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DGFT Notification, Circulars... Trade Notices TRADE NOTICE NO.13/2000, DATE 09/03/2000
TRADE NOTICE No. 13 Dated 9th March, 2000


Attention is drawn to the earlier Trade Notice Nos.9 to 12 issued between 13.1.2000 and 1 / 3 / 2000. In order to put all the facts mentioned in the above Trade Notices in one place the following points are brought to the notice of the trade:-

  1. From 1st March, 2000, to access IEC Online facility on DGFT website by IEC holders has been stopped. For the data already received on our site and for which hard copies have also been submitted the applications will be verified by the licensing authority. Hard copy of the modified / updated IEC shall be dispatched through speed post.
  2. Wherever the exporters had updated / modified the IEC on the website but had not submitted the hard copies taken from the web site duly signed hard copies can be submitted up to 15.3.2000.
  3. In such cases where IEC holders while updating their data on site came across the entry "Invalid IEC" the IEC holder shall submit an application for issue of fresh IEC on the prescribed proforma viz. Appendix 1A and 2A along with the original IEC certificate up to 15.3.2000. No fee shall levied for issue of such fresh IECs.
  4. Those IEC holders who had not been able to modify / update their IEC on the web site or had done it only partially can submit applications for modification of their IEC manually up to 15.3.2000. The application should be accompanied by Appendix 1A and 2A duly filled.
  5. The incorporation of PAN number in the IEC is an ABSOLUTE MUST hence all those who had updated / modified their IEC on the DGFT web site but not quoted their PAN number should submit their PAN numbers in reply to deficiency letters being issued. All those submitting applications for modification of their IEC manually or issue of new IEC are also similarly required to file their applications with PAN number.
  6. For all application of modification of IEC filed after 15.3.2000 the procedure as laid down in Hand Book of Procedure, Vol. 1 shall be applicable.
  7. It is brought to the notice of the trade that those who fail to get their IEC's modified / issued afresh as laid down above at point 1 to 5 ibid SHALL NOT BE PROVIDED ANY LICENSING FACILITIES W.E.F. 1.4.2000. CUSTOMS WILL ALSO NOT CLEAR THEIR CONSIGNMENTS WITH EFFECT FROM THE ABOVE DATE.

This issues with the approval of Additional Export Commissioner.

(Darshan Singh)
Jt. Director General of Foreign Trade

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