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TRADE NOTICE NO.19/2022, DT. 14/10/2022

Implementation of Notification No. 38/2015-2020 dated 12th October, 2022


Reference is invited to Notification No. 38/2015-2020 dated 12th October, 2022 notifying quota of 3,97,267 MT for export of only broken rice under HS Code 10064000 of Chapter 10 of ITC (HS), 2018, Schedule — II (Export Policy), for the period up to 31st March, 2023, for the year 2022-23, the export policy of which is ‘Prohibited’.

2. The procedure to apply for the Registration Certificate/Permission under quota notified vide Notification No. 38/2015-2020 dated 12.10.2022 is outlined below:

i. Export of broken rice under HS Code 1006 40 00 of Chapter 10 of ITC (HS), 2018, Schedule — II (Export Policy) will be allowed for the period up to 31st March, 2023, for the year 2022-23.

ii. Exporters can apply online through DGFT’s ECOM system for Export Authorisations Non-SCOMET Restricted Items (Please refer Trade Notice No. 03/2021-22 dated 10.05.2021. There is no need to send hard copy of the application via mail or post.

iii. Online applications for export of broken rice under HS Code 10064000 filed from 10.2022 to 20.10.2022 will only be considered.

iv. All the applications will be examined as per the Para 2.72 of Handbook of Procedure, 2015-2020.

v. Validity of the Export Authorisation will be till 31st March, 2023.

vi. The following is applicable for issuance of Registration Certificate/Permission:

a. The exporters need to file separate applications if there are more than one ICLC opened before 08.09.2022 as in a single application only one ICLC will be considered.

b. LCs should have been opened before the Notification No.31/2015-2020 dated 8th September, 2022;

c. The message exchange date between the Indian and foreign bank / swift date should have been prior to 8th September, 2022.

d. The LCs should have been authenticated by the Recipient bank. They should also furnish active mobile number, landline number and e – mail ID of the contact person of the bank branch.

e. The documents to be submitted along with the application must include the following:

i. Copy of purchase order / Invoice;

ii. Copy of the LC, authenticated by the Recipient Bank.

f. All applicants seeking Registration Certificate/Permission regarding Export of Broken Rice may apply online by navigating to the DGFT website (https://www.dgft.gov.in) -> Services > Export Management Systems > Apply for RC for Export.

3. DGFT reserves the right to decide or alter the modalities of distribution and allocation of quota depending on the total quantity of broken rice, as per applications received, to be exported through the valid LCs.

4. Deficient applications or applications received through mails or by post or received beyond the specified timeline will not be considered.

This issues with the approval of competent authority.

(S. K. Mohapatra)
Deputy Director General of Foreign Trade
E-mail: mohapatra.sk@nic.in

(Issued from F.No. 01/91/171/35/AM20/E-File/Part-1 /E-19680)

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