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Trade Notice No.02/2011, DT. 10/01/2011

Allocation of quantities of cotton for export in terms of Policy Circular No. 09 dated 29.12.2010


Policy circular No.9 of 29th December, 2010 had stipulated the conditions and modalities for registration of contracts for export of cotton. The calendar of events given in Annexure 3 of this Policy circular provides that submission of required documents, scrutiny and issue of RC would begin at 10.00 AM on Tuesday 11.1.2011. The following shall be the procedure:

a) Submission of required documents (as given in Note 1 and Note 2 of Annexure I of Policy Circular No.9 dated 29/12/2010), scrutiny thereof and grant of RC, if found eligible, shall be held on the working days either in the forenoon (10.00 AM to 1.00 PM) or in the afternoon (2.00 PM to 5.00 PM) between 11th and 24th of January, 2011.

b) The applicants whose name appear in the allocation given in the Trade Notice No.1 dated 10/11/2011 have to send E-mail (as per sample given below) addressed to cottonexport@nic.in indicating their 3 preferred choices of the sessions from the session numbers given in Schedule below:

Session Number and Schedule
Date 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM (FN) 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM (AN)
11.1.11 1101 1102
12.1.11 1201 1202
13.1.11 1301 1302
14.1.11 1401 1402
17.1.11 1701 1702
18.1.11 1801 1802
19.1.11 1901 1902
20.1.11 2001 2002
21.1.11 2101 2102
24.1.11 2401 2402

c) On receipt of the E-mail, depending on the number of choices received, a response will be sent indicting a time slot as available. The applicant or its authorized representative (authority letter duly executed on official letterhead of the applicant), would have to come to DGFT headquarters at Udyog Bhawan, H Wing, New Delhi - 110 011 (entry through gate No.2) at 10.00 AM or 2.00 PM as applicable depending on the time so indicated.

d) The applicants are advised to be very careful before seeking time and see that all the documents stipulated to be submitted are complete and ready in advance. Applicants coming with incomplete or insufficient documents against the stipulated documentation will be liable to be declared ineligible and their applications may be summarily rejected.

Sample E-mail Seeking Time for Submission of documents, Scrutiny & issue of RC

To: cottonexport@nic.in

From: email of the firm

CC: alternate email of the firm

Subject line: Most preferred session number - IEC - Sl. Number of allocation

[Example: "1402 -1234567899-234"]

[the applicant’s 1st choice is Afternoon session 14th January which is numbered 1402 in the table]

Line 1: 1st Choice of session [Example: 1402]

Line 2: 2nd Choice of Session [Example: 1301]

Line 3: 3rd Choice of Session [Example: 1701]

Line 4: Name and designation of Authorized Representative [Example : Shri Ashok poonawala, Marketing Manager]

Line 5: Cell Phone of Authorized Representative [Example: 9899600001]

Line 6: Office Phone of Authorized Representative [Example: 022 565789102]

Line 7-15: Any other thing that the applicant wishes to say.

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