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DGFT Notification, Circulars... Trade Notices TRADE NOTICE NO. 02/2002, DATE 05/04/2002
TRADE NOTICE NO. 02/2002, Dt. 05.04.2002.

Instructions for filing new applications and amendment in Trade Notice No-1 dated 2.4.2002.

Attention of all exporters is invited to this office Trade Notice No.1 Dated 02.04.2002 wherein it is stated that all the DEPB applicants are required to submit their applications in the new form given in Appendix 10-C.

The DGFT, New Delhi has reviewed the above position on representation from the Regional Offices and decided as follows "any new documentation may be called for only if the application is deficient or some information has not been provided by the exporters on account of which further processing is not possible. However, such Applications shall the processed with reference to the Policy / Procedure notified with effect from 01.04.2002 except for DEPB Applications.

Since the Software for DEPB Applications has not been modified, the DEPB Applications may continue to be given in the old forms as existing prior to 01.04.2002. These DEPB Applications shall be processed as per the Procedure existing prior to 01.04.2002, as the new Software is still to be developed to meet the requirements like date of order of let Export and Exchange Rate notified by the Department of Revenue. This Procedure for DEPB shall be continued up to 30.04.2002.

The pending Applications for Advance License for Annual Requirement may be converted into the Advance License if the applicant so desires without asking for T.R etc. However, additional information / document required to process such cases may be called for ".

Accordingly this Office's Trade Notice No.1 is amended as above.

This issues with the approval of the Zonal Joint D.G.F.T.

Joint Director General of Foreign Trade.

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