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DGFT Notification, Circulars... Trade Notices TRADE NOTICE NO 20/2001, DATE 04/03/2002
TRADE NOTICE NO.20, Date 04/03/2002

Non production of proof of realisation in DEPB

This is with reference to this office’s Trade Notice No.3. dated 18/5/98 issued in relation to submission of proof of realisation in respect of DEPBs which were obtained on the basis unrealised Bank Certificate of Exports. In the above Trade Notice the Format of Bank Certificate of Exports has been prescribed. However, exporters are requested to submit the proof of realisation in the following amended Format henceforth. Proof of realisation submitted in any other format after 15th of March, 2002 will not be accepted. All Exporters are requested to submit proof of realisation in file wise and not to club BRCs for more than one file. They are further requested to take call dates for all submissions and this office will issue a letter of closure for each file after taking the BRCs on record. Until such letters are issued file remains pending.

Proforma of Bank Certificate

Name of the firm/Company :

JDGFT File No:

DEPB Number and Date :

S.No. Bank Certificate Reference No Shipping Bill Number and date Amount Realised in Free Foreign Exchange Amount Realised in Indian Rupees Whether full amount has been realised interms of Free foreign Exchange. State YES/NO Date of Realisation

Exporters Signature : Bankers Signature :
Name of the Signatory : Name of the Signatory :
Designation : Designation :
Telephone No : Telephone No.:

Official seal:


(Pl. refer Trade Notice No. 17/2002, Dt. 01/01/2003 - Default in Realization of Export proceeds against DEPB)


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