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TRADE NOTICE NO. 12 Dated 2nd March, 2000

Attention is invited to Trade Notice No. 11 dated 29.2.2000 wherein the procedure of submission of applications for modifications of IECs was laid.down.

In this regard it is informed that all those IEC holders who ere issued IECs prior to 16.11.99 and who have not been able to visit web site or have not been able to update the IEC on the web site can submit application for modification Manually. They will submit application form as laid down in Appendix 2A and information on profile of the exporter i.e. Appendix IA. The applicants must ensure that all columns of App. 2 A and App. 1 A are duly filled. Providing of PAN numbers is compulsory and hence a attested photo copy of the PAN and or PAN allotment, letter should be attached with the application. The applications should be accompanied with a forwarding letter duly signed by the Partner / Proprietor / Director / Authorised Signatory as the case may be.

It is reiterated that the last date of filing such request is 15.3.2000.

Modified IECs shall be dispatched by Post and no requests for hand delivery will be entertained.

(Darshan Singh)
Jt. Director General of Foreign Trade

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