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DGFT Notification, Circulars... Trade Notices TRADE NOTICE NO. 22/2002, DATE 06/03/2003
TRADE NOTICE NO. 22/2002, Dt. 06/03/2003

Procedure for filing supplementary DEPBs


It has been observed that exporters are not following the procedures laid down in Public Notice No. 63 while applying for supplementary DEPB claims. Common discrepancies found in the application are as given below :

Trade Notice No.21 dated 19.2.2003 for effecting those correction prior to issue of supplementary DEPB. Manual corrections effected earlier includes shipping bill numbers, date, value of DEPB, port of registration, transferable, non-transferable etc. for effecting these corrections prior to issue of supplementary DEPB.

4. TR Challan for less than Rs.200/- is being submitted in case claim is less than one lakh.

It is for the benefit of the Trade to follow the following procedure religiously while filing an application for supplementary DEPB :

    1. Exporter should submit only ONE APPLICATION for all of the supplementary DEPB claims irrespective of port of registration, transferable, non-transferable etc. More than one application will be returned without processing.

    2. Exporter should invariably select only one of the /three given options. Software will take care of printing supplementary DEPB port-wise as well as with transferability/non-transferability in case of second or third option.

    3. Corrections effected manually after issue of original DEPBs should be informed file-wise in the covering letter of supplementary DEPB as already desired by Trade Notice No.21 dated 19.02.2003.

    4. TR Challan with minimum fees of Rs.200/- should be submitted in case supplementary claim is less than Rs.One Lakh.


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