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DGFT Notification, Circulars... Trade Notices TRADE NOTICE NO. 07/2000, DATE 18/09/2000
TRADE NOTICE NO. 7, DATED : 18.09.2000

Electronic Filing of Applications

Electronic Filing of Applications.

The attention of the Trade is invited to the Public Notice No. 31(RE-00)/1997-2002 dt. 1.9.2000. In supercession of the earlier trade notices on the subject, the following practice shall be followed in this office regarding electronic filing of applications under Para 4.26 of the Exim Policy and Para 16.3 of the Hand Book ofProcedures Vol. I for issue of (1) Advance Licences, (2) DEPBs, and (3) REP LicencesUnder Gems & jewellery Scheme.

  1. The electronic filing of applications under the above categories isCompulsory for all status holders.
  2. For other exporters and green card holders, on-line facility will be madeavailable soon for which the exporting community will be intimated by a separate Trade Notice.
  3. The status holders are required to file their applications on line to DGFTWEBSITE at http://www.nic.in/eximpol and after getting the confirmation of file number through the website, the hard copy of theApplication containing all documents as prescribed including the application fee is to be submitted at the respective counters indicating the electronic file number on the body of such applications.
  4. The applicant shall be given a computerised receipt against the same witha target date which shall normally be the next working day after the date of submission of hard copy for status holders.
  5. The hard copy of the applications shall be scrutinized by the sectionconcerned alongwith the download version of the application filed by theapplicant and the licence or a deficiency letter as the case may be shall be issued as per the target date specified above.



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