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Goods Falling in More than One Chapter of ITC (HS) Classification


Note 1 : -

(i) The term “Wild Animal” and Animal Article would have the same meaning as defined in the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972.

S.No. Chapter Item Description Policy Nature of Restriction
1 0106, 0208, 0210, 0300, 0407, 0408, 0410, 0502, 0504, 0505, 0506, 0507, 0508, 0509, 0510, 0511, 1504, 1506, 1516, 1517, 1518, 1600, 3000 All wild animals, animal articles including their products and derivatives excluding those for which ownership certificates have been granted and also those required for transactions for education, scientific research and management under Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 including their parts and products. Prohibited Not permitted to be exported.
51, 52, 54, 55, 58, 60, 61, 62, 63 Textile products of cotton, wool and manmade fibres and blends which are subject to MOUs /Agreements between India and Canada or EU or USA as the case may be. Free Subject to the conditions notified by the Ministry of Textiles, Governmet of India from time to time. ]
(Sl. No. 2 has been deleted with effect from 01/01/2005 vide NTF. No. 13/2004, DT. 31/12/3004)
3 50, 51, 52, 54, 55, 60, 61, 62, 63 Dress materials/ready made garments fabrics/textile items with imprints of excerpts or verses of the Holy Quran Restricted Exports permitted under licence.
4 Any Chapter Military stores as specified by Director General of Foreign Trade Free No Objection Certificate from the Department of Defence Production and Supplies, Ministry of Defence, New Delhi, except the goods as specified at Export Licensing Note 1 below which are freely exportable without the No Objective Certificate.

(Pl. refer Policy Cir. No. 45/2008, DT. 04/12/2008)
5 28, 29, 30, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 48, 49, 59, 69, 70, 71, 72 to 91, 93 Special Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipments & Technologies (SCOMET) goods as specified in Appendix 3 of this schedule of this book Prohib-ited/ Re-stricted/ Free Exports governed as per the conditions indicated in Appendix-III of this schedule. Further where no specific conditions as at category 2 to 7 are enumerated, licence shall be required.
6. Any Chapter Samples/ Exhibits of goods included in Schedule 2 of this book Free Samples/exhibits of goods including those in Schedule 2 of this book, except all prohibited items, and all items specified in Appendix-3 to Schedule 2 (SCOMET) , restricted items, and items in Chapter 29, 93 and 97
7 Any Chapter Any other item whose exports are regulated by Public Notice issued by the Director General of Foreign Trade in this behalf Free Subject to conditions as notified in the respective Public Notice

Export Licensing Note

1. The following goods as military stores are freely exportable without a No Objection Certificate from Depart-ment of Defence Production and Supplies in the Ministry of Defence.

1. Tents, their parts and accessories.

2. Articles of Uniform, clothing, footwear and beddings.

3. Hand Tools all Types.

4. Cooking Utensils all types.

5. Stove oil wickless, Lamp Incandescent and Lanterns, Hurricanes, Fabricated Metal stores namely Safe Meat and Milk, Boxes ice, Bedstead Camp Officer, Table-Steel & Wooden, Chair Camp Officer.

6. Hospital equipment and stores all types including all type of Dressings.

7. Brushes of sorts made out of Bristle and Natural Fibre.

8. Packaging Material all types excluding ammunition boxes.

9. Engineering Equipment, as follows:

    K.M. Bridge
    Floats for KM Bridge
    Boat Asault Universal Type (BAUT)
    Crash Fire Tenders
    Bailey Bridge

10. Heating and Lighting Equipment, Camp Stores & Furniture as follows;

Heating Space coal Burning
Heater Space Oil Burning

11. Leather Items, as follows
(a) Brief Cases
(b) Gloves (Industrial & Boxing)
(c) Leather Bags
(d) Leather Bags
(e) Straps, Belts & Pouches

12. Optical Instruments, as follows

(a) Binocular Prismatic 8x30 (Wide Angle)
(b) Compass Prismatic Liquid MK 3A
(c) Monocular Prismatic 6x30

13. Miscellaneous, as follows

(a) Banner Radar Response
(b) Barrel 200 ltr Type `A’
(c) Cable Telephones of various types
(d) Candle sink QD Mk III
(e) Canopy & rear curtain assembly
(f) Canopy body vahan 1 Ton Nisan
(g) Canopy vehicular body for Tata 6.5 Ton
(h) Cape Food handles
(i) Chagul Universal Mk II
(j) Cover Blanketing Tank Mule Mk IV
(k) Cover Water Proof of sizes varying from 0.5 x 4.5 Mtr to 9.1 x 9.1 Mtr.
(l) Deployment bag for BP MiG 23 Aircaraft
(m) Droue withdrawal line
(n) Ground Sheet Lt Wt OG
(o) Landing Mechanised
(p) Lowering line for kiron Aircraft Target
(q) Lt Wt web Eqpt Belt Waist Med
(r) Main Paulin
(s) Schacle Chain 1525m
(t) Sling Rifle Web
(u) Stretcher Amblulance Mk2
(v) Tank Canvas Water’s type 230 ltr Body and Cover Mk 1
(w) Tank Fabric collapsible 6140 ltr Body MK 3 (Size 3660 x 50 mm)
(x) Tarpaulin cover
(y) Jacket Combat Disruptive (ICK)
(z) Jacket Combat Grill disruptive
(zi) Jacket sleeping cotton
(zii) Jacket Men’s DBPL/WI BRTA Black Modified
(ziii) Liner Men’s Woolen `V’ Neck OG
(ziv) Liner Parka Men’s improved PATT
(zv) Matters Kapok Mk II Group with cover Small & Large

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