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DGFT Notification, Circulars... Trade Notices TRADE NOTICE NO. 06/2002, DATE 02/07/2002

Trade Notice No. 06/2002, Dt. 02/07/2002

Amendments in Trade Notice Nos 4/2002, 3/2002, 11/2001 and 7/2001

1) Amendment in Trade Notice No.4 dated 28.05.2002 Wherever “SEZ” is appearing in this Trade Notice, the same stands deleted.

2) Amendment in Trade Notice No.3 dated 14.05.2002 With reference to para 1 of this Trade Notice, it is clarified that the applicants can add commission to the total FOB value for claiming DEPB in case the same has already not been included in Column No.14 of Bank Realisation Certificate.

3) Amendment in Trade Notice No.11 dated 11.05.2002 . This Trade Notice disallows invalidation of Advance Licences where exports have already been made. However, Policy Circular No.6 dated 27/6/2002 allows invalidation of advance licence subsequent to the fulfillment of export obligation by the ultimate exporter. In view of the above the provisions related to invalidation of Advance Licences in this Trade Notice stands deleted.

4) Amendment in Trade Notice No. 7 dated 0 2.8.2001

This Trade Notice stands deleted and exporters who are having any Grievance may represent their case to Export facilitation/ Grievance Committee whose Meetings are held on the last Thursday of every month. More details about this committee can be obtained from ExportFacilitation Cell located in 2nd floor of this office.



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