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DGFT Notification, Circulars... Trade Notices TRADE NOTICE NO.11/2000, DATE 29/02/2000
TRADE NOTICE No. 11 Dated 29th February, 2000

Attention of the Trade is invited to Public Notice No. 39 (Re-99) Dt. 27.11.99 read with Public Notice No. 43 dt. 15.12.99 and Public Notice No. 49 dt. 27/1/2000. The above facility will cease to be available w.e.f. 29.2.2000. However it does not mean that IEC holders will be debarred from filing their applications for modification of EC. The following procedure will be effective from 1/3/2000 :-

i) Those who have modified updated their IEC on the website will simply need to submit a hard copy of the modified IEC taken from the website. The last date for submission of hard copies would be 15.3.2000. The trade is advised not to submit incomplete applications as such applications would be rejected and they would have to file modifications in application as prescribed in the Hand Book of Procedure, Vol. 1 as given in Appx. 2A.

ii) Those who have not been able to visit website and or have not been able to update their 1EG on the website will have to submit applications for modifications of their, lEC as prescribed in the Hand Book of Procedure, Vol. I alongwith the documents specified therein. The last date for submission of such applications would also be 15.3.2000.

iii) As the office of DGFT are to transmit all IECs to Customs electronically after 15.3.2000, the trade is advised those who have been issued IECs prior to 16.11.99 should invariably file their modification application on or before 15.3.2000. Failure to do so will lead to non-transmission of the 1EC no. to the Customs who in turn will not allow shipments from Customs from 1st of April, 2000.

(Darshan Singh)
Jt. Director General of Foreign Trade

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