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Trade Notice No.04/2011, DT. 14/01/2011

Issue of RC for Cotton export by Jt. DGFT offices Chennai, (CLA) Delhi, Kolkata & Mumbai.


1. Trade Notice No.1 of 2011 issued on 10/1/2011 contained the allocation for export of cotton. Trade Notices issued subsequently (No.2 of 2011 dated 10/1/2011 and No.3 of 2011 issued on 11/1/2011) gave further details as to how the allottees would proceed to obtain their Registration Certificate.

2. To expedite the issue of such Registration Certificate, it has now been decided to decentralize this work. Therefore, the 4 Zonal Joint Director General of Foreign Trade at Chennai, (CLA) Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai shall receive the documents, scrutinize them and if found correct, issue Registration Certificate by following the existing procedures, (some of which have been described in Trade Notices No.2 and 3).

3. i) Allottees who have already obtained a time slot from the office of DGFT:

They can choose to come to the office of DGFT at the allotted time


Choose to go to any one of the FOUR Offices at Chennai / (CLA) Delhi /Kolkata / Mumbai (by sending an appropriate e-mail as described below)

ii) Allottees who have not yet asked for a time slot or have not received a confirmation:

Such allottees must choose one of the four offices at chennai, Delhi (CLA), Kolkatta or Mumbai. They can inform one of the Zonal Jt. DGFTs and go there with all the required documents [seeking a slot by indicating 3 preferred choices and getting a confirmation is no longer necessary]

4. The allottees should send an e-mail to the concerned Jt. DGFTs whose name, e-mail and telephone numbers are given below indicating the appropriate slot. Copy of such e-mails should be sent to cottonexport@nic.in. The available slots are given in the table below and allottees may indicate any one slot of their choice:

Sl Name of Jt. DGFT Place Telephone E-mail
1 Shri Vijay Kumar, ITS (CLA) Delhi 011 23379119 vijay63@nic.in
2 Shri Mithileshwar Thakur, ITS Mumbai 022 22066300 m.thakur@nic.in
3 Shri Sai Kumar, IAS Chennai 044 28283406 aec.tn@nic.in
4 Shri Sanjeev Nandwani, ITS Kolkata 033 22488973 snandwani@nic.in

Session Number and Schedule

Date 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM (FN) 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM (AN)
17.1.11 1701 1702
18.1.11 1801 1802
19.1.11 1901 1902
20.1.11 2001 2002
21.1.11 2101 2102
24.1.11 2401 2402

Sample E-mail Seeking Time for Submission of documents, Scrutiny & issue of RC

To: aec.tn@nic.in [write the email address of the office where you wish to go]

CC: cottonexport@nic.in [This is necessary]

From: email of the firm [usernameone@domainname]

CC: alternate email of the firm [usernametwo@domainname]

Subject line: Venue/ time slot/ IEC/ Sl. Number of allocation

[Example: "Chennai / 1702 / 040001234 /234"]

[The applicant’s choice of venue is Zonal Jt. DGFT Office in Chennai. Choice of Time Slot is afternoon session on 17th January which is numbered 1702 in the table]

5. This work will begin in the Zonal Joint DGFT Offices with effect from 17th January, 2011 and will be completed by 25th January, 2011. Necessary instructions for completion of this work have already issued to the above offices.

6. Cooperation of allottees solicited.

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