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DGFT Notification, Circulars... Trade Notices TRADE NOTICE NO.16/2000, DATE 31/03/2000
TRADE NOTICE NO. 16, DATE: 31.3.2000

IEC Updation

Kind attention of the trade is invited to Public Notice No. 39(RE-99)/97-2002 dated 16.11.1999 read with Public Notice No. 47(RE-99)/97-2002 dated 15.12.1999, Public Notice No. 49(RE-99)/97-2002dated 20.1.2000 and Public Notice No. 55(RE-99)/97-2002 dated 16.3.2000 issued by the DGFT, New Delhi and the Trade Notice NO. 15 dated 8.3.2000 issued by this office regarding updation of IEC on the DGFT Website.

In view of the large number of representations received from the importers and exportOrganisations regarding delay in procuring the PAN Number from the Income Tax Authorities, it has beendecided to extend the date of receipt of typewritten/hard copies upto 28-4-2000. It is therefore requested that all the importers/exporters who have not been able to update their data on their own at the Website or have not been able to submit hard copy/tyoewritten copy so far, may submit the applicationFor updation upto 28-4-2000 to this office alongwith the following documents:

  1. Appendix I-A of HandBook 1997-2002 duly signed by the Proprietor/Partner/Director.
  2. Appendix 2-A of HandBook of Procedures 1997-2002 duly filled and duly signned by the Proprietor/Partner/Direcotr (Without any other documents).
  3. Photocopy of PAN.
  4. Self-addressed envelope with Rs. 17/- postal stamp affixed.

    After 1.5.2000 the licence applications of all catagories filled by non-validated IEC Holders will not be accepted at the counter until and unless they got the IEC updated on theDGFT Website. Customs authorities will also not allow clearance of the Import/Export consignment after 1.5.2000.

This issues in the interest of the Trade.



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