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TRADE NOTICE NO.02/2012, DT. 10/05/2012

Additional conditions for obtaining cotton RCs


1. Trade Notice No.1 dated 8th May, 2012 was issued stipulating the procedure that would be adopted for issue of cotton RC’s in addition to that provided in Notification No.113 of 4th May 2012. The following additional points are being stipulated to further streamline the registration process:

i) Maximum quantity for which an application for obtaining a RC can be made was indicated as 10000 bales (1 standard bale is equal to 170 Kg) in Notification No.113 of 4th May, 2012. Thus any application/e-mail for more than this quantity will be summarily rejected.

ii) Each e-mail sent to cottonexport-dgft@nic.in has to mention details of the letter of credit/FIRC (giving evidence of advance payment). Number of the instrument and date of such instrument (LC/FIRC) has to be mandatorily mentioned in the message body of e-mail.

iii) Once the e-mail has been sent to DGFT, hard copy of the application along with printout of the e-mail sent must be submitted to RA within 2 working days. For example if the e-mail is sent on Thursday 10th May, 2012 then the hard copy has to be submitted on or before Monday 14th May (two working days i.e. 11th May and 14th May).

2. In respect of e-mails sent till today (10.5.2012) the date of issue of this trade notice, time would be granted till Monday i.e 14th May, 2012, to submit the respective hard copies of the application to obtain RC.

3. Applicants are advised not to send multiple e-mails. To help them, an acknowledgement is being sent immediately on receipt of their e-mail. Multiple e-mails create confusion and cause inconvenience. Any attempt to send multiple e-mails would be viewed seriously. Similarly it is expected that the e-mail is being sent from the applicant’s e-mail id.

4. Cooperation of all members of trade is solicited


Hardeep Singh
Joint DGFT
E mail:hardeep.singh@nic.in


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