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DGFT Notification, Circulars... Trade Notices TRADE NOTICE NO.20/2011, DT. 16/09/2011
TRADE NOTICE NO.20/2011, DT. 16/09/2011

Filing of applications for DEPB for exports of “Cotton Yarn including Melange Yarn” made from 01.4.2011 to 04.8.2011 and “Cotton from 01.10.2010 to 04.08.2011


Attention is invited to Public Notice Nos. 67/2009-2014 (RE 2010) and 68/2009-2014 (RE 2010) restoring the DEPB benefit on export of “Cotton yarn including Melange yarn” and “Cotton”. During the period from 21.4.2010 to 04.08.2011, DEPB was not available on export of “Cotton yarn including Melange yarn” and on export of “Cotton” from 21.04.2010 to 04.08.2011.

2. The exporters can file on-line application for DEPB for the exports of “Cotton yarn including Melange yarn” and “Cotton” made from 04.08.2011.

3. As regards the filing of applications for DEPB to the RA concerned for exports of “Cotton yarn including Melange yarn” made from 01.04.2011 to 03.08.2011 and “Cotton” from 01.10.2010 to 03.08.2011, procedure is being devised in consultation with the Department of Revenue and will be notified separately.

4. This issues with the approval of DGFT.

Yours faithfully,

(Rajan Sudesh Ratna)
Joint Director General of Foreign Trade
Tel: 011-23062968

[Issued from File No. 01/94/180/00290/AM 11/PC 4(B)]

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