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DGFT Notification, Circulars... Trade Notices TRADE NOTICE NO.13/2000, DATE 24/01/2000
Trade Notice No. 13 Dated 24-01-2000


1. The Office of the Zonal Joint Director General of Foreign Trade, Mumbai, has great pleasure in introducing the facility of electronic filing of applications for licences / DEPB which was inaugurated by the Honourable Union Minister for Commerce, Sri Omar Abdullah on 21/1/2000. Initially, the facility will be available to Export Houses, Trading Houses, Star Trading Houses and Super Star Trading Houses only. It will be subsequently extended to include green card holders and other members of the exporting community.

2. The firms interested in using this facility will have to take the following steps :

    I. The firm has to write to the D.D.G.F.T (Computer Cell) in this office declaring its intention to operate under the electronic filing scheme along with its e-mail address,IEC Number and copy of Status Holder Certificate. On the basis of this letter, a secured password will be given to the authorized representative of the firm in a sealed envelope. The password is to be modified immediately on first access due to security reasons.

    II. For filing e-applications, the password holder will have to access the official DGFT website (URL-http://www.nic.in/eximpol). He will then have to access the database by clicking on the relevant option button on the screen under the caption "e-commerce schemes". At this point, the server will verify the authenticity of the user's identity by asking for the password.

    III. After successful authentication, the password holder may log in and menu driven screens will emerge; wherein the firm shall be required to fill the information relevant to their application.

    IV. The data entered on the screens can be printed for proper scrutiny and it will be possible to modify the data before final transmission. Upon successful transmission of data, a message will appear on the screen confirming the receipt of the application and displaying the file number and key number allotted against the application by this office.

    V. The application thus transmitted by the firm shall be received by the concerned Fast Access Section in this office and the licence will be issued under para 4.26 and kept ready for delivery within 24 hours. In case of any deficiency found in the electronic application itself, the same will be available to the exporter at the web-site within 24 hours under the QUERY option.

    VI. Subsequently the firm shall have to submit the hard copy of the application at the concerned Fast Access Counter in this office quoting the file number and key number allotted against their electronic application. This application should be complete in all respects and all the documents as prescribed by exim policy for issuance of licences / DEPB should be submitted.

    VII. The licence / DEPB issued against the electronic application of the firm shall be delivered across the counter under para 4.26 of the Handbook of Procedures Volume 1 without verification of documents on submission of the hard copy of the application at the Fast Access Counter to identity card holders 24 hours after the time the electronic application is filed.

3. The hard copy of the application submitted by the exporter shall be scrutinized by this office and in case any deficiency is found, it will be made available to the firm at the web-site within 72 hours under the QUERY option or through e-mail and no further licences / DEPBs will be issued to the firm until the deficiency is complied with. In case the value of the DEPB/licence admissible to the firm is found to be less than the value already granted to the exporter, the exporter shall be required to regularise the case as per para 7.38 of Handbook of Procedures, Vol. I within 10 days of being informed by this office through the web-site, by e-mail or through letter.

Exporters are invited to participate in this scheme at the earliest as E-filing of applications is an important step towards the fully automated export import management system based on EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) envisaged by the DGFT. In case of any difficulty, please feel free to take the help of the Export Facilitation Centre in this office. We welcome feedback and suggestions from exporters regarding this scheme through e-mail at jdgft@dgftmum.bom.nic.in.

This Trade Notice issues with the prior approval of DGFT, New Delhi.


(Pl refer T.N. No. 18/2001, Dt. 15/01/2002.)

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