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DGFT Notification, Circulars... Trade Notices TRADE NOTICE NO. 02/2000, DATE 20/05/2000
TRADE NOTICE No. 2 Dated 20 May, 2000

Users of the Fast Track Counter would be aware that since 10/4/2000 all status holders are compulsorily required to file their advance and DEPB licensing applications through the Internet. It is heartening to note that over 200 firms have started using the facility.

It is the endeavour, of this office to constantly improve the services provided by it. In continuation of this it has now been decided that advance and DEPB licensing applications filed electronically would be disposed off within 24 hours. To oprationalise the above, the following guidelines would be followed:-

1. The exporting firm can log on to the DGFT web site and file the application as per his / her convenience.

2. On receipt of the file number of this office viz (05/21/40/...or 05/21/51...) the firm would be required to submit hard copies of their applications. Such a submission should normally be made on the next working day, following the day on which the application has been filed, between 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

3. For all applications for which hard copies are submitted the licences would be issued and delivered at the counter on the following working day between 2.30 p.m. to 5 p.m. In respect of application found deficient, the deficiency letter will also be similarly delivered at the counter.

4. In order to reduce postal delays the trade is advised to use the Identity Card based counter delivery system for receiving their licences / deficiency letters and submitting their replies. Whenever replying to the deficiency letter the firm should invariably mention the original licensing file number.

5. The above system would be effective from 1.6.00 which means that for all applications filed electronically on 1.6.00 or thereafter the above system will be followed.

The working of the Fast Track Counter, for the last two months has indicated that in as 20-25% of the cases deficient applications are being sent / filed by the firms. This office has identified the following common deficiencies. The firms are advised to go through this and ensure that their applications do not contain these deficiencies.

1. Hard copy of application is not supported with main application on App. 11C incorporating declaration No.7 as per current Hand Book.

2. Fee paid is short.

3. Valid RCMC is not furnished.

4. BRC corresponding to each shipping bills is not submitted. A single BRC having details of two or more shipping bills is not acceptable as DEPB annexure has to have shipping bill wise details.

5. In cases where realisation has taken place T.T.Buying rate on the date of realisation is not mentioned in the BRC.

6. Bifurcated value of DEPB / non-DEPB items for different items carrying different rates is not shown in BRC.

7. E.P. Copies of shipping bills are riot furnished, instead DEPB copies are submitted by the firms.

8. Wherever shipping bills are provisionally assessed, the same should be finally assessed by customs and then submitted.

9. Cuttings / alteration made in shipping bills are not attested by Customs.

10. Applications are not filed complete in all respects through electronic mode.

a) Description of Export Products; Correct S.No / Rates / Entitlement; correct FOB value are not given

b) Shipping bill details are omitted or a complete shipping bill is not entered.

c) Claims are not made as per T.T. Buying rates particularly in cases where realisation has taken place.

d) Fee details are not given.

e) Shipping bill details are entered more than once thereby artificially enhancing the DEPB claim.

The trade is requested to adhere to the above guidelines to ensure that the licences are issued smoothly. In the event of any problem the exporting firm is free to contact the undersigned on E-mail or otherwise.

(Ali R Rizvi)
Additional Export Commissioner

E-mail Address: alirazarizvi@hotmail.com


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