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DGFT Notification, Circulars... Trade Notices TRADE NOTICE NO. 12/2002, DATE 25/09/2002
TRADE NOTICE NO. 12/2002, Dt. 25/09/2002

Sub: Facility to receive Licence by Post regarding.


This office is accepting and delivering documents/Licences/letters etc.at the respective counters, to the holders of valid Identity Cards issued by this office. However, it is found that some of the applicants, who are not holding valid Identity Cards are submitting their applications without indicating that they would like to obtain their licences, etc. by post. This is resulting in unnecessary delay in the delivery of their documents/licences etc. as the documents/licences are not collected by them at the counter. Henceforth, applicants, who hold valid Identity cards, but still want to obtain their licences, etc. by post and applicants who do not hold any valid Identity Cards, and applicants for licences under negative/restrictive lists should submit their applications along with self addressed envelope of 40x15cm., with affixed postal stamp as follows for all documents to be sent by speed post

	a) Within local areas		:	Rs.20.00/- b) Upto 200 Kms.			:	Rs.25.00/- c) Between 200 to 1000 Km.		:	Rs.30.00/- d) Beyond 1000 Km.		:	Rs.50.00/-

If, applicants holding valid Identity Cards do not submit self addressed envelope as directed above, and do not collect their licences from the Counters within 15 days time from the expected date of delivery, their licences, etc. will be kept in their respective licensing files and will be dispatched only after submission of self addressed stamped envelope. If there is inordinate delay in submitting self-addressed stamped envelopes any adverse consequences of the same will be entirely the responsibility of the applicant.


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