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DGFT Notification, Circulars... Trade Notices TRADE NOTICE NO.11/1999, DATE 07/12/1999
TRADE NOTICE NO: 11 Date: 7-12-1999

Attention of the Trade is invited to Public Notice No. 39 (RE-99)/1997 –2002 dated 16th November, 1999 regarding change / updating the IEC Details through EDI System of DGFT. The following procedure shall be adopted by this office for updating the IEC data:

1. All exporters / importers holding a valid IEC certificate are required to Access the DGFT Website http://www.nic.in/eximpol and feed their IEC data.

2. IEC holders are requested to submit complete applications in the form given In Appendix 2.A with the same data as fed in the website alongwith the Original IE Code Certificate and documents supporting modifications, if Any, at a separate counter open for this purpose in this office. A copy of The PAN Number granted by the Income Tax Department is to be submitted Alongwith the above application as required by the said public notice.

3. The exporters / importers those who have already been assessed by Income Tax Authorities for previous assessment years but have not obtained PAN Nos. from Income Tax are required to approach their respective assessment circles and Obtain the PAN Numbers.

4. The exporters / importers who have not yet been assessed by the Income Tax Authorities and do not have PAN Numbers are required to approach the Income Tax Authorities at RCC, Bandra-Kurla Complex, for obtaining their PAN Numbers expeditiously. Necessary advice in this respect has been given to the Income Tax Authorities.

5. The data will be verified by this office on the basis of hard copy of the application and documents submitted therewith and validated by this office.

6. Wherever there is change in IEC data, a revised IE Code Certificate after due Validation in the computer shall be issued.

7. Wherever there is not change in the IE Code data, the Original IEC Certificate Will be stamped as valid and signed and returned to the IE Code Holder.

Since this is a time bound operation, all exporters and importers are advised to follow. These guidelines and submit their application in time so as to avoid any complication After theexpiry of the relaxation period granted.

The Trade is hereby informed that new IEC Numbers will not be issued to applicants Who have not been allotted Permanent Account Number by the Income Tax authorities.


Zonal Jt.D.G.F.T. and Additional Export Commissioner.

The PAN Number granted by the Income Tax Department is to be submitted. Alongwith the above application las required by the said public notice.


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