Eximkey - India Export Import Policy 2004 2013 Exim Policy

Export Policy General Notes :

  1. All goods other than those specified in Tables A and B below are freely exportable. This is, however subject to any other low for the time being in force.
  2. Exports subject to control have been listed in Tables A and B. Table A lists goods with generic descriptions. They fall in more than one Chapter of the ITC (HS) classification. Table B lists goods falling in specific chapters of ITC (HS) classification
  3. Each table has four columns, namely Code, item discription, Policy and Nature of restriction.

    The column contents are as below:
  • Column (1) - Code: The first two digits of the code are broadly indicative of the chapter number in the ITC(HS) classification with the exception of table A. (In this case, the first two digits are "00" as the items in the table are generic in nature and fall in more than one chapter). The next two digits give the position of the entry in the table. For example, the code for pulses is 0701. This means that the item is in chapter 7 of the ITC(HS) classification and it is occupying the first place in the group "Edible vegetables and certain roots and tubers".
  • Column(2)- Item description : The description of the items follows the exact wordings of the negative list of exports or the items appearing in schedule 2. Appendix 1 of this Book.
  • Column(3)- Policy: The exportability of specific item description is listed in this column. There are four policy categories, namely, prohibited, restricted, State Trading Enterprise(s) and free with conditions (except in the case of Code 2605 a, b & c).

    (In above para word Canalised amended with State Trading Enterprise(s) vide Notification No. 8/(RE-2001)/ 1997-2002, Dt. 31/03/2001)
  • Column(4)- Nature of restriction : The specific restriction in each case is enumerated in this column.
    1. The export policy of a specific item will be determined solely by its description and nature of restriction in the table. In other words, the code number is not indicative of the exportability of an item.
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