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DGFT Notification, Circulars... Trade Notices TRADE NOTICE NO.18/2001, DATE 15/01/2002
Trade Notice No. 18, Date: 15.01.2002

Regarding payment details entry in on-line applications

Attention of the trade is hereby invited to Trade Notice Nos.13 dated 24.1.2000, 14 dated 15.2.2000 and 6 dated 2.8.2000 issued by this office in respect of the facility of on-line filing of applications for DEPB and Advance Licenses. It is found that the fee payment details entered in on-line applications are inconsistent. These incorrect details give rise to inconsistent computer generated statements which are required by the B&A section of this office to be forwarded to respective banks & RPAO for reconciliation purposes.

It is therefore necessary to enter in correct details of payment of fees. In the fee payment module there are two choices for mode of payment of fees.

    i) TR (Treasury Challans issued by Central Bank of India)

    ii)DD (Bankers Cheques/Demand Draft/Bank Receipts issued by various banks)

Applicants should choose any of these modes unambiguously and then enter the details (viz. Instrument no., date of issue, amount of fee payable, name of the issuing bank).

Eg.: 1) A Bankers Cheque/Demand Draft should be entered as follows :

Mode of payment : DD
No. : 012345
Date of issue : 3.1.2002
Amount : 1234
Name of the Bank : State Bank of India

2) A Treasury Challan issued by nominated branches of Central Bank of India be entered as :

Mode of payment : BR/TR
No. : A-1
Date of issue : 3.1.2002
Amount : 1234
Name of the Bank : Central Bank of India.

Applications will be returned in case the details mentioned in the hard copy do not tally with the actual DD/TR submitted in the application at pre-scrutiny stage. In such cases, applicants should re-enter the said application and submit the same with a fresh hard copy reflecting the correct details of payment with a new file number.



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