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TRADE NOTICE NO.06/2022, DT. 14/05/2022

Implementation of Notification No. 06/2015-2020 dated 13th May, 2022.


Reference is invited to Notification No.06/2015-2020 dated 13th May, 2022 amending the export policy of Wheat under S.No.59 of Chapter 10 of Schedule — 2 of the ITC (HS) Export Policy from ‘Free’ to ‘Prohibited’ with immediate effect. It has further been notified that the export of wheat shall be allowed under the following conditions:

A. As a transitional arrangement, export will be allowed in case of shipments where Irrevocable Letter of Credit (ICLC) has been issued on or before the date of this Notification, subject to submission of documentary evidence as prescribed; or

B. Export will also be allowed on the basis of permission granted by the Government of India to other countries to meet their food security needs and based on the request of their governments.

2. Transitional Arrangement as defined vide Para 1.05 (b), inter-alia, prescribes as under:

".............the import/export on or after the date of such regulation/restriction will be allowed for importer/exporter has a commitment through Irrevocable Commercial Letter of Credit (ICLC) before the date of imposition of such restriction/ regulation and shall be limited to the balance quantity, value and period available in the ICLC. For operational listing such ICLC, the applicant shall have to register the ICLC with jurisdictional RA against computerized receipt within 15 days of imposition of any such restriction/regulation….”

3. Accordingly, export (as per Para 2.17 and 9.12 of the Handbook of Procedure, 2015­2020) of wheat for which Irrevocable Commercial Letter of Credit (ICLC) have been opened on or before 13th May, 2022 and subsequently registered with the jurisdictional Regional Authorities of DGFT, as per provisions under Para 1.05 (b) of Foreign Trade Policy, 2015-2020, are permitted.

4. All RAs under DGFT are hereby directed to issue Registration of Contracts (RCs) to the exporters of wheat, preferably within a prescribed time limit of 24 hours, on submission of application, complete in all respect, by the exporters.

5. However, export of wheat on Humanitarian ground, as Aid/Assistance/Government to Government shall be allowed, on case to case basis, with the specific approval of competent authority.

This issues with the approval of competent authority.

(S. K. Mohapatra)
Deputy Director General of Foreign Trade
E-mail: mohapatra.sk@nic.in

(Issued from F.No. 01/91/180/032/AM22/EC/Pt,/E-31336)

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