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DGFT Notification, Circulars... Trade Notices TRADE NOTICE NO. 14/1999, DT. 15/12/1998
TRADE NOTICE NO. 14/1999, DT. 15/12/1998

Enrolment for Exporters


It has been decided to have a system of enrolment for all applicants under the DEPB Scheme in this office. All the exporters who are exporting under DEPB or intent to export under DEPB Scheme are requested to submit the following for the purpose of enrolment.

1. Profile of Exporter duly filled in the format of Appendix I-A of Handbook of Procedures.

2. Copy of IEC and RCMC

3. Copy of Income Tax returns.

4. Copy of Sales Tax return.

5. Central Excise Registration Certificate/Industrial licence etc.

6. Photo copy of passport of Directors/Partners/Proprietor/Trusties.

7. Number of Identity Card applied for and the details of Identity Cards with photograph, name and designation of Identity Card holders.

8. Documents as proof of address like copies of telephone bill, electricity bill etc.

Reasons for non-submission of any of the above documents may clearly be specified in the Enrolment Application. After scrutiny of application, each applicant will be given the enrolment number and the same had to quoted on top of all DEPB application by the exporters. It may be noted that no DEPB will be issued without enrolment.


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