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DGFT Notification, Circulars... Trade Notices TRADE NOTICE NO. 19/2002 DATE. 04/03/2002

TRADE NOTICE NO: 19 Date: 4.3.2002

Sub:-Non production of logged DEEC books-reg

Attention is invited to Policy Circular No.16 dated 4/1/2002 issued in relation to non production of logged DEEC books. It is found that in many cases non production of logged DEEC books is not due to problems at the Customs end. Many times exporters do not submit the proper documents to the Customs authority or sometimes deficiencies raised by the Customs authority have not been replied in time. Further, Customs Department has informed this office that normally there is no delay beyond two weeks time in logging of DEEC books and they have advised this Department that, any licence holder who claims that the cases are pending with Customs should be asked to produce the proof of the same.

Further, the Policy Circular No.16 directs that this office should take up the matter of non logging of DEEC books with Customs so that this matter can be expedited. The Exporters who have problem in logging the DEEC books are requested to submit the details of their problems alongwith date of submission and correspondence if any with Customs Department, so that this office will take up the issue with the Customs Department directly for expeditious logging of DEEC books. The representation alongwith request for abeyance of Refusal Memo, if any, may be submitted to the Export Facilitation Cell in the second floor of this office in duplicate. It is further informed that no abeyance will be given to the party on the ground that the DEEC logging is pending unless party submits the abeyance request with the above data in Export Facilitation Cell. The EFC will forward the same to the concerned Section and abeyance will be given on case to case basis by the Zonal Jt. DGFT only.

All the Exporters whose DEEC books are pending for logging are requested to submit the data so that their long pending cases can be sorted out expeditiously.



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