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DGFT Notification, Circulars... Trade Notices TRADE NOTICE NO. 15/2002, DATE 26/11/2002
TRADE NOTICE NO. 15/2002, Dt. 26/11/2002

Problems related to logging of DEEC Books of old advance licences


This is with reference to problems related to logging of DEEC Books of old advance licences. This office has issued Trade Notice No.13 dated 18.10.2002 and 14 dated 20.11.2002 in this matter. Some exporters have taken up the matter in the monthly meeting chaired by Chief Commissioner of Customs on 25.11.2002. They have stated that large number of DEEC Books are pending for logging with Customs and because of Customs delays they are being penalized by DGFT office. Chief Commissioner has asked such exporters to furnish a list of pending cases to Shri Shrikant Patil, Joint Commissioner of Customs, New Customs House on or before 6th December,2002. They have stated that steps will be taken to dispose of all these cases at the earliest.

In view of the above all the exporters whose DEEC Books are pending with the Customs are requested to utilise the above opportunity and submit their list to Joint Commissioner of Customs so that their DEEC can be logged expeditiously or Customs can write to DGFT if there is any genuine reason for further delay.


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