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Trade Notice No.06/2011, DT. 04/03/2011

Submission of documents for export of raw cotton


Policy Circular No. 9 of 29.12.2010 stipulated the modalities for submitting applications for export of cotton. Subsequently, Trade Notice No.1 of 2011 issued on 10.1.2011 contained the allocation for export of cotton.

2. It is stipulated in the registration certificates issued for export of cotton that the exporters would be required to submit proof of completing the exports within 10 days of last shipment. Policy Circular No. 9 also stipulated penalty in terms of Section 11(2) of the FT(D&R) Act for non-performance under the registration certificates.

3. The data for export made under RCs issued by DGFT is being collected and needs to be submitted mandatorily by all allottees within the stipulated period. Failure to submit the same will attract action under FT(D&R) Act. The allottees need to send an E-mail confirmation of having exported and submission of documents (copy of shipping bill and Bill of lading) to concerned RC issuing authority(s).

4. A sample of the E-mail format is as below:

Sample E-mail for Submission of documents against RCs

To: cottonexport@nic.in

CC: The office which issued RC [Example: m.thakur@nic.in]

From: Email of the firm [Example: usernameone@domainname]

Subject line: IEC No/Quantity Registered/Quantity Exported/Serial Number of allocation [Example: "1234567890 / 500 bales/ 498 bales /534]

Body of the message

Line 1. Name of the Firm

Line 2-5. Address of the Firm

Line 6-10. Shipping Bill No(s). & date(s)

Line 11. Date on which documents (Shipping Bills and Bill of Lading) submitted to concerned office which issued the RC.

Note: Non- receipt of such an E-mail will be presumed as non-performance under the registration certificate issued by DGFT.

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