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DGFT Notification, Circulars... Trade Notices TRADE NOTICE NO. 10/2003, DATE 23/02/2004
TRADE NOTICE NO. 10/2003, DATE 23/02/2004

50% reduction in application fee available w.e.f. 1/4/2004 to only digitally signed applications


Members of the Trade are aware that as a further step towards procedural simplifications by introducing the E-Commerce initiatives, the facility to file digitally signed applications and to effect Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) towards application fee has been introduced vide Public Notice No. 45/2003 dt. 28/1/2004. As per this, w.e.f. 1.4.2004, the currently available 50% reduction in application fee on filing on-line applications will be available to only those electronic applications which are digitally signed and submitted on-line on the DGFT web-site and where the application fee is paid through the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).

For details on various aspects of digital signatures and EFT, information on the DGFT web-site at www.nic.in/eximpol may kindly be perused. Similarly Appendix 29 A pertaining to procedure of Electronic Fund Transfer is appended to the P.No. 45/2003 for perusal and necessary action of the exporters.

An MOU has been signed on non-exclusive basis with M/s. Safe Scrypt Ltd., ICICI and HDFC Bank for providing various facilities. The digital applications at DGFT will have the following components :

1. An exporter will obtain smart card through M/s. Safe Scrypt and open an account with HDFC or ICICI Bank. Such service providers may increase in number as more and more agencies/banks sign an MOU with DGFT.

2. Till 31st of March, 2004 an exporter will have the option to use electronic filing using password route or switch to digital signature/EFT route. The 50% fee reduction will be applicable in both the cases. However, with effect from 1st April, 2004, the 50% fee waiver will be available to only those applicants who follow the digital signature/EFT route. The electronic filing via password route will be withdrawn with effect from 1st of April, 2004.

The exporters are hereby appealed to note the above and take immediate steps to obtain digital signatures and also gear up their offices for adapting to the newly introduced facility of the digitally processing of applications to avail 50% reduction in application fee. All EPCs and FIEO are requested to organize drives/meets/sessions for sensitization of their member exporters on the subject so that transition to the digital processing of applications is effected smoothly.

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