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DGFT Notification, Circulars... Trade Notices TRADE NOTICE NO. 10/AM05, DATE 12/01/2005
TRADE NOTICE NO. 10/AM05, DATE 12/01/2005

Mendatory requirement : Declaration of Technical Characteristics, Quality and specification of Inputs mentioned in Para 4.31 of HBP (Vol.I) while applying for DFRC.


Attention of Trade & Industry is drawn to the provisions contained in Para 4.31 of Hand Book of Procedures (Vol.I) whereby in respect of certain items specified in the said para, the exporter is required to give declaration with regard of technical characteristics, quality and specification in the shipping bill.

It has been noticed that some of the exporters submit the shipping bills without the declaration mentioning the details of inputs as required by Para 4.31 of the Hand Book of Procedures (Vol.I). These shipping bills, sometimes, simply mention the SION entry only. The normal plea given by the exporters is that the EDI shipping bills do not have the required facility to provide for such a declaration. In view of the importance of this issue, the Customs authorities have already been informed and requested to make necessary changes in their software to facilitate the inclusion of such declaration and in the meantime to insist on production of additional declaration to be attested/certified by the Customs authorities.

In the light of the above, it has been decided that henceforth the DFRC shall be issued strictly as per Para 4.31 of Hand Book of Procedures (Vol.I) and no DFRC will be issued by this office if the declaration as mentioned in Para 4.31 of Hand Book of Procedures (Vol.I) is not appearing in the shipping bill itself. However, if for any reason the details are not mentioned in the shipping bill, then an additional declaration duly attested by Customs should be submitted by exporter while applying for DFRC where the items mentioned in Para 4.31 are one of the inputs involved in the case.

In case of DFRC for Deemed Exports, the detailed technical characteristics etc., if not appearing in the invoice, an additional declaration to that effect countersigned or attested by the Excise Authorities having jurisdiction over recipient unit should be submitted.

( S. S. SANDHU )

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