Eximkey - India Export Import Policy 2004 2013 Exim Policy


Export Oriented Unit / Export Processing Zone
All required inputs and capital goods whether indeginous or imported, are made available to these units free of customs and excise duties under bond.These are customs bonded units With much relaxed control and in accordance with the exim policy for manufacture of articles for export out of India or for production or packaging or job work for export of goods or services out of India. The EOU are required to export their entire production with allowances as applicable for same in the domestic tariff area (DTA) and can be setup at any place in India where as the Government of India has declared certain specified places as export processing zones wherein the conditions for operating the unit are almost same as of EOU. Export Processing Zones can also be set up by State Governments or in private / joint sector as per guidelines issued vide notification No. 42(RE)/92-97 dated 31st May, 1994 (Appendix-16G).


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