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DGFT Notification, Circulars... Trade Notices TRADE NOTICE NO.12/2001, DATE 11/10/2001
TRADE NOTICE NO:12 DATE: 11.10.2001

Office of the Zonal Jt.DGFT, Mumbai to be closed to public on Fridays.

(O/o JDGFT, Mumbai will remain working for public on Friday Pl. refer TRADE NOTICE NO.16, Date: 05.12.2001)

Office of the Zonal Jt.DGFT, Mumbai to be closed to public on Fridays.

Trade & Industry are hereby informed that with effect from 19.10.2001 onwards, this office will be closed for visitors on Fridays for all purposes except in case of emergencies. At present this office does not entertain any visitors on Fridays. In addition, under this new dispensation, applications, letters and other documents will not be accepted and delivery of licenses and other documents will not be done on Fridays.

The above restrictions have been imposed until further notice so that on Fridays the officers and staff can devote their entire time to the pendency of work in respect of export obligation monitoring in old cases, monitoring of action on audit objections, listing and sending closed files to record room, weeding and destroying old records, maintenance of computers and other infrastructure, training of staff etc. until normalcy is restored in these areas of work. However, if there is a public holiday during any week from Monday to Thursday, the office will function normally on the following Friday.

Call dates which fall on Fridays will automatically be extended to the next working day. The last date for submission of applications which may be time-barred due to non-acceptance on any Friday shall be deemed to have been extended upto the next working day. In case of any emergency, the Export Facilitation Cell/PRO (Tel. No. 2031074 / 2017716 Ext 117; e-mail efc@dgftmum.bom.nic.in ) or Zonal Joint DGFT may be contacted on any Friday.

We will make all out efforts to ensure that no inconvenience is caused to the Trade during the period of this restriction by ensuring a high level of services on the remaining working days of the week. We are confident that we will be able to improve the speed and quality of our services to the Trade further after we take care of the pending work referred to above. The co-operation of the trade is solicited.



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