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Customs Notification, Circulars Exemption Notification (2009) CUS NTF NO. 21/2002 DATE 01/03/2002


General Exemption - List (Part-II)
List 26 (See S. No. 244 of the Table)

(1) Omitted
(2) Ferrite parts including memory cores and ferrite magnets
(3) Switches with contact rating less than 5 amperes at voltage not exceeding 250 Volts AC or DC
(4) Connectors
(5) Magnetic -Heads (all types)
(6) Omitted
(7) Ceramic / Magnetic cartridges and stylus
(8) Omitted
(9) Microphones /Microphone cartridges
(10) Omitted
(11) Antennas
(12) Relays of contact rating upto 7 amperes
(13) EHT cables
(14) Level meters/level indicators/ tuning indicators/ peak level meters/ battery meter/ VC meters / Tape counters
(15) Tone arms
(16) Microwave passive parts
(17) (i) Saw filters (ii) Ceramic filter/trap (iii) Delay lines (iv) CRT socket (v) Spark gap (vi)OMITTED
Degaussing coil]
(18) Fibre optics and other optoelectronic parts and devices namely, Couplers, Attenuators,Connectors, Splicers, Multiplexers and Demultiplexers
(19) Passive optical parts, namely, Microlens and splitters, Micropositioners, Optical filters and gratings and Phase plates
(20) Special purpose optical fibres, namely, polarisation holding fibres, plastic fibres and large core fibres
(21) Electron guns
(22) Omitted
(23) Omitted

(In List 26 in item (17) sub-item (vi) has been omitted vide CUS NTF NO. 37/2005 DATE 02/05/2005)
(In List 26 items (1), (6), (8), (10), (22) and (23) has been omitted vide CUS NTF NO. 11/2005 DATE 01/03/2005)
List 26A ( See S.No. 244A of the Table )

(List 26A has been omitted vide CUS NTF NO. 20/2007 DATE 01/03/2007)

(in List 26A item (5), has been inserted vide CUS NTF NO. 37/2005 DATE 02/05/2005)

(List 26A has been inserted vide CUS NTF NO. 11/2005 DATE 01/03/2005)

List 27 (See S. No. 245 of the Table)

(List 27 has been omitted vide CUS NTF NO. 20/2007 DATE 01/03/2007)

List 27A ( See S.No. 248 of the Table )

1. Cell cultivation devices, namely, roller bottle systems and spinner flasks
2. CO2 incubator
3. DNA/Oligonucleotides Synthesizers
4. Electrophoresis system-(Protein & DNA; 2D)
5. ELISA Reader
6. ELISA Washer
7. Fluorimeters
8. Low Temperature Freezers (minus 70 degrees and less)
9. Spectrophotometers (including Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometers);
10. Cartridges and membranes for ultra-filtration, micro-filtration, reverse osmosis, sterile filtration and viral removal
(11) Cell cultivation devices like roller bottle systems, spinner flasks etc
(12) Centrifuges-tubular, explosion proof, disk stack
(13) DNA/Oligonucleotides Synthesizers and DNA Analysers
(14) Electrophoresis system (protein and DNA; 2D)
(15) ELISA washer
(16) Fluorimeter
(17) LC-MS machines
(18) Low temperature freezers (minus 70 degree centigrade and less)
(19) Micro-array equipment including scanners, micro-fluidics station, arrayers, bio-analysers, micro-array chips and bio-chips
(20) Proteomic Analysers and proteomic lab Systems
(21) Flow Cytometer/FACs
(22) Protein Purification System
(23) Gel Documentation System
(24) Enzyme linked immuno SPOT (Elispot) Reader System.

(In List 27A has been item (10) to (24) has been inserted vide CUS NTF NO. 20/2007 DATE 01/03/2007)
(List 27A has been inserted vide CUS NTF NO. 11/2005 DATE 01/03/2005)
List 28 (See S. No. 248 of the Table)

(1)UV/Visible spectrophotometer, either with PDA and/or kinetics measurement and low bandwidth,
(2) Preparative chromatographic system,
(3) Chiral columns and other HPLC columns for specific application,
(4) X-ray diffraction equipment,
(5) Capillary electrophoresis,
(6) Robotic sample processing system,
(7) Particle size analysers, laser diffraction, lights scattering and photocorrelation spectroscopy types,
(8) Atomic absorption Spectrophotometer,
(9) Tensiometer,
(10) Moisture balance,
(11) Elemental analyser,
(12) High Precision Auto titrator,
(13) TOC Analyser,
(14) Ion Chromatograph,
(15)Spectrofluorimeter.Luminescence meter,
(16) Parenteral particle counting system,
(17) Particle shape analyser,
(18) FT-NIR Spectrophotometer,
(19)FT-Raman Spectrophotometer,
(20) Spectropolarimeter,
(21) Adsorption gas apparatus,
(22) Freezing point apparatus,
(23) Hot stage microscope,
(24) Osmometer,
(25) Porosity analyser,
(26) Sample preparation instrument,
(27) Automated sampling devices,
(28) Surface area analyser,
(29)Multiple organic synthesizer
(30) Focussed Microwave oven for ortoanic synthesis,
(31) Immersion cooling probe for 100 oc,
(32) High Pressure hydrogenator,
(33) Gas generators,
(34) Automated dissolution test apparatus, including robotics,
(35) Stability chambers conforming to ICH guidelines,
(36) Rotational visco meter and Rheometer,
(37) Assembly for lontophoresis studies,
(38) Ultra filteration equipment,
(39) Diffusion cell apparatus,
(40) Densitometer,
(41) Sustained release apparatus,
(42) Suppository testing device,
(43) Zeta potential analyser,
(44) Ultracentrifuge,
(45) Inverted microscope with fluorescence microscopy and photographic attachments,
(46) Transilluminator,
(47) Moodular protein electrophoresis apparatus (1D/2D),
(48) Nucleic acid sequencer,
(49) Imaging densitometer,
(50) Fast-protein Liquid Chromatography,
(51) U.V. Crosslinker,
(52) Probe Sonicator
(53) Sintillation counters (Y and B),
(54) CO2 incubator,
(55) Incubator shakedr for bacterial culture,
(56) Polymerase chain reaction machine,
(57) Cell harvestor,
(58) Speed Vac,
(59) Hybridizing oven,
(60) Protein sequencer,
(61)Confocal microscope,
(62) Capillary electrophoresis,
(63) Electroporator,
(64) Scanning electron microscope,
(65) Amino acid analyser,
(66)Peptide synthesizer,
(67) Phosphor imager,
(68)Fluorescence activated cell sorter,
(69)ELISA reader
(70) Fermenter,
(71) Spray drier,
(72) Protein purification set up,
(74)Two channel organ bath (with two channel recorder accessories) (a) Isotonic transducer (b) Isometric transducer (c) Pressure transducer,
(75) Plethymsometer,
(76) Blood pressure monitor,
(77) Blood pressure manual scanner,
(78) Auto analyser,
(79) Biofuge,
(80) Passive avoidance apparatus with controller,
(81) Auto stainer,
(82) Microtome,
(83) Cell harvestor,
(84) Tissue embedding machine,
(85) 4 channel auto track system,
(86) Blood cell counter,
(87) Blood flow meter,
(88) Stereotaxic microscope,
(89) Microdialysis (pull-push counter),
(90) Radiotelemetric monitoring system,
(91) High speed refrigerated research centrifuge,
(92) pH meter (3 decimal reading),
(93) Microscope phase contrast,
(94) Microscope polarizing,
(95) Vacuum rotary evaporators with digital display and control, different sizes,
(96) Freeze drier (Lyophilizer),
(97) Precision pipetting devises,
(98) Refrigerated bath,
(99) Low temperature circulatory bath (-33 o C),
(100) Magnetic stirrer with precision temperature control and digital display,
(101) Thermostatic blocks (Dry bath) with or without magnetic stirring facility.
LIST 28A (SEE S.NO. 248A of the Table)

1. Aminoacid Analyser
2. Analytical Balances
3. Anemometers
4. Anesthesia Equipment
5. Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer
6. Atomiser
7. Attrition Measurement Equipment
8. Auto Analyserclinical chemistry.
9. Auto lgnition test apparatus.
10. Auto radiography equipment
11. Auto titrator.
12. Automatic cover slipper.
13. Automatic slide stainer.
14. Automatic tissue processor.
15. Ball tube distillation apparatus.
16. Basic Glove Boxes.
17. Basic Orbital and Horizontal Shakers.
18. Biolistic (Gene gun).
19. Biological Oxidiser.
20. Biopsy punches.
21. Blood Cell Counter.
22. Blood flow Meter.
23. Blood sampling equipments.
24. Body composition analysis equipment.
25. Bottom Top Dispenser.
26. Brookfield viscometer.
27. Butane fuel microtorches.
28. Cardiac monitors.
29. Cell lines.
30. Centrifuges and Ultra Centrufuge.
31. Chilling incubators.
32. Coating Apparatus
33. Crusher (tissue).
34. Crystal/freezing microtone and Ultramicrotone.
35. Densitometer.
36. Differential Scanning Calorimeter.
37. Digital Boiling point/melting point/Freezing point apparatus.
38. Digital Cameras.
39. Digital pH meter.
40. Digital Stroboscope.
41. Digital Temperature.
42. Controllers.
43. Digital theremometer for recording body temperature of experimental animals.
44. Direct insertion probe.
45. Disntegration Test Machine.
46. Dissolved oxygen Meter.
47. Dry ice makers
48. Dust generator and measurement apparatus.
49. Dyno Mill.
50. Dlectronic Top Loading Balance.
51. Electrophoresis unit.
52. Electroporator.
53. Elemental analyser.
54. Elisa reader Monoclonal antibody production equipment.
55. Encapsulation equipment.
56. Flame photometer.
57. Flash point apparatus.
58. Flask Chromatographic system.
59. Fluid Bed Drier lab model.
60. focused Microwave overn for organic synthesis.
61. Freeze drier.
62. Freezing point apparatus.
63. Freezing rack for metabolic cages.
64. Gas Detectors with masks, cartridges gas monitors.
65. Gel Dryer and Gel documentation and analysis system.
66. Granulator-laboratory granulator.
67. Plant Growth chambers.
68. Health monitoring equipment.
69. Heart monitors for dogs and higher animals.
70. High vacuum pumps.
71. High pressure autoclave.
72. High pressure hydrogenerator.
73. High pressure reactor-Autoclave.
74. High speed refrigerated research centrifuge.
75. High throughput organic synthesizer, High throughput biological screening equipment.
76. Hybridizing overn
77. Image Analyzer and Imaging Densitometer.
78. Implantable Plant.
79. Incubators.
80. Inductive coupling plasma equipment
81. Infrared temperature sectos.
82. Inhalation chambers with accessories.
83. Laser particle size analyzer. Particle shape analyzer, Surface area analyzer.
84. Liquid scintillation counter.
85. Low Temperature Circulation Bath.
86. Micro and Micro soxlet extractors
87. Microscope and Microtome blades disposable.
88. Reation colorimeter.
89. Otoscopes.
90. Peristaltic pumps.
91. Phototachometer.
92. Polorimeter
93. Porometer and Porosity analyzer
94. Potentiometer.
95. Precision vacuum contractor.
96. Probe sonicator.
97. Protein purification machine.
98. Radiodetector, radiommunoassy equipment, Gamma counter for hormonal assay.
99. Refractometer and Rotary evaporators.
100. Rheometer.
101. Rotary microtomes, Rotary evaporators.
102. Silverson homogeniser.
103. Spectrofluorimeter Luminescence meter.
104. Spheriodizer
105. Spinning band distillation apparatus.
106. Spray drier
107. Submersible Magnetic Stirrer.
108. Super critical fluid chromatography systems.
109. Sustained release apparatus.
110. Syringes.
111. Tattooing instrument.
112. Tintometer.
113. Tissue embedder.
114. Transilluminator
115. Zeta poteltial analyzer
116. Ultrasonic cleaners.
117. Oscilloscope.
118. Ultrafilaration equipment
List 29 (See S. No 249 of Table)

(List 29 has been omitted vide CUS NTF NO. 26/2003 DATE 01/03/2003)
List 30 (See S. No. 250 of the Table)

(1) Singeing machine
(2) Fabric reversing machine
(3) Yarn drying machine
(4) Volumetric/Gravimetric measurement liquid chemical station
(5) Lab dye preparation machine
(6) Lab infra Red Drying Machine
(7) Continuous weight reduction machinery through microwave technique
(8) Kier decatising/continous decatising machine
(9) Solvent scouring machine
(10) Blanket Fringing Machine
(11) Raising/Brushing Machine
(12) Circular Knitting Machine
(13)Industrial Sewing machine
(14)Single needle bed drop feedlockstitch machine
(15) Single needle lockstitch flatbed machine
(16) Single needle flat bed drop feedlockstitch machine with speedmore than 3500 stitches per minute
(17) High speed twin needle feedlockstitch machine
(18) High speed two needlelockstitch machine
(19) Computerised multineedlelockstitch/chainstitch machine
(20) Single needle lockstitchmachine with built in trimmer
(21) Blind stitch machine of variousmodels
(22) Single needle drop feedchainstitch machine
(23) Two needle chainstitch orlockstitch machine
(24) Chainstitch overedgingmachine
(25) Two or three needle chainstitchmachine
(26) Two thread chainstitch forhigh speed seaming and bandingoperation with gear driven pulledfeed/compount feed of speed 3500stitches per minute and above.
(27) Safety stitch machine.
(28) Power driven flat bed knittingmachine
(29)Computerised flat bed knittingmachine
(30) Power operated flatlock/overlock machine
(31) Linking machine
(32) Loop making machine
(33) Power driven socksknitting/gloves knitting machine.
(34) Whole garment makingmachine (knitted)
(35) Plain stitching machine withmore than 3500 stitches per minute
(36) Computerised plain stitchingmachine with more than 3500stitches per minute
(37) High speed needle feed twoneedle flat bed industrial sewingmachine.
(38) Sewing machine zig-zag flatbed
(39) High speed multiple needlesewing machine
(40) Class feed of the arm industrialsewing machine.
(41) Button hole sewing machine
(42) Button stitch sewing machine.
(43) Elastic inserting machine (on avariety of garments)
(44)Belt attaching machine
(45) Zip attaching machine
(46) Bar tacking machine
(47) Hemstitch machine
(48) Smoking machine
(49) Power driven cloth cuttingmachine.
(50) Band knife cutting machine
(51)Collar turning and blockingmachine and cuff turning andblocking machine.
(52) Cuff press
(53) New automatic collar turningmachine
(54)Automatic pocket welt sewing machine or Automatic pocket welting machine
(55) Pocket creasing machine
(56) Embroidery machine with 10heads and above
(57) Computerised embroiderymachine
(58) Printing and curing machine
(59) Quilting machine
(60) Snap fasterns fixing machineand/or siwa thereof
(61)Thread cleaning machine
(62) Steam Press
(63)Portable boiler for steam press
(64) Steam Cabinet
(65) Vaccum table
(66) Fusing press
(67) Dry to Dry cleaning machine
(68) Stain/spot removingmachine/gun
(69) Automatic 25-needleshirring/smoking machine
(70) Shirt folding machine
(71) Form finisher
(72) Collar contour trimmer
(73) Spreading machine
(74) Shoulder pad attachingmachine.
(75) Shrinkage controllingmachines for knitting fabrics
(76) Loopdrivers for tubular knittedfabrics
(77) Mercerising machines fortubular knitted fabrics
(78) Singeing machines for tubularfabrics.
(79) Pile cutting machines forknitted fabrics
(80) Rotating edging machine forfabric rolls
(81) Conveyors for garments
(82) Garment Calendering machine
(83) Tie making machines
(84) Labelling machines
(85) Laying and cutting machines
(86) Button and Rivet fixingmachine and/or dies thereof
(87) Weft straightening andcalendering machine
(88) Slit Opening Machine
(89) Lab Yarn dyeing machine
(90) Lab dyeing machine
(91) Lab pressing machine
(92) Automatic cone windingmachine with yarn splicer and autodoffing system
(93) Drawing in machine
(94) Computer aided design system
(95) Fully automatic grey fabricinspection machines with roll to rollwinding having microprocessorrecorder
(96) Colour matching computer
(97) High speed IntersectingRotary/Chain/Pin Drawing Sets/GillBoxes
(98) Rectilinear Combs
(99) Draw Frame/RovingFrame/Automatic RubbingFrame/Bobbiners/Finishers, for usein woollen textile industry
(100) Ring frames from 60 MMRing Dia and above, for use inwoollen textile industry
(101) Ring Frames with Siro Sp-inning attachment / Auto Doffershaving maximum 75 MM Ring Dia,for use in woollen textile industry
(102) Shearing, polishing andcropping machines
(103) Step cleaner
(104)Flax hackling machine
(105) Drawing machine for Flax
(106)Roving machine for Flax
(107) Wet ring frame for Flax
(108) Auto winding machine forFlax
(109) Continuous spinningmachines for Viscose FilamentYarn.
(110)Digital electronic frequencyinverters for spinning machinesincluding control boards
(111) Finishing oil metering pumpswith relevant feed system
(112) Metering gear pumps forViscose
(113) Portable systems for injectionof pigments for viscose dopecomplete with stirred vessel,metering pumps, instruments andcontrol panel
(114) Precious metal spinnerettesincluding distribution plates (pre-spinnerette)
(115) Spin bath degassinag plant byflash evaporation
(116) Spin bath backwash filtrationsystem with candle filters
(117) Continuous dissolving andhomogenisisng system for viscosepreparation
(118) Contidisk filters for viscose
(119) Spinbath heat exchanger ingraphite
List 31 (See S.No. 251 of the Table)

(1)Effluent treatment unit withbiopaq reactor, activate sludgeprocess, activated carbon,ultrafiltration ozonisation facilities
(2)Combined contipress/decatisingmachine
(3) Effluent treatment unit withautomatic sensing devices, automaticcontrolled chemical dosing, dissolvedair floatation (DAF), reverse osmosis,sludge dewatering, decanters,ultrafilters, vacuum filters to deliverwater for reuse.
(4)Hydraulic Flat PaperPress/continuous Hydraulic Flat paperPress/Rotary Press
(5)Fully fashioned high speed knittingmachine
(6)Computerised Pattern maker/Pattern grading/marker
(7) Computerised embroidery pattern-making machine with plotter
(8) High Speed Warping machinewith yarn tensioning, pneumaticsuction devices and accessories
(9)Shuttleless loom (air jet, water jet,rapier and projectile and narrowwidth high speed needle)
(10) Beam knotting machine
(11) Auto control type humidificationplant
(12) Carding Sets, for use in woollentextile industry.
(13) Yarn/ Fabric mercerisingmachine
(14) Continuous bleaching plant
(16) Wet fabric spreading andsqueezing machine
(17) Relax drum/conveyer dryingmachine
(i) Drying range
(ii) Float dryer
(iii) Loop dryer
(iv) Drum dryer
(v) Jet dryer
(vi) Rapid dryer
(18) Compacting Machine
(19) Computer controlled HTHP yarn dyeing machine
(20) Soft package winders (dye package winders)
(21) Automatic dye weighing and dispensing system
(22) Open width Tubularinspection machine
(23) Fastness testing equipment
(24) Shrinkage testing equipment
(25) Indigo dyeing rangewith/without sizing plant
(26) Computer colour matchingequipment
(27) High speed computercontrol padding mangle
(28) Powder dot coating machine
(29) Laser engraver or inkjet engraver
(30) Pre-shrinking range for flatand Knitted goods
(31) Knit-tubular mercerising orbleaching-cum-mercerisingmachine
(32) Auto flame controlled, widthcontrolled singeing machine forflat and Knitted fabrics
(33) Milling and scouringmachine
(34) Shearing and Polishingmachine
(35) Kier Decatising/Decatisingmachine
(36) Combined Contripress /Decatising machine
(37) Auto fabric detwister
(38) Rotary/Flat bed screenprinting machine
(39) Curing/Polymerisingmachine
(40) Continuous rope/open widthwashing machine
(41) Open width continuous dyeing range
(42) Soft flow dyeing machine
(43) Jet dyeing machine
List 32 ( see S. No 252 of Table)

(1) Automatic reeling machineryfor reeling of silk consisting ofcontinuous hot air drier(conveyertype), continuous cocoon boilingmachine(conveyer type) andautomatic reeling machine withre-reeling
(2) Silk weaving and twisting machines consisting of hank-to-bobbin cone winders, silk doubling machine,and Electronic jacquard weft knitting machine
(3) Arm dyeing machine for hankdegumming dyeing
(4) Hank dryers (continuous type)
(5) Silk felt calender
(6) Clip stenter
(7) Silk calender
(8) Silk decasting machine
(9) Overflow machine for silkfabric dyeing
(10) Cone-chees degumming anddyeing machine
(11) Beam dyeing machine for silkfabric
(12) Semi-automatic screenprinting machine
(13) Loop agers
(14) Design studio equipment
(15) Colour kitchen equipment
(16) Colour matching computer
List 32A
(See S.No. 252A of the Table)

(1) Machinery for coffee plantation sector, namely:-
    (i) Coffee grinder intended for industrial use, falling under tariff item 8479 82 00
    (ii) Coffee roasting machine intended for industrial use, falling under tariff item 8516 79 90
    (iii) Power weeding machine, falling under tariff item 8433 11 90
    (iv) Coffee processing machine (pulping, cleaning, sorting & grading), falling under sub-heading 8433 60
    (v) Sprayer, falling under tariff item 8424 81 00 ;
(2) Machinery for tea plantation sector, namely:-
    (i) Tea bagging machine, falling under tariff item 8422 30 00
    (ii) Tea packaging machine, falling under tariff item 8422 30 00
    (iii) Color sorting machine, falling under sub-heading 8433 60
    (iv) Tea leaf cutting-rolling machine, falling under tariff item 8438 80 40
    (v) Mechanical harvester, falling under tariff item 8433 59 00
    (vi) Tea pruning machine, falling under tariff item 8201 60 00
    (vii) Mist blower, falling under tariff item 8414 59 20
    (viii) Sprayer, falling under tariff item 8424 81 00;
(3) Machinery for rubber plantation sector, namely:-
    (i)Slab cutter, falling under tariff item 8477 80 90 or 8486 20 00
    (ii)Shredder, falling under tariff item 8477 80 90 or 8486 20 00
    [OLD(i) Slab cutter, falling under tariff item 8477 80 90
    (ii) Shredder, falling under tariff item 8477 80 90]
    (iii) Solid pump vibrating screen, falling under tariff item 8413 70 96
    (iv) Plastimeter/PRI ageing oven, falling under tariff item 8486 10 00, 8486 20 00 or 8514 10 00
    [OLD(iv) Plastimeter/PRI ageing oven, falling under tariff item 8514 10 00]
    (v) Mooney viscometer, falling under tariff item 9027 80 10
    (vi) Latex centrifuge, falling under tariff item 8421 11 00
    (vii) Mechanical stability time apparatus, falling under tariff item 9024 80 99".
(In List 32A item 3(i, ii & iv) has been substituted vide CUS NTF NO. 129/2006 DATE 30/12/2006)
(In List 32A item 1, 3 has been substituted vide CUS NTF NO. 11/2005 DATE 01/03/2005)

List 33 (See S. No. 255 of the Table)

(List 33 has been omitted vide CUS NTF NO. 11/2006 DATE 01/03/2006)

List 34 (See S.No.257 of the Table)

(1) Air blast dust removing machine
(2) All types of staking machinesexcept slocum (slow combingprocess)
(3) Automatic Drying machine
(4) Automatic Lacing machine
(5) Automatic Leather Perforatingand/or Punching machine
(6) Automatic Lock-StitchingCylinder Bed Bartacker
(7) Automatic machine to control,to slant and to glue leather straps
(8) Automatic Milling machine
(9) Automatic Milling-BoringMachine
(10) Automatic or semi-automatichydraulic press (750 tonnes ormore)
(11) Automatic Padding machine
(12) Automatic Spraying machine
(13) Automatic Tacks - Reinforcemachine
(14) Automatic Work Unit forassembling the complete Insole
(15) Back Part Moulding machine
(16) Band-saw with or without Flier
(17) Bandknife Splitting machine
(18) Belt Punching and cuttingmachine
(19) Bobbin machine with counter
(20) Boot leg ironing machine
(21) Bottom Leather Grain CrackTester
(22) Bottom roughing and/orscouring machine
(23) Box Stamping machine
(24) Buckle Stappling machine
(25) Button Hole (Eyelets end)machine
(26) Button Sewing machine
(27) Button stitch / Sewing machine
(28) Cementing machine
(29) Cementing machine andcementing gun
(30) Chain Slotting machine
(31) Channel Closing machine
(32) Channelling and Groovingmachine
(33) Clicking Board levellingmachine
(34) Clicking machine
(35) Clicking Machine Hydraulic(Bottom)
(36) Coloriemeter
(37) Column Boring machine
(38) Computerised Sewing Machine
(39) Computerised Skiving machine
(40) Conveyor system
(41) Counter Cementing Machine
(42) Counter Moulding machine
(43) Counter Tightening machine
(44) Coupling and edge pre-trimming machine
(45) Crimping machine
(46) Crumpling and embossingmachine
(47) Curtain coating machine
(48) Cylinder Bed Sewing machine
(49) Die Bending machine
(50) Double Band Cleaningmachine
(51) Dust removing machine-pneumatic/hydraulic
(52) Dyeing machine
(53) Edge buffing machine
(54) Edge Inking machine
(55) Edge Pre-Trimming machine
(56) Edge Setting machine
(57) Edge Trimming machine
(58) Elastic inserting machine onvariety of garments
(59) Electrical machine for cuttingand slanting straps
(60) Electro pneumatic weavingmachine for leather
(61) Electronic skin assessor
(62) Embossing Plates for Press forleather printing
(63) Engraved rollers for Press forleather printing
(64) Evening and Roughingmachine for Soles and Insolses
(65) Fibre Board Flexing machine
(66) Fine Turn machines for Lasts
(67) Finish Sheet Resistance Tester
(68) Finishing Machine for Lasts
(69) Fixed Head/Travailing HeadClicking Cutting machine
(70) Flat Bed Double NeedleSewing machine
(71) Flat Bed Single NeedleIndustrial Sewing machine with orwithout trimer
(72) Folding machine for brief casesand other leather products
(73) Folding machine for sides forBrief Case
(74) Forepart conditioning machine
(75) Frame Fixing/Frame Foldingmachine
(76) Fusing presses
(77) Halogen and AdhesiveApplication machine
(78) Hand Operated Press forInserting Perforation Tubes andPrickers
(79) Heat Setting plant
(80) Heat transfer press
(81) Heel and Sole Brushingmachine
(82) Heel and Sole Buffing machine
(83) Heel Attaching machine
(84) Heel Breast Cementingmachine
(85) Heel breast roughing machine
(86) Heel Breasting machine
(87) Heel Building machine
(88) Heel Covering machine
(89) Heel Molder Flanger
(90) Heel Nailing machine
(91) Heel profiling machine
(92) Heel seat and side lastingmachines
(93) Heel Seat Cement Lastingmachine
(94) Heel Trimming / pretrimming /Cupping or combined machine
(95) High Speed Corner Stitchingmachine
(96) Hole punching machine
(97) Hot Melt Applicators
(98) Humidifier for Uppers
(99) Hydraulic / Pneumaticsammying and /or setting machine
(100) Hydraulic automatic platingironing machine
(101) Hydraulic Bending machine
(102) Hydraulic Fleshing machine
(103) Hydraulic Ironing andEmbossing Press
(104) Hydraulic Scudding machine
(105) Hydraulic Setting machine
(106) Hydraulic Shaving machine
(107) Hydraulic Shearing machine
(108) Hydraulic Splitting machine
(109) Hydraulic Sulphide applicator
(110) Injection Moulding of PVR/TPR/EVA Soles, Inserts and Half Soles
(111) Injection Moulding press to produce Plastic shoe Lasts
(112) Insole Attaching machine
(113) Insole Backpart StiffenerTester
(114) Insole Bevelling machine
(115) Insole Covering machine
(116) Insole moulding machine
(117) Ironing and Conditioningmachine
(118) Kamborian Lasting machine
(119) Knife Grinding machine
(120) Knife making equipment forcold steel and forged steel
(121) Label stitching machine
(122) Last Turning machine
(123) Lastometer
(124) Leather buffing machine
(125) Leather cover cuttingmachine for Heels
(126) Leather Polishing machine
(127) Leather rolling machine
(128) Lining roughing machine
(129) Lining Trimming machine
(130) Loop closing machine
(131) Loose / Nailing machine
(132) Manual loop cutter
(133) Mckay Stitching machine
(134) Milling machine for shoeUppers
(135) Moccasin Lining Trimmingmachine
(136) Moccasin Performingmachine
(137) Motorised hides and skinsstamping machine
(138) Moulds for rubber sole directvulcanising press and PVC directinjection soling machine
(139) Multiple Row Upper ChainStitching machine i.e. 3 Rows andabove
(140) Three Needles for Small ArmCylinder machine for Multiple RowStitching
(141) Outsole Stitching machine
(142) Paste drying unit
(143) Pattern binding machine
(144) Pattern corner cuting andbinding machine
(145) Pattern Grading machine
(146) Pattern making machine
(147) Pattern Perforator
(148) Pattern Plan
(149) Pattern scanner
(150) Pattern Scanning machine
(151) Piping machine for trimmingand embelishment fixing machine
(152) Plan Computer ControlledNesting System
(153) Pneumatic Broachingmachine
(154) Pneumatic control mouldermachine for buckles
(155) Pneumatic fusing machine forironing fusible interlining
(156) Polishing machine
(157) Polyshanking machine
(158) Polyurethane / PVC / TPRSole, Insole, Heel, Heel TipInjection Moulding machine (singleor multiple station)
(159) Pore part lasting machine
(160) Post Bed Double NeedleSewing machine
(161) Post Bed Single NeedleSewing machine
(162) Post Bed Single Needle underEdge Trimming
(163) Pounding or beating orironing machine or combination ofsuch machines
(164) Pre-lasting conditioner
(165) Preparing and polishingmachine
(166) Pulling Over and CementLasting machine
(167) Pulling Over Machine
(168) Punches for model room
(169) Punches of all varieties
(170) Punching and / or eyeletting machine
(171) PVR/TU/EVA direct injection soling machine (DIP construction)
(172) Quilting machine
(173) Raised Cord Sewing machine
(174) Reactivating Plant for Shoeand Soles
(175) Recessing and RoughingSoles machine
(176) Recessing Welt machine
(177) Rotary Collection Unit
(178) Rotary Pigment Coatingmachine
(179) Rotary Printing machine
(180) Rough Turn machine for lasts
(181) Roughing machine for PlasticBlocks
(182) Roughing machinery forupper or soles or insoles
(183) Rubber sole direct vulcanisingpress (DVP construction)
(184) Satra Plan and Knife search
(185) Scissors Cutting machine forplate
(186) Scouring and Blendingmachine
(187) Screwing machine
(188) Seam Ironing machine
(189) Sectioning machine
(190) Sewing machine CylinderBed
(191) Sewing Machine for RuffledWork and Genuine Mocassin
(192) Sewing Machine Zig Zag FlatBed
(193) Shank / Sole / Counterreducing machine
(194) Shank Rivetting machine
(195) Shears for cutting pattern
(196) Shears for Iron Bars
(197) Side Lasting machine
(198) Sidewall Roughing machine
(199) Skiving machine
(200) Slike Fastener Fatigue Tester
(201) Snap fasteners fixing machinewith or without dies therefor
(202) Sole / Heel / Seat Roughingmachine
(203) Sole Edge Recessing /Shapping machine
(204) Sole Levelling machine
(205) Sole Stamping / Embossingmachine
(206) Soling Material Abrasionmachine
(207) Spiral Cutting machine/Cutting Press
(208) Spray Booths
(209) Stamping machine for Upper /Lining / Socks
(210) Steam Toe Press
(211) Stich Marking machine
(212) Strap / Strip Cutting machine
(213) Strap Folding machine
(214) Stretching and drying machinewith or without conveyor and toggles
(215) String Lasting machine
(216) Strobel type stitching machine
(217) Studs Attaching machine
(218) Suit Case Stitching machine
(219) Tack heel seat lasting machine
(220) Tack Lasting machine
(221) Tack Side lasting machine
(222) Tanning and colouring drums
(223) Tapping and seam rubbingmachine
(224) Testing Equipments, namely :-Flexometer / Upper material flexingmachine, Tensometer / Lastometer,Permeometer / Upper leather waterproofness tester, Penetrometer / BottomLeather water penetration machine,Finish rub fastness tester, Upper leatherabrasion resistance machine, Domeplasticity apparatus, Finish fleatresistance tester, Adhesion of finishtester, Leather shrinkage temperaturedetermination apparatus, Wrinklometer,Bottom Leather grain crack tester,Electronic moisture meter, Dyeing andfumbling machine for laboratory, fibreboard flexing machine, State of cureapparatus, Ross Flexing machines,Soling materials abrasion machine,Heel fatigue tester, Heel impact tester,Centilever tensiometer, Viewing box forassessing visible damage, Slide fastenerfatigue tester, Insole backparts stiffnesstester, shoe flexing machine, Break /pipness scale, Sole Adhesion tester,Safety Footwear impact tester, Rapidtear tester, Needle holding jig, Shoelace adhesion machine
(225) Thermo cementing andfolding machine
(226) Toe Cap ApplicatorThermoplastic
(227) Top Lift Slugging machine
(228) Transfer Arm
(229) Trimming/milling machinewith or without polishing device
(230) Twin Needle, needle feedlockstitch sewing machine
(231) Twin Sole Attaching machine
(232) Two Needle Lock Stitchingmachine
(233) Unlasting machine
(234) Upper Cementing machine
(235) Upper Edge Inking machine
(236) Upper Embossing machine
(237) Upper Folding machine
(238) Upper Forming machine
(239) Upper Perforating machine
(240) Upper Reinforcing machine
(241) Upper Seam Rubbing /Beating machine
(242) Vaccum Drying machine
(243) Vaccum forming machine forlast with vaccum pump
(244) Vice for holding pattern
(245) Vision Lasting System forToe Lasting machine
(246) Vulcanizing Press
(247) Welt (Rand) Attachingmachine
(248) Aquamix for use in Tanningindustry
(249) Prodomix for use in Tanningindustry
(250) Microtan / Computan for usein Tanning industry
(251) Pneumatic press forengraving and marking
(252) Pneumatic staple gun forstapling insoles, heels and uppers
(253) Stapling machine for lows toupper on leather shoes
(254) Lighting assessment cabinet(for checking colour under differentlight conditions)
(255) CAD/CAM equipment forshoe desgining and patternengineering including software
(256) Bistep cutting machine
(257) Spiking machine
(258) Airhood with grinder
(259) Sock liner press
(260) Box folding machine
(261) Outsole plates
(262) Dust collector systems
(263) Shoe box making machine
(264) Splitting machine (fitted with electronic and computer devices,etc.)
(265) Moulds for footwear
(266) Colouring/painting machines for soles and heels
(267) High frequency welding/cutting machines for uppers and insoles
(268) Degreasing/ cleaning machine for polyurethane soles
(269) Strap fitting machine
(270) R P box strapping machine
(271) Dies for canvas shoes
(272) Dies for soles and straps for footwear

(List 34 has been substituted vide CUS NTF NO. 11/2005 DATE 01/03/2005)
List 35 (See S. No.283 of the Table)

(A) Wireless Apparatus andaccessories -

(1) HF, VHF, or UHF transreceiver(combination of transmitter andreceiver) meant for amateurfrequencies with accessories inassembled or kit form
(2) VHF/VHF or VHF/UHFRepeater (combination oftransmitter and receiver) meant foramateur frequencies withaccessories in assembled or kit form
(3) Transvertor for amateurfrequencies in assembled or kit form
(4) Grid Dip Oscillator, RadioFrequency Interference Filter, BalunTransformer, SWR bridge orreflectometer, Morse reader orNoise bridge
(5) Antenna with or withoutfeeders/Antenna rotators foramateur frequencies
(6) Digital Frequency counter (upto600 MHz) with accessories
(B) Parts -
(1) Transistors, diodes, integratedcircuits/ chips, thermionic valves orvaccum tubes
(2) Toroidal cores, quartz crystals,relays, rotatory switches, ferritebeads
(3) Variable condensers, air-dielectric type
(4) Precision capacitors (fixed type)value (s) between 1pF to 5000 pF
(5) Spare nicad cells or pack, asrequired or used with thermionicvalves or vaccum tubes or toroidalcores (in the case of hand heldtransreceiver)
(6) Slow motion tuning mechanismwith or without dials.
List 36(See S. No 359 of the Table)

(List 36 has been omitted vide CUS NTF NO. 26/2003 DATE 01/03/2003)
(Lists 37 to 40 has been omitted vide CUS NTF NO. 21/2010 DATE 27/02/2010)

[OLDList 37 (See S. No. 363 of the Table)

(1) Australia Antigen RIA kit
(2) Cardiac catheters with guidewires
[OLD (2) Cardiac catheters with guidewires; Coronary Stents and coronary stent systems for use with cardiac catheters]
(3) Clips for aneurysms and clipsapplying forceps in Neuro-Surgery
(4) Cardio vascular sutures,including sternum steel sutures
(5) Cardiovascular specialinstruments, namely:-
(i) Coronaryperfusion cannulae
(ii) Electrical orgas operated sternal cutter
(iii) Highpressure stop cocks and connectorsfor pressure recording
(iv) Vascularbull-dog clamps
(v) Vascularclamps
(vi) Vascular needle holders
(vii) Vascular scissors straight orangled
(viii) Vascular tissue forceps
(6) Compressed air breathingapparatus complete
(7) D.C. Defibrillators for internaluse and pace makers
(8) Laryngeal Mask / EndotrachealTube
(9) Haemodialysors
(10) Heart lung machine
(11) Heart valve prothesis includingvalve frames
(12) Nebulized humidifier
(13) Hydrocephalus shunts
(14) Hyper-baric oxygen chamber
(15) Fogarty and embolectomycatheters
(16) Implantable cardiacpacemakers
(17) Intra-arterial catheters andguidewires and material forintervention radiology
(18) Intra-cardiac patches
(19) Nebulizers (excludingultrasonic nebulizers and heatnebulizers)
(20) Omayya reservoirs forintraventicular investigation /therapy
(21) Operating sets forPercutaneous Nephrostomy andPercutaneous removal of kidneystones with continuous irrigationand suction with ultrasonicLithotrite, etc.
(22) Ostomy products (Appliances)for managing Colostomy,Illcostomy, Ureterostomy, IllealConduit Urostomy Stoma cases suchas bags, belts, adhesives seals ordiscs or rolls adhesive remover, skinbarriers micropore surgical tapes,bag closing clamps karaya sealspaste or powder, irrigation sets,plastic or rubber faceplates, flanges,male or female urinary incontinencysets, skin gels, in parts or sets
(23) Oxygenator
(24) Plastic disposable 3-wayconnectors
(25) Portable intermittent positive,pressure breathing apparatus
(26) Pulmoflator
(27) Respirators includingventimeters
(28) Sengstaken tubes
(29) Tracheostomy tubes
(30) Ventilator used withanaesthesia apparatus
(31) Vascular grafts
(32) Tracheostomy tube of plainPVC, Low pressure PVC, RedRubber Plain, and Red Rubbercuffed
(33) Various types of CardiacCatheters including balloon tipped,double Lumen and PTCA catheters,balloon dilatation catheters andEndomyocardial biopsy forceps
(34) Disposable and non-disposablecannula for aorta, vena cavae andsimilar veins and blood vessels andcannula for intra-corporal spaces
(35) Programmer for pacemaker
(36) Ancillaries for bloodcomponent therapy required for thetreatment of cancer, namely, Y typeblood solution recipient set,Transfer pack 1000 ml. and 300ml., disposable pherasis bowl 225ml. and 373 ml., wasting harnesswith bypass, and waste bags
(37) AIDS (Acquired ImmuneDeficiency Syndrome) test kits,Enhanced luminescene analysers forAIDS, Hepatitis and other Analyses
(38) Iridium wire
(39) Anti-HLA sera (AB-CDR)
(40) T.P.H.A. Kits and AIDSdiagnostic kits
(41) Gamma knife
(42) Bone Marrow TransplantEquipment including silastic longstanding intravenous catheters forChemotherapy
(43) Cell Separator
(44) Pressure Transducer andPressure Amplifier
(45) Cell Saver
(46) Craniotome (Pneumatic andElectric Equipment) and Drills
(47) Binocular Loupes
(48) Intra Aortic Balloon Pump
(49) Remote After Loading BrachyTherapy Equipment
(51) Dosimetry System
(52) Cell Saver Equipment
(53) Cell Washer
(54) Thawer Equipment for BloodWarming
(55) Mammography Unit
(56) O2Concentrator
(57) Ventricular Assist Device
(58) Pace Maker
(59) Activated Clot Time Machine
(60) Cobalt Therapy Unit
(61) Colour Doppler UltrasoundScanner
(62) SPECT Gamma Camera
(63) Deep Therapy Unit
(64) Cardiac and VascularAngiography System includingDigital substraction Angiography
(65) Pulse Oximeter
(66) Blood Gas Analyser (includingcartridges, if any), SodiumPotassium Analyser, Auto Analyserfor enzymes, drug levels and bio-chemical investigations, or acombination of two or more of theaforesaid
(67) Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator
(68) Intra Cranial PressureMonitoring Equipment
(69) Radio Therapy Simulator
(70) Treatment Planning System
(71) Angiography Contrast Agent
(72) Image Intensifier
(73) Magnetic Resonance ImagingSystem
(74) Surgical Laser
(75) Electro Hydraulic OperatingTable for Cardio Throacic andNeuro Surgery
(76) Implants for pain relief andbladder control
(77) Artificial electronics larynxinstruments
(78) Ventilators other than thoseused with anaesthesia
(79) Digital Video EEG System
(81) Small portable pumps used for giving slow infusion of anti-cancer drugs or thalassaemic drugs
(82) Fibre optic endoscopesincluding , Paediatric resectoscope /audit resectoscope, Peritoneoscopes,Arthoscope, Microlaryngoscope,Fibreoptic Flexible Nasal PharyngoBronchoscope, Fibreoptic FlexibleLaryngo Brochoscope , VideoLaryngo Brochoscope and VideoOesophago Gastroscope,Stroboscope, Fibreoptic FlexibleOesophago Gastroscope.
(83) Cardiac electrophysiology system, stimulator and Radio Frequency (RF) Generator
(84) Fully Implantable and programmable Infusion Pump
(85) Neuro Stimulation Systems for pain management
(86) Devices and accessories for beating heart surgery (Tissue stabilizer and heart positioner)
(87) Micro-Electrode Recording System for deep brain stimulation surgery
(88) Cardiac Ablation System including Radio frequency ablation system
(89) Ruthenium-106 Ophthalmic Applicator
(90) Neuro Stimulator and therapy controller for tremor control therapy
(91) Image Guidance System for neurosurgery (during operation)
(92) Helical/Spiral C.T. Scanner with or without Laser Camera (93) Centrifugal Pump for Extra Corporeal System
(94) Automated blood culture/bacteriological identification and susceptibility systems (including that for mycobacterium tuberculosis)
(95) Peripheral Stents (flexible bridge stents including iliac stent, renal stent, aortic stent)
(96) Activated Clotting time Cartridges
(97) Insulin Pump
(98) Intra Coronary Shunts
(99) Positron emission tomography (PET)
(100) PEC-CT combined
(101) Medical cyclotron
(102) Urine chemistry analyzer
(103) Radio frequency lesion generator (Neurogenerator) for stereotactic brain lesioning for functional neurosurgery
(104) Teletherapy (Radiotherapy) simulator machine
(105) Automated PCR analyzer system for detection and monitoring of HIV viral load (PCR Kits)
(106) Flow cytometer hematology analyzer for CD4 count
(107) I. V. Line Filters
(108) Multi-slice/EBT CT scan
(109) Leucocyte and platelets depletion filters for thalassaemia patients
(110) Rapid diagnostic kit for detecting infection with malarial parasite
(111) Linear accelerator

(in List 37 item (2) has been substituted vide CUS NTF NO. 28/2006 DATE 20/03/2006)

List 38 (See S. No. 367 of the Table)

Ophthalmic equipment, namely :-

(1) Ophthalmoscope-Direct/Indirect
(2) Ophthalmic/Xenon Arc
(3) Flurescein AngiographyEquipment including FundusCamera
(4) Ultrasonic Equipment (A scan/Pacchy meter)
(5) Microsurgical needles, cannulas,blades, trephine blades, membranepeelers, diathermy probes, vitreouscutters, atraumatic needles andsutures, intraocular scissors andforceps
(6) Tonometer (Schiotz/Applanation / Pneumo)
(7) Retinoscope streak/ spot
(8) Operating glasses (2X, 4X, 6X)/Binomag
(9) Gonioscope, 3 mirror lens,special lenses for laser delivery,special diagnostic lenses (14D, 20D,90D), Endo lens
(10) Sterilisers (high speed /ethylene)
(11) Specular microscope withmonitor and recorder
(12) Intraocular lenses/Keratoprosthesis / orbital implants
(13) Diathermy equipment
(14) Synoptophore
(15) Silicone Sponges/ rubber /bands, for Retinal DetachmentSurgery
(16) Vitrectomy equipment
(17) Phaco-emulsification system
(18) Visual field recordingequipment
(19) Ocular electro physiologicaltesting equipment[Electroretinography /Electroculography / Visually evokedresponse equipment (ERG/EOG andVER)]
(20) Keratometer / AutomaticKeratometer
(21) Prism bars
(22) Laser Interferometer
(23) Pacchymeter - optical /electronic
(24) Aspiration - irrigationequipment
(25) Automatic refractometer orlensometer / projection lensometeror a combination of the aforesaid
(26) Complete refraction unit withphoropter / projection - chart
(27) Ophthalmic hydraulic chair
(28) Low visual aids and sets(telescopic glasses)
(29) Colour vision testingequipment
(30) Photoelectric keratoscope andthermokeratoscope
(31) Pseudo-isochromatic chartbook / Ishiare
(32) Slit lamp biomicroscope /photo slit lamp
(33) Surgical operating zoommicroscope with closed circuit TVcamera
(34) Surgical operating microscopemanual
(35) Argon / krypton laser
(36) Yag laser, excimer laser or diode laser
(37) Ultrasonic bi-microscope
(38) Confocal microscope
(39) AB scan
(40) Corneal topographic machine
(41) Perimeter automated
(42) Non contact tonometer
(43) Nerve fibre layer analyzer
(44) Fundus fluorescein angiography machine (digital with videography)
(45) Optical coherence tomography machine
(46) Photo dynamic therapy-laser
(47) Transpupillary thermo therapy laser

List 39 (See S. No.368 of the Table)
ENT equipment, namely :-
(1) Otoscope
(2) Impedance Audiometer
(3) BERA (Brain Evoked ResponseAudiometry)
(4) Speech Audiometer
(5) Surgical Operating Microscope
(6) Fresnel’s glasses
(7) Magnifying Operating Glasses(Magnifying Loupes)
(8) Microsurgical instruments forall Ear surgeries
(9) Sialistic sheet used forTympanoplasty operations
(10) Sinoscopes 0 0 , 30 0 , 70 0 ,120 0 (2.6 mm and 4 mm diameter)
(11) Instruments for EndoscopicSinus Surgery
(12) CCD Camera, Monitor, VCRto fit with Sinoscopes
(13) Cochlear Implants andequipment for performing Cochlear
(14) Voice Prostheses
(15) Blom Singer Voice Prostheses
(16) Electronic Larynx
(17) Sigel’s Speculum
(18) Microlaryngeal instruments
(19) Video Processor
(20) Video Cassette Recorders usedalong with the Video Endoscope
(21) ENT Burrs
List 40 (See S. No. 369 of the Table)

(1) 12 (+/- 1) mm Laparoscope(Single incision)
(2) Falope Ring - applicator singleincision (for two rings) andprocedure instruction manual, kitcontaining guide and loader andcleaning brush
(3) 12 (+/- 1) mm Trocar (includingpiston type) with spare washers forsleeve and canulae and cleaningbrush
(4) Fibre Optic Light Cable
(5) Bulbs, fuse lamps, Adapter forFibre Optic LightCable/Laparoscope
(6) Carbondioxide (CO2) cylinderwith pneumoperitoneum apparatus
(7) Light Source
(8) Machine for Gas Insufflatorwith Gas Tubing SpareCarbondioxide (CO2) Hose Pipe anda Gauge
(9) Dual incision applicator Tworings
(10) Trocal and Cannula 6-8 mmwith valves gas stopcock
(11) Probe 34-37 cm
(12) Verres Needle (4”and 5 1 /2”)
(13) Minilight source withaccessories consisting of :-
(a) 6 volts rechargeable battery
(b) AC battery charger
(c) AC power supplier 220 volts
(d) Inter-connection assembly
(e) Convertor
(14) Falope Rings
(15) 6-8 mm Laparoscope (doublepuncture)
(16) Scissors 34-37 cm
(17) Suction Cannula 34-37 cm
(A) Item Nos.(6), (7) and (8) maybe imported separately or incombinations as dual controlassembly.
(B) Item Nos. (1) and (2) may beseparate or in combination, when incombination, it is calledLaparocator.]
List 41 (See S. No. 370 of the Table)

(1) Braille writers and braillewriting instruments
(2) Hand writing equipment BrailleFrames, Slates, Writing Guides,Script Writing Guides, Styli, BrailleErasers
(3) Canes, Electronic aids like theSonic Guide
(4) Optical, Environmental Sensors
(5) Arithmetic aids like the TaylorFrame (arithmetic and algebratypes), Cubarythm, Speaking orBraille calculator
(6) Geometrical aids like combinedGraph and MathematicalDemonstration Board, BrailleProtractors, Scales, Compasses andSpar Wheels
(7) Electronic measuringequipment, such as calipers,micrometers, comparators, gauges,gauge blocks Levels, Rules, Rulersand Yardsticks
(8) Drafting, Drawing aids, tactiledisplays
(9) Specially adapted clocks andwatches
(B) (1) Orthopaedic appliancesfalling under heading No.90.21 ofthe First Schedule
(2) Wheel chairs falling underheading No. 87.13 of the FirstSchedule
(C) Artificial electronic larynx andspares thereof
(D) Artificial electronic ear (Cochlear implant)

    (1) Talking books (in the form of cassettes, discs or other sound reproductions) and large-print books, braille embossers, talking calculators, talking thermometers

    (2) Equipment for the mechanical or the computerized production of braille and recorded material such as braille computer terminals and displays, electronic braille, transfer and pressing machines and stereo typing machines

    (3) Braille paper for the production of braille books

    (4) All tangible appliances including articles, instruments, apparatus, specially designed for use by the blind

    (5) Aids for improving mobility of the blind such as electronic orientation and obstacle detection appliance and white canes

    (6) Technical aids for education, rehabilitation, vocational training and employment of the blind such as braille typewriters, braille watches, teaching and learning aids, games and other instruments and vocational aids specifically adapted for use of the blind

    (7) Assistive listening devices, audiometers

    (8) External catheters, special jelly cushions to prevent bed sores, stair lift, urine collection bags

    (9) Instruments and implants for severely physically handicapped patients and joints replacement and spinal instruments and implants including bone cement

List 42 (See S. No. 400 of the Table)

(List 42 has been omitted vide CUS NTF NO. 26/2003 DATE 01/03/2003)
List 43 (See S. No. 401 of the Table)

1. Tarapur Atomic Power Plants –3 and 4 (Maharashtra)-1000 MW
2. Kudankulam (Tamil Nadu)-2000 MW
3. Kaiga-3 and 4 (Karnataka)-440 MW
4. Rajasthan Atomic Power Project- Units 5 and 6 (Rawatbhata) - 440 MW, Units -7 and 8 (Rawatbhata) of 1400MWe
[OLD4. Rajasthan Atomic Power Project- Units 5 and 6 (Rawatbhata) - 440 MW]
5. Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor (Kalpakkam) –500 MW.
6. Kakrapar Atomic Power Project-Units 3 and 4 (Kakrapar) of 1400 MWe.

(In List 43 item (4) has been substituted & item (6) has been inserted vide CUS NTF NO. 03/2010 DATE 13/01/2010

List 44 (See S. No. 424 of the Table)

1. 765 KV Transformers;
2. 765 KV Reactor;
3. 765 KV Circuit Breaker;
4. 765 KV Isolators;
5. 765 KV Current Transformer;
6. 765 KV Capacity Voltage Transformer;
7. 765 KV Surge Arrestors;
8. INVAR/ACSS Conductor for high temperature application;
9. 765 KV Polymer Long Rod Insulators [OLDPolymer Long Rod Insulators];
10. Emergency Restoration System (ERS) for extra-high voltage transmission Line;
11. Overhead Optical Ground Wire (OPGW), including hardware and accessories such as Vibration Damper, Joint Box, Suspension and tenslon clamps;
12. High Voltage DC Divider and CT;
13. High Voltage DC Reactor;
14. High TRV Circuit Breaker for High Voltage DC application;
15. Protective Spark Gap and Damping Equipment for Thyristor Controlled SeriesCompensator (TCSC)/ Fixed Series Compensator (FSC);
16. Thyristor Controlled Series Compensator (TCSC)/ Fixed Series Compensator (FSC) MOV for Series Compensation;
17. Optical Current Transformer;
18. 400 KV Extra High Voltage Cables;
19. Gas Insulated Switchgear equipment for 220 KV and above;
20. Thermo Vision Camera;
21. On-line Puncture insulator detector;
22. Hot line Kits and Tools for transmission line live maintenance;
23. Hot line washing equipment for insulators.(In List 44 item 9 has been substituted vide CUS NTF NO. 21/2008 DATE 01/03/2008)

List 45 (See S.No.425 of the Table)

Textile machinery for man-made fibre and yarn industry:-
(1) Machinery for continuous polymerization plant:

(a) Polymerizing equipment, including esterification reactor, vapor separator, pre-polymerization reactor, polymerization reactor, static mixers, polymer pumps and automatic chipping system; pre-polyester pumps, spray condensers, probe assemblies, vacuum pumps, vacuum equipment such as ejectors, jacketed valves and jacketed control valves, pre-poly filters, mechanical seals and cooling system of polymerization reactors
(b) Slurry and additive preparation system, such as high shear agitators, mill feed pumps, filters and injection systems for additive and slurry pumps

(c) HTM (Heat Transfer Medium) and heating system; HTM pumps
(d) PTA conveying system, including container unloading platform and rotary feeders;
(e) Polymer transfer line equipment, including polymer coolers and jacketed polymer pumps; tandem drives on-line master batch and additive injection system
(f) Solid state polymerization equipment, including pre-crystalliser, crystalliser and rotary feeders;
(g) Process control equipment, including viscosity measuring equipment (Viscometer) and, Distributed control system;
(h) Atomic absorption spectrometer, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer;
(i) Extraction tower with accessories like centrifugal dehydrator and blower;
(j) Chip conveying system and accessories like blowers, filters and rotary and screw feeders;
(k) Solid State polymerization system including blowers and nitrogen plant;
(l) Crushing and melting system for caprolactum;
(m) V.K. Tube;
(n) Screw Feeder;
(o) Centrifugal dehydrator;
(p) Drying Tower;
(q) Circulating Blower;
(r) Fuel Oil Bowler;

(2) Machinery for synthetic fibre plant
(a) Spinning equipment, including manifold spinning beams, pre-heating ovens and finish applicators;
(b) Polymer transfer line, including extruder, color blender and continuous polymer filter (CPF); polymer valves
(c) Draw-off equipment, including take-up equipment, thread cutters and aspirators, spin defect detectors, draw off unit, tow guide equipment, lace-up or suction gun and tow suction unit; traversing unit
(d) Draw line (Fibre line), including creel, tow guide stand, draw frames, drawing bath, heat set calender/thermosetting/annealer unit, tow assembler, draw-off unit, tensiometer roll, steam box, crimping machine, spray box, tow guide system, cable dryer, tow cutter and grinding machine and tow cutter reels;
(e) Hydraulic baling press, strapping machine, dock levelers and automatic bale handling equipment;
(f) Process control equipment, including precision anemometer, thermo-hygrograph, aspiration psychrometer, ultrasonic cleaning unit, spinneret inspection system, infrared pyrometer, optical temperature measuring instrument; pack cleaning equipment with hydrolysis and vacuum pryolysism and pack press
(g) Textile laboratory equipment for fibre testing, including favimat, fafegraph HR, coring machine, stereo microscope, crimper tester, fibre shrinkage tester, refractometer, conductivity meter;
(3) Machinery for synthetic filament yarn plant
(a) Spinning equipment, including manifold, spinning beams and pre-heating ovens;
(b) Polymer transfer line, including extruder, color blender and continuous polymer filter (CPF);
(c) Take-up equipment, including take-up frames, oil application unit, godet rollers, yarn guides, thread cutters and aspirators, lace-up/suction gun, take-up and draw winders;
(d) Packing and automation equipment, including automatic doffers, automatic bobbin storage and handling system;
(e) Draw texturising machine, including creel, intermingling jets, ceramic guides, doffers;
(f) Textile laboratory equipment for yarn testing, including automatic tensile tester, projection microscope, denier skein reel, entanglement tester, denier auto count, dynafil, uster tester, online finish checking instrument.
(4) Other capital goods for synthetic fibre/yarn industry:
(a) Spin draw winding machine;
(b) Spindles;
(c) Yarn guides;
(d) PSM Rings;
(e) Ballon Control Rings;
(f) Travellers;
(g) Extruders;
(h) Extruder barrel;
(i) Online filamentation detector;
(5) Machinery for Regular/HWM Viscose Staple Fibre Plant:
(a) Sintered Filter Media;
(Corrected vide CORRIGENDUM DATE 03/05/2005)
(b) Automatic High Speed centrifugal separator;
(c) Fibre production lines;
(d) Fibre Cutter;
(e) Fibre Dryer;
(f) Pneumatic Fiber Fidders;
(g) Baling Press;
(h) Plate Heat exchanger;
(i) Graphite heat exchanger;
(j) Neno filtration plant;
(6) Machinery for Lyocell Fiber Plant:
(a) High viscosity handling equipment including pulper;
(b) Reactor for cellulose dissolution;
(c) Thin film evaporator with accessories;
(d) Spinning module;
(e) Air quenching systems and associated control systems;
(f) Fiber washing and treatment machines;
(g) Baling Press;
(7) Process and quality control equipment for artificial man-made cellulosic fibre/yarn industry:
(a) Robotic Fiber sampler;
(b) Spectrophotometers for fiber color evaluation;
(c) Automatic absorption spectrophotometer;
(d) X-ray phloroscence spectrometer;
(e) Automated oil pick up analyzer;
(f) Automated titrator;
(g) Textile laboratory equipment for testing of fiber properties such as denier, tenacity, elongaton, spinning fault, UV value and microscope with fibre imaging system;
(10) Machinery for Viscose Rayon Filament Yarn/ Rayon Tyre Yarn:
(a) Twin rolls press;
(b) Ageing Drum Hopper;
(c) Blowers and Fans for Alkali Cellulose Transport system;
(d) Slorry Pumps including VFDs;
(e) Automatic Pulp handling system;
(f) Simplex/Churn;
(g) Plate and Frame Filter Press;
(h) Viscose Pumps (Gear/Screw Pumps including VFDs);
(i) Evaporator;
(j) Heat Exchager- Hastalloy Plate and Frame Type;
(k) Crystallizer;
(l) Vacuum System - Ejectors, Boosters, Vacuum Pump and Vacuum Filter;
(m) Auto bagging and weighing system;
(n) Sand Filters;
(o) Centrifugal Pumps including VFDs;
(p) Pot Spinning Machine;
(q) Spinning Pots and Pot Motors;
(r) Metering Gear Pumps for Viscose;
(s) Automatic cake wrapping system;
(t) Air Splicer for Knotting Yarn;
(u) Automation for Cone Weighing and Cone Doffing;
(v) Auto Cone Packing and Palletizing;
(w) Environment Monitoring like Gas Monitors for Carbon-di-Sulfide (CS2), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Sulfur Dioxide (SO2);
(x) BOD and COD Monitors;
(y) Textile Laboratory Equipment for Yarn testing namely, Universal Computerised automatic Tensile Tester and Denier Tester;
(z) Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometer.

(11) Other machinery for man made fibre and yarn industry:

    (i) Pulp slurry with automatic slurry control systems
    (ii) Alkali Cellulose Cooler-Fluidized with automatic temperature control
    (iii) Press Lye Filter
    (iv) Xanthator with automation
    (v) Rough and Fine Grinders for Viscose
    (vi) Viscose Filters
    (vii) Viscose deaerators
    (viii) Color slurry injection pumps
    (ix) Slurry homogeniser system
    (x) After treatment line for washing fibre, conveying of fibre and chemical treatment
    (xi) After treatment chemicals filtration system
    (xii) Pneumatic fibre squeezing system
    (xiii) Wet fibre opener
    (xiv) Dry fibre opener
    (xv) Online fibre contamination and removal system
    (xvi) Automatic bale handling system
    (xvii) Bale inspection system
    (xviii) Automatic candle filters for spin bath filtration
    (xix) Dry condensing system for low pressure vapour removal in evaporators, crystallisers and viscose deaerators
    (xx) Low temperature multi effect distillation (LT-MED) system and mechanical vapour compression for effluent treatment by water desalination process

    (xxi) Electrical protecting devices and relays falling under tariff item 8536 49 00
    (xxii) Flame proof motors falling under tariff item 8536 90 90
    (xxiii) Process monitoring and control equipment falling under tariff item 8538 10 10
    (xxiv) Distributed control system falling under tariff item 8537 10 10
    (xxv) Precision gear pumps for highly viscous polymers
    (xxvi) Hydraulic screen changing type continuous filters for viscous polymers
    (xxvii) Static mixers for high viscosity polymers
    (xxviii) High pressure stainless steel micro spinnerettes (less than 80 micron hole size) for high viscosity polymers

    (xxix) High efficiency fibre dryer for Iyocell fibres
    (xxx) High capacity fibre openers suited for Iyocell fibres
    (xxxi) Solvent purification system including ion exchange and membrane based systems falling under tariff item 8445 19 30

    (xxxii) Energy efficient multi staged evaporators/distillation columns for solvent recovery falling under tariff item 8445 19 30

    (xxxiii) Open end spinning machine
    (xxxiv) Autoconer
    (xxxv) Uster Tensorapid
    (xxxvi) Positive rapier loom
    (xxxvii) Jacquard

List 46 (See S. No. 426 of the Table)

(A) Sewing machines with in-built motors, falling under tariff item 8452 29 00
(B) Machinery for garment sector, namely:-
    (1) Garment sand blasting or brushing machine;
    (2) Hook and bar machine;
    (3) Hydro-extractor machine;
    (4) Garment washing machine falling under tariff item 8450 20 00;
    (5) Waistband attaching machine;
    (6) Label or tag inserting machine;
    (7) Profile cutting machine
    (8) End cutter with cloth press track;
    (9) Collar point trimmer/gear knotcher machine;
    (10) Laser colour fading/marking/drawing machine;
    (11) Laser operated colour spraying machine for garments;
    (12) Needle detector machine;
    (13) Fusing machine;
    (14) Fabric laying machine;
    (15) Computerised cutting machine

(C) Machinery for manufacture of technical textiles, namely:-
    (1) Precision coating heads
    (2) Turret winder and unwinders
    (3) Coating equipment for scrim fabrics
    (4) Multi-colour roto gravure printing machine for coated fabrics
    (5) Printing equipment for sineage for coated or laminated fabrics
    (6) Grommet fixing machine
    (7) Ultra sonic, hot air and wedge RF/laser polymetric sealing machine
    (8) Weatherometer
    (9) Automatic thickness gauze
    (10) Puncture resistance
    (11) Twisting Machines
    (12) Material Handling system for Twisting Machines
    (13) Data capture system for Twisting Machines
    (14) Balancing Equipment for Cable Corder Spindle Motors
    (15) Shuttle-less looms
    (16) Reeds for weaving machines
    (17) Warp defects detection system
    (18) Parts for Airjet weaving machines
    (19) Parts for projectile weaving machines
    (20) Parts for Rapier weaving machines
    (21) Warp knotting system
    (22) Take up system for weaving machine
    (23) Creels for weaving machines
    (24) Package change system for creels
    (25) Process control equipment namely, Tension meters, On-line denier checking system, On-line twist checking system, On-line EDS monitoring system, Filamentation detector, Fluff Detector, Automatic Fabric Inspection System, Tacho-meters
    (26) Storage and Transport systems namely, Automated fabric transport system and Automated fabric packing system
    (27) Finishing Machines namely, Dipping Machine for Tyre Cord/industrial Fabrics, Coating Machines, Dipping Machine for beting duck, Stenter for Technical Textiles, Embossing Rollers, Parts and Accessories for Dip and coating units, Hydraulic Control for Accumulator, Dynamic Braking for Pull Rolls System, De-webber system, Burners with Controllers
    (28) Testing equipment, namely, Tensile Tester, Thermal Shrinkage Tester, Twist Tester, Fatigue Tester

(D) Woollen machinery items, namely:-
    (1) Automatic Hopper Feeder
    (2) Greasy Wool Opener
    (3) Tow-to-Top Converter
    (4) Automatic/Semi-Automatic Pump Press
    (5) Ring frame with 50 mm Ring or below PLC/Computer controlled
    (6) PLC/ Computer Controller Assembly Winding machine
    (7) PLC/ Computer controlled Two- for Twister/Three-for-one Twister
    (8) Twisting /covering machine for Lycra Yarn
    (9) Automatic cleaning machine for Heald, Reeds and drop wires.
    (10) Electric/ Electronic/ motorized beam trolley with Harness lifting arrangement.
    (11) Open Width scouring machine/Rope scouring machine
    (12) Damping unit for fabric conditioning
    (13) Automatic Weft straightener
    (14) Shearing machine
    (15) Continuous crabbing machine
    (16) Wollen ring frame
    (17) Fibre/Yarn/Fabric testing equipment namely, Fineness meter, Evenness Tester, Light Fastness Tester, Strength Tester, Length Measurement Tester, Crease Recovery Tester, Projection Microscope, Pilling and Abrasion Tester, Colour Comparator for instant observation of matched shades, Yarn friction and Hairiness meter and Seam Slippage Tester.
    (18) Rag tearing machine
    (19) Fibre opening and blending machine
    (20) Self Acting spinning frame
    (21) Raising machine

(E) Machinery for use with shuttleless looms, namely, electronic dobby and jacquard.
(F) Machinery for manufacture of denim fabrics, namely:-
    (1) Sand blasting or brushing machine
    (2) Washing machine falling under tariff item 8450 20 00

(G) Machinery for manufacture of non-wovens textiles, namely:-
    (1) Complete production lines for the production of following non-wovens, up to rolled goods preparation and packing, namely:
      (a) Needle punched non-wovens
      (b) Chemically bonded non-wovens
      (c) Thermally bonded non-wovens
      (d) Stitch bond non-wovens
      (e) Spun laced (hydro entangled) non-wovens
      (f) Spun bonded non-wovens
      (g) Melt blown non-wovens
      (h) Spun bond melt blown (SMS) non-wovens

    (2) Machinery for finishing of all non-wovens
    (3) Machinery for converting non-wovens into made-ups

(H) Other machinery for use in textiles industry, namely:-
    (1)Spandex/elastane yarn attachment on ring frame for manufacturing core spun yarn
    (2) Single end warping machine
    (3) Single end sizing machine
    (4) Reaching-in machine
    (5) Humidification plant

List 47 ( See S.No.439 of the Table)

1. Scramblers
2. Descramblers
3. Encoders
4. Decoders
5. Jammers
6. Network firewalls
7. Network sniffers, scanners and monitoring systems
8. Probes for data monitoring
9. SMS and MMS monitoring systems

List 48 (See S.No. 504 of the Table)

(List 48 has been omitted vide CUS NTF NO. 20/2007 DATE 01/03/2007)

List 49 (See S.No 499 of the Table)

(List 49 has been omitted vide CUS NTF NO. 11/2006 DATE 01/03/2006)

(List 48 & 49 has been inserted vide CUS NTF NO. 11/2005 DATE 01/03/2005)

List 50 (See Sr.No.509 of the Table)

1. Breadcrumbs

2. Batter

3. Flavouring Oil

4. Food Colours

5. Monosodium Glutamate

6. Flavouring extracts, and sauces

7. Pre-formed HIPS Containers

8. Polyurethane and Polystyrene containers meeting buyers’ requirements

9. Printed Plastic Pouches for Packing buyers brand

10. Food grade Phosphates

11. Food tenderizers

12. Food enzymes

13. Food marinates
14. Starch (Wheat/non-wheat)/Pre-gelatinized Starch
15. Sucrose
16. Sodium Chloride
17. Seasoning Salts/acids such as sodium carbonate, potassium hydrogen tartrate
18. Oleoresins/spice extract
19. Natural Edible gum
20. Anti-oxidants, BHT/EDTA/Sod, or Pot.Metabisulphite
21. Soya protein
22. Citric Acid
23. Sorbitol
24. Seasoning Oil
25. Gel Ice (for air freighting chilled fish)
26. Fats/Hydrogenated oils
27. Milk Protein
28. Reducing Sugars, such as lactose
29. Lecithin (emulsifier)
30. Glucose
31. Pre-formed Crystallised Polyethylene Terephthalate (CPET) containers
32. Ascorbic Acid
33. Sodium Citrate
34. Acid Sodium Carbonate (Sodium bicarbonate)
35. Sodium Sulfite
36. Active Oxygen

(In list 50 S.Nos. 14 to 36 has been inserted vide CUS NTF NO. 42/2006 DATE 05/05/2006)

(List 50 has been inserted vide CUS NTF NO. 47/2005 DATE 17/05/2005)

[F.No 334/1/2002-TRU]

Joint Secretary to the Government of India

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