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DGFT Notification, Circulars... Trade Notices TRADE NOTICE NO.01/2001, DATE 04/04/2001
Trade notice no. 1, Dated 04/04/2001.

This is with reference to public notice no. 16 dated 30/06/2000 wherein paragraph 7.50 (a) has been introduced which reads as " re-export of goods imported under depb scheme :-

Goods imported under depb scheme, which are found defective or unfit for use, may be re-exported, as per the guidellines issued by the department of revenue. In such cases 98% of the credit amount debited against depb for the export of such goods, shall be generated by the concerned commissioner of customs in the form of a certificate, containing the amount generated and the details of the original depb. Based on the cetificate, a fresh depb shall be issued by the concerned licensing authority. The fresh depb, so issued, shall have the same port of registration and shall be valid for a period equivalent to the balance period of vallidity of the depb againsts which such goods were imported".

This matter has also been discussed in the grievance committee meeting held on 22/2/2001. The following decisions have been taken in implementing the above public notice.

  1. Fresh depb has to be issued to the applicant even if the applicant is other than the original depb holder.
  2. Depb may be issued to the applicant with endorsement "this depb has been issued as per dgft public notice no 16 dated 30/06/2000 and customs reference letter no________ dated __________ , the original depb holder is _______________________ and the original depb no. ____________dt.__________".
  3. The validity of fresh depb should be for a period equal to the period between the date of debit of the consignment in the original depb and the date of expiry of original depb.
  4. Fresh depb shall be issued only after the licensing authority receives the copy of customs certificates directly from the customs authorities endorsed in their favour.
  5. As some of the transferees of the depb may not be holding identity cards of this office, licence may be delivered against authority letter duly signed and submitted by the applicant alongwith original receipt for the application.

(Subrat Ratho )


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