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TRADE NOTICE NO.05/2013, DT. 19/07/2013

Providing Personal Hearing in terms of Para 2.49.2 of Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) which is incorporated by Notification No 08(RE-2013)/2009-2014 dated 22.04.2013.


The Para 2.49.2 of FTP deals with the grievance redressal mechanism. It was amended on 22.04.2013 as mentioned in the subject header above. Now as per the amended provisions, DGFT would grant a Personal Hearing (PH) to such exporter/importer as stated in the Para 2.49.2 of FTP. For this purpose, the important conditions required to be fulfilled are: (a) Exporter/Importer is aggrieved by any decision, except an adjudication order (b) the Exporter /Importer continues to be aggrieved in-spite of a review of that decision.

2. It has now been decided that Personal Hearing (PH) in such cases by the Director General of Foreign Trade will be held at Udyog Bhawan, New Dehli-11 on second Tuesday of every month between 3:00PM to 4:00PM. In case, in any month, 2nd Tuesday is not a working day then such PH may be held on next Tuesday.

3. Any importer/exporter who satisfies the conditions given in the Para 2.49.2 of Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) may submit a representation addressing to DGFT for seeking PH before him with the header: Request for PH before DG under Para 2.49.2 of FTP.

4. The covering page of such representation must have the following details:

1. Name of the applicant with Importer and Exporter Code(IEC) number
2. E-mail address of the applicant
3. Mobile No, office land line no of the applicant
4. Name of the person with designation who will appear for PH
5. Subject matter on which relaxation /intervention is required
6. Reasons for seeking such relaxation/intervention with Justification for reconsideration of request
7. Date, File No & gist of decision against which PH is being sought
8. The date when this decision was reviewed by PRC/ competent Authority
9. Reason of rejection by PRC/Authority/officer
10. Preferable date for PH(2nd Tuesday of every month is earmarked for PH)
11. How many pages of documents are being enclosed?
(Documents enclosed must be duly indexed & pages are numbered)

Jay Karan Singh
Joint Director General of Foreign Trade
Ph. 011-23063249
E-mail jaykaran.singh@nic.in
Issued from File No. 01/60/162/291/AM14/PRC

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