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DGFT Notification, Circulars... Trade Notices TRADE NOTICE NO. 14/2002, DATE 20/11/2002
TRADE NOTICE NO 14/2002, DATE 20/11/2002

Abeyance, on the refusal orders issued against old Quantity Based/Value Based Advance Licences


Attention is invited to this office Trade Notice No.13 dated 18.10.2002 wherein it was decided that abeyance, on the refusal orders issued against old Quantity Based/Value Based Advance Licences, can only be given against submission of letters issued by Customs Department stating that logging of said DEEC Books are pending with the Customs. However, a number of Exporters have expressed difficulties in getting letters from Customs. They have stated that so far Customs are not being issuing such letters and it may take some time to set procedures in place. They have requested that the above Trade Notice may be relaxed for a certain period. After examining the above issue now it has been decided that, wherever the old Quantity Based/Value Based Advance Licence holders submits acknowledgement to prove that they have submitted the DEEC Books for logging, one time abeyance may be granted for a period of 3 months from the date of Customs Acknowledgement OR upto 31.3.2003 whichever is earlier, without insisting for a letter from Custom Authorities. However, after 31.3.2003 procedures set out in Trade Notice No.13 dated 20.10.2002 would be observed.


(Pl. refer Trade Notice No. 15/2002, Dt. 26/11/2002 for Problems related to logging of DEEC Books of old advance licences)

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