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DGFT Notification, Circulars... Trade Notices TRADE NOTICE NO. 04/2003, DATE 22/07/2003
TRADE NOTICE NO. 04/2003, DATE 22/07/2003

Review of DEPB Rates relating to export products Attracting @15% or more.


Attention of exporters is invited to Policy Circular No.8 (RE-2003)/2002-2007 dated 20th June, 2003 on the above mentioned subject wherein it was informed that DGFT have decided to review DEPB rates for the products attracting @15% or more.

From the record, this office has identified exporters availing DEPB @15% or more, list of which is appended below, (List of such exporters have already been sent to Export Promotion Councils vide this office letter No.MISC/INFO/1/AM04/5-18 dated 3.7.2003).

All such exporters availing DEPB @15% or more are advised to submit data in the prescribed format alongwith documentary evidence in accordance with the above mentioned Policy Circular, to their respective Export Promotion Council for onward submission to DGFT. In case of failure to submit the data for review of DEPB for any product, DEPB rate for such product will be reduced to 5%.

It is further informed that the SION on the basis of which DEPB rates were fixed might have undergone changes on account of technical up-gradation or otherwise during the intervening period. Therefore the above exporters are also requested to furnish data about products and its consumption details, technical details including drawings, catalogues, manufacturing process with stagewise wastage to help us to review of the SION of the product.

All exporters are advised to comply with the above requirements without any delay.

In case any further help/information is required, undersigned may be contacted on any working day.

This issues with the approval of Zonal Jt.D.G.F.T.

E-mail: monganps@dgftmum.bom.nic.in

The list of exporters availing DEPB @15% or more

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