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DGFT Notification, Circulars... Trade Notices TRADE NOTICE NO.17/2011, DT. 23/08/2011
TRADE NOTICE NO.17/2011, DT. 23/08/2011

Completion of online uploading of RCMC data on DGFT’s Server By EPCs/ Commodity Boards/Authorities


All Export Promotion Councils / Commodity Boards / Authorities are aware that an ‘on-line ‘ uploading facility of RCMC has been initiated in DGFT since August, 2010.

2. The purpose of uploading the RCMC data on DGFT’s server is to reduce Transaction Cost for exporters as this would avoid submission of copy of RCMC by exporters every time under various applications filed by them.

3. In this regard attention is invited to this office O.M. No. 01/02/73/AM-10/EDI dated 14.10.2009 and subsequent O.Ms dated 6.7.2010 ,31.8.2010, 21.9.2010, 12.10.2010, 3.11.2010 and 25.5.2011 on the above mentioned subject whereby all Export Promotion Councils (EPCs) / Commodity Boards / Authorities were informed that online uploading facility of RCMC has been initiated and necessary registrations / data uploading has to be done by them.

4. However, most of the EPCs / Commodity Boards / Authorities have not yet approached DGFT for registering and consequentially there has been no uploading of RCMC data pertaining to their members on the DGFT’ s website.

5. All EPCs / Commodity Boards/ Authorities are , therefore, once again requested that an authorized representative of their organization should contact Shri Arun P. Kohad, FTDO ( Tel No.23061562 Extn 392, E-mail address arun.kohad@nic.in ) along with relevant documents i. e, (i) e-Token of Digital Signature Certificate (ii) Password (iii) Authorization Letter as also mentioned in the letter dated 31.8.2010 urgently to enable the authorized representative to obtain link / permission for uploading RCMC data on DGFT’s website.

6. It is requested that the process including uploading of RCMC data may be completed by 31.10.2011. If EPC’s /Commodity Boards /Authorities fail to register and upload data on DGFT’s website within the prescribed time limit as stated above, the ’on-line’ registration of RCMC issued by EPC’s /Commodity Boards /Authorities on DGFT’s website would be made mandatory w.e.f. 1.11.2011, after which no manual copy of RCMC / Registration Certificate will be entertained by DGFT offices.


(A.C. Jha)
Deputy Director General of Foreign Trade
Tel: 23061562 Extn 394
e-mail – akhil.chandra@nic.in

(F.No. 01/02/73/AM-10/EDI)

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