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DGFT Notification, Circulars... Trade Notices TRADE NOTICE NO.14/2000, DATE 27/03/2000
TRADE NOTICE No.14 Dated 27th March,2000

Attention is invited to Trade Notice No.13 Dated 9/3/2000 regarding modification / updating of IECs. In this regard the DGFT has extended the last date for submission of applications in Appendix I A and Appendix 2A for modifying / updating IECs up to 28/4/2000 vide Public Notice No.55 (RE-99) / 1997-2002 dated 16th March, 2000.

All the IEC holders are required to submit the application and it is not mandatory to accompany documents like photograph, fee etc. even in cases where there is change in the status, Of IEC holders. The exemption from penalty as laid down under para 15.4(b) of the Hand book of Procedure (vol.1). 1992-97 shall continue to be applicable to such applicants.

It may please be noted that from 01/05/2000, the consignments of imports/exports shall be cleared on the basis of the updated information collected on the basis of such application.

(Darshan Singh)
Jt. Director General of Foreign Trade

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