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DGFT Notification, Circulars... Trade Notices TRADE NOTICE NO. 13/2002, DATE 18/10/2002
TRADE NOTICE NO. 13/2002, Dt. 18/10/2002

Sub: Third party Exports under Export Import Policy Pendency of Logging of DEEC Books related to Adv. Licences. Documentation.


1. Third Party Exports under Export Import Policy:It has been informed by various exporters that customs are mis-interpreting the provisions of third party exports in the Exim Policy based on ZJDGFT Circular No.1/2000 dated 10.6.1999 issued by this office. It is hereby clarified that ZJDGFT Circular No.1/2000 dated 10.6.1999 was an internal circular and subsequently the same was withdrawn. As on today, the Policy related to third party exports is governed strictly by Para 9.55 of Export Import Policy 2002-2007 which reads as under:

"Third-party exports" means exports made by an exporter or manufacturer on behalf of another exporter(s). In such cases, shipping bills shall indicate the name of both the exporter/ manufacturer and exporter(s).”

The only condition required under the above provision is that the names of both the parties should appear on the shipping bill.

2. Pendency of Logging of DEEC Books related to advance licences:

Reference is invited to Policy Division Circular No.16 dated 4th January 2002 regarding non-production of logged DEEC Books. Subsequently, this office has decided not to give any abeyance against refusal orders issued against any VABAL. However, large number of exporters represented against this stating that the auditing is pending at customs though they are not at fault. This matter has been taken up with Chief Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai and the Chief Commissioner agreed to give individual letters to this office regarding pendency of DEEC books in the Custom House. Now, it has been decided that wherever Customs give a specific letter in a particular case, that logging of DEEC books is pending with the Customs, abeyance shall be granted for three months. It has also been decided to follow a similar procedure for old quantity based advance licences. Henceforth, abeyance shall be considered against refusal memos issued by this office under an advance licence file (VABAL or QBAL) on the ground that DEEC books are pending for audit only in such cases where a letter from customs stating that the documents are pending with them for audit is produced. In such cases abeyance shall be granted within three days on submission of request for a period not exceeding three months from the date of issue of letter by Customs. For considering further abeyance, a fresh letter from Customs is required to be produced.

(Pl. refer Trade Notice No. 15/2002, Dt. 26/11/2002 for Problems related to logging of DEEC Books of old advance licences)

3. Documentation:

A large number of exporters have informed this office that documents which are not prescribed in the Handbook of Procedures are being required to be submitted along with the applications by some section in this office for administrative convenience. Now, it has been decided not to ask for following documents to avoid inconvenience to exporters and to reduce the use of paper:

Appendix-2, (Profile of exporter/importer)
2. Copy of Import Export Code Number
3. Copy of RCMC-(Copy of RCMC is required to be submitted only with the first application made in a financial year. In all subsequent applications RCMC is not required to be furnished.)

Addl. Export Commissioner & Zonal Jt. D.G.F.T.

(Pl. refer Trade Notice No. 14/2002, Dt. 20/11/2002 for - Quantity Based/Value Based Advance Licences)

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