuing authorisations under this provision, shall ensure proper linkage with the earlier cancelled authorisation.

3. Mode of DepositFor electronic filling of application exporter/importer needs to access the website of the DGFT. An e-com number is generated. The DGFT website on completion of details would prompt if epayment is to be made.

If the exporter wants to move to Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) for application fees he should be aware that he cannot change his licensing office. If EFT prompt is accepted, the website will transfer the exporter to the particular designated bank chosen for submission of application fees. The exporter would need to have an account with the bank, an ID and password from the bank. On successful validation of his ID, Password and request for submission of the fees the exporter`s account gets debited. The bank will generate a Payment ID and amount shall thereafter stand reflected in conjunction with e-com number, name of party in the sever of DGFT. A successful message by the bank shall show on the exporters account. The payment shall thereafter stand completed with regard to the concerned e-com number.

In case the exporter needs to add further payments against the particular e-com number he may do so within the same day i.e. upto 24.00 hrs. For each additional payment the bank shall generate a unique payment ID. Against one e-com number only one bank shall be required to make all payments.
4. Exemption from Payment of fee.No fee shall be payable in respect of any application made by such class or category of applicant as specified in the Foreign Trade (Regulation) Rules, 1933.
6. Refund of Application fee1. The fee once received will not be refunded except in the following circumstances viz.,

a) Where the fee has been deposited in excess of the specified amount of fee; or

b) Where fee has been deposited but no application has been made; or

c) Where the fee has been deposited in error but the applicant is exempt from payment of fee.

2. Processing of refund of fee submitted through net banking shall be through an application in hard copy as per form given in Appendix 6-B. This may be submitted to the licensing authority against whom the e-com number has been generated.

3. On receipt of application the licensing authority shall pass refund after they have verified from the Pay and Accounts Office, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, New Delhi that the amount was credited to the Government of India.

4. No claim for refund of application fee shall be entertained by the licensing authority after expiry of one year from the date of payment to the concerned bank. However, on merits, for reasons to be recorded in writing, the licensing authority may condone the delay but in no case shall an application for refund of fees be entertained after the expiry of three years with regard to the date as mentioned above.

5. Refund Order of fees will be valid for three months from the date of issue. Request for revalidating the same may be considered on merits by the authority which issued the Refund Order.
7.Contact PersonsFor further clarifications at DGFT end please contact Mr.Anil Aggarwal, Joint DGFT Directorate General Foreign Trade, Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi. E.mail:aaggarwal@nic.in and Mr. A.K. Sinha, Sr. Tech. Director (NIC) E.Mail: anilksinha@nic.in

For banking clarifications nodal officers of :-

ICICI bank are :-

For banking clarifications nodal officers of :-

ICICI bank are :-

i) Shri Rajib Ranjan, Phone No. 91 11 2430 8416, E-mail :- rajib.ranjan@icicibank.com and

ii) Satish Mohan, Phone No. 91 11 2430 8408, E-mail:- satish.mohan@icicibank.com

HDFC Bank are :-

i) Shri Pankaj Gaikwad, Phone No. 022-28524900 ( Ext. 1840 ) E-Mail :- Pankaj.Gaikwad@hdfcbank.com ,

ii) Shri Sameer Gawande, Phone No. 022-28524900 ( Ext 1530 ) &

iii) Shri Rakesh Watal, Phone No.022-28524900 (Ext 1509 ), E-mail :- Rakesh.watal@hdfcbank.com

State Bank of India are:-

i) Shri S.K. Gupta, Asst. Genl. Manager(Business Control) Phone No.022-22022487

E-Mail:- agmbc@sbiid.com

ii) Shri K.M. Trivedi (AGM-DO Planning) Phone No.022-22868210
E-Mail:- agmdoplg@sbiid.com

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