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Customs Notification, Circulars Exemption Notification(2001-2002) Custom Ntf No. 17/2001 - List Dated 01-03-2001
List 10 (see S.No.213 of the Table)

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  • 1. All types of Refinery Process Units including distillation CDU, VDU, Condensate Fractionator), thermalcracking Delayed Coker, Visbreaker, Flexicoker), catalytic cracking FCC, Hydrocracker), lube processing Deasphalting, Dewaxing, Solvent Extraction), hydro-desulphurisation/hydrotreating Naphtha, Diesel, VGO,ARDS, LC Fining, H. Oil), alkylation, isomerisation, catalytic reforming, treating Merox, Amine), recovery Propylene, Ethylene, Butane), synthesis MTBE, TAME), gas concentration plant, bitumen blowing, sour waterstripping, extraction Pentane, Hexane, BTX).

    2. All types of Hydrogen Generation, Recovery and Purification Plants, Sulphur Recovery Plants including TailGas Treatment Units, with associated components and equipments, including reactors like shift, Claus,hydrotreater, CBA, desulphurizer), furnaces, steam reformers, waste heat boilers, condensers, Pressure SwingAdsorption PSA) systems, incinerators, vessels, boilers, pumps, compressors, drivers, alongwith associatedinstrumentation & control systems and auxiliaries skidded or otherwise).

    3. All types of Utility Systems, including Nitrogen Systems comprising of generation, storage and vaporizationplants, Flare Systems comprising of flare tips, stacks, seal drums, knockout drums and pumps, RefrigerationSystems comprising of compressors, refrigerant storage and heat exchangers, Emergency Power Systemscomprising of generators, UPS and batteries, with component equipments and all systems auxiliaries,instrumentation & control systems.

    4. All types of Process Subsystems, including Continuous Catalyst Regeneration Systems for Reformer, RecoveryPlus Systems for Reformer, Power Recovery Train Systems for FCC, Feed Nozzles for FCC, Vapour RecoverySystems, Cryogenic Systems for LPG either supplied separately or as a whole, with component equipments,drivers, instrumentation & control systems, and auxiliaries.

    5. All types of Water Handling & Treatment Systems, including sea water intake systems comprising of sea waterband screens, Desilting systems for still basin, Sea Water filtration/Chlorination Systems, Desalination plants,Cooling Water Towers, Demineralization plants, Condensate Polishing Systems, Deaerators and Potable WaterSystems, and all component equipments, vessels, pumps, vapourisers, condensers, filters, eductors, heatexchangers, drivers, screens, framing structures, gates, instrumentation & control systems, activated carbons, ionexchange resins, resin traps, additive injection systems and auxiliaries skidded or otherwise)

    6. All types of Effluent Solids/Liquids/Gaseous Processing, Handling, Control, Abatement and Disposal Systems,including plate interceptors, dissolved air floatation devices, skimmers, hydrocyclones, clarifiers, chemical dosingsystems, acid treatment and biological treatment systems, Spent Caustic Neutralisation Systems and SewageFiltration/Treatment Systems, with component equipments, instrumentation & control systems.

    7. All types of Air Handling Systems and Equipments, including plant/instrument air compressors, FD/ID fans,blowers, dehumidifiers, pneumatic systems, mixers, dryers, intake filters, vents, silencers, cyclones, stacks,manifolds, ducts, with drivers, auxiliary seal/lube/control oil systems, instrumentation & control systems.

    8. All types of Fired Heaters and Boilers, with radiant coils and sections, transfer line assemblies, convection coilsand sections, cross over/jump over pipes, fittings, tube sheets, tube supports, refractory materials, structural steelsupports, casings, stacks, dampers, soot blowers, ducting systems, gas/oil/dual burner assemblies, burner tiles,waste heat boilers WHB), steam generators, economizers, air/fuel preheat systems, FD/ID fans, fuel gas/oil skids,and including LPG vaporizers, steam superheaters, heat recovery steam generators, electric heaters, FCC flue gascoolers, steam reformers, CO boilers, circulating fluidised bed boiler, auxiliary boilers, process interheaters,thermal reactors, thermal incinerators, coke feeders, limestone feeders, ESP/baghouse filters, alongwith associatedinstrumentation & control systems, including burner lighting, flame detection and burner management systems.

    9. All types of Compressors, including axial, centrifugal, diaphragm, reciprocating, rotary screw and sliding vanetype compressors, for gas, air, hydrocarbon and all special services including FCC Power Recovery Trains PRT),LPG vapour return blowers, with drivers of motor or steam turbine or expansion turbine or engine or gas turbine orhydraulic turbine types, speed governor systems, seal/lube/control oil systems skidded or otherwise), gearassembly, bearings, barring gears, clutch, couplings, intercoolers, after coolers, suction filters, instrumentation &control systems including vibration monitoring anti surge control, inlet guide vane control, sequencer control,control panel and machine condition monitoring systems.

    10. All types of Heat Exchangers, including shell and tube, double pipe, kettle, plate welded plate, high pressure breech lock), Armstrong and brazed types, with plain or fin or High Flux or U tubes for cooling intercooling,trim cooling, chilling, condensing, crystallizing, heating, vaporizing or reboiling services, with tubes, tubesheets, head assemblies, shells, flanges, bolts and nuts, gaskets, baffles, tie rods, instrumentation and controlsystems.

    11. All types of Air Cooled Exchangers, for cooling, intercooling, trim cooling, chilling and condensingservices, with plain/finned tubes, of carbon steel, admiralty brass, alloy steel, stainless steel, monel or titaniumor other materials, with fans, fan drivers, structural steel support frameworks, instrumentation and controlsystems, anti vibration systems.

    12. All types of Agitators and Mixers, including static, jet, dilution types, motor drivers, aeration systems, withinstrumentation and control systems.

    13. All types of Filters, Screens and Strainers, including backwash, bucket, carbon, cartridge, duplex, pressure/ mechanical, rotary, drum, sand, sock/bag, vaccum types, and special FCC net bottoms catalyst filters, screens,strainers, demisters and sea water clarifiers, with instrumentation and control systems.

    14. All types of Vaccum Producing Equipments, including ejectors, educators, venturies, with instrumentationand control systems.

    15. All types of Materials Separation systems, including cyclones, centrifuges, coalescers, dust collectors,electrostatic precipitators, oily water separators, flocculators, and specialized systems of Crude Oil Desalters,Reactor Cyclones and Regenrator Cyclones for FCC, third Stage Separators and Fourth Stage CycloneSeparators for FCC, with vessel internals, grids, distributors, supports, instrumentation and control systems.

    16. All types of Materials Transporting Equipments, including loading and unloading arms and racks, gantries,dispatch tanks, loading / transfer pumps, hydraulic systems, weigh bridges, Diesel shunters, feed or injection orspray nozzles, skimmers, soot blowers, with instrumentation and control systems, including load cells andmetering stations.

    17. All types of Electrical Equipments including switchyard equipments, transmitters, relays, solar powersystems, including solar panels, batteries and charger, phase shift monitors, motor or steam turbine generators,protection relays for generators, auxiliary seal/lube/control oil systems, actuators, annunciators, lighting masts,lighting fittings, panels, batteries and battery chargers, bus ducts, all types of cables includingpower/instrument/compensating/fibre optic/coaxial/control cables, cable joints, capacitors, distribution boards,fittings, substations, grounding/neutral resistors, heat tracing systems including insulation, microprocessor basedprocess controllers, local control stations, motor control centres, power control centres, HT/LT motors, shockeliminators, HT/LT switch gears, transducers, HT/LT transformers, UPS and variable speed drivers over currentprotection devices, instrumentation and control systems including load distribution and management systemsand auxiliaries, skidded or otherwise).

    18. All types of Materials Handling Equipments including belt or pneumatic conveyors, ducts, hoists, bucket orjib cranes, with or without gangways), pipe and hoses, funnels, hoppers, disengaging lock hoppers, catalystaddition pots, valves and sampler devices, bagging, weighing and bag stitching systems, weigh bridges, buoysystems for crude oil receipt, pipeline and manifolds with valves, fenders, mooring aids, laser docking systems,product tanker loading facilities, with associated equipments, instrumentation and control systems, andauxiliaries.

    19. All types of coke handling and storage equipments, including coke crushers, coke cutting systems, cokedrum unheading devices, coke drum switching systems, coke conveyors, stackers and reclaimers, silos/hoppers,dust abatement systems, belt weighers, Sulfur Handling and Storage Equipments and Sulphur Granulation orFlaking or Prilling Systems with associated equipments, instrumentation and control systems and auxiliaries.

    20. All types of Product Filling Systems, including LPG bottles filling machines and bitumen drum fillingmachines, and associated equipments, instrumentation and control systems and auxiliaries.

    21. All types of injections and Dosing Packages, for Injection or metering or dosing of chemicals, additives,inhibitors, odourisers, oxygen scavengers, blocides, chlorine, polymers, caustic, acids, emulsifiers, antifoams orantifoulants, with their component equipments, like drums, tanks, pumps, instrumentation and control systems,auxiliaries skidded or otherwise).

    22. All types of Pumps, including API or non-API, centrifugal , diaphragm, in-line, jockey, vertical, booster,barrel, gear, Sundyne, screw, ram, reciprocating or submersible types, single stage or multistage types, forpetroleum crude or intermediate products or petroleum products and byproducts, water including sea water andboiler feed water, chemicals, slops or sludge services, liquid booster for LPG cryogenic), with motor or steamturbine or hydraulic turbine or diesel engine drivers, and instrumentation and control systems, auxiliaries,including seals flushes, gear boxes, water cooling harnesses and lube oil consoles.

    23. All types of Tanks and Storages, including plate materials, flanges, fasteners, nozzles, fittings and othercomponents for assembly/construction/erection at site, and instrumentations, including relief, breather, and rimvent values, nitrogen blanketing systems, roof drain pipings, rim seals, flame arrestors and automatic tankgauging systems, for oil, hydrocarbon petroleum crude, products, byproducts, intermediate and blendcomponents), water, chemicals, slops, sludge storage in either cone, fixed, floating, dome or internal floatingroof configurations, solids storage in silos, bins or hoppers and LPG/propylene/ethylene/propane/butane storagein spheres, bullets or cryogenic tanks, and instrumentation and control systems.

    24. All types of Columns, either supplied separately or together, comprising of grids, screens, distributors,nozzles and their supports/fasteners and accessories, for services like absorption, desorption, stripping,fractionation, distillation, splitting, stabilization, extraction, washing or scrubbing services, and columninternals comprising of trays either bubble, jet, multi downcorner MD), sieve or valve trays, or either randomor structured type packings, and their appurtenances, instrumentation and auxiliaries.

    25. All types of Vessels and Drums, either supplied separately or together, comprising of shells, heads,internals, grids, screens, demisters, coalescers, boots, distributors, packing and their supports/fasteners andaccessories, for storage, separation, reaction, mixing, decoking, degassing, flashing, draining, blow down,desuperheating, drying, sealing, receiving, surge and interface controlling services, and their appurtenances,instrumentation, insulation and auxiliaries.

    26. All types of Reactors, either supplied separately or together, comprising of shells, heads, catalysts, supportmaterials, grids, screens, demisters, coalescers, distributors, packings and supports/fasteners and accessories, forcarrying out cracking FCC Reactor and Spent Catalyst Stripper), coking Coke Drums), visbreaking,hydrotreating, hydro desulphurization, hydrocracking, catalytic reforming Platformer), shift, sulphur Claus),adsorption CBA, PSA), oxidizing, treating Merox), regenerating FCC Regenerator/Combustor),desulphurising reactions, spray and mixing nozzles and their appurtenances, instrumentation and auxiliaries.

    27. All types of Instrumentations, including various types of level/pressure/density/temperature/flowinstruments, detectors, level/pressure/draft/temperature gauges, capacitance/level/limit, proximity switches,transmitters, annunciators, controllers, converters, transducers, temperature sensor assemblies, load cells, orificeassemblies, rotameters, pitot tubes, venturies, meter runs, control/metering panels,pneumatic/motorised/hydraulic/piston actuators, recorders, solenoid operated valves, transmitters,thermocouples, temperature elements, sight glasses, amplifiers, annubars, barriers / isolators, all types of flowmeters, custody transfer meters, meter provers, density meters,electromechanical/magnetic/nuclear/radar/ultrasonic level indicators, weighing and bagging systems and testequipments for testing and calibration of above instruments.

    28. All types of Transmitters and Monitors, including electronic transmitters for measurement of level,pressure, flow speed, temperature and weight, and monitoring systems for ambient air, fugitive emissions,pipelines, speed, stack emissions and vibration.

    29. All types of Control Equipments, including ball/butterfly/gate/globe/needle/plug/bellow sealed type controlvalves, shutdown valves, self actuating, solenoid, on/off, fast acting quarter turn, pressure regulating, breatherand pressure/vaccum relief valves, pilot operated safety valves, and valves for specialised services, such ascatalyst addition systems and lock hopper control systems.

    30. All types of Control Hardware and Software Systems, including Distributed Control Systems DCS),Emergency Shutdown Systems ESD), Programmable Logic Controllers PLC), Security and Access Systems,Terminal Automation Systems, Advanced Process Control APC) Systems with Real Time Optimizer RTO),Supervisory Control and Date Acquisition SCADA) Systems, and Refinery Information Management System RIMS) with operator panels, computers, date loggers, interfaces, relay cabinets, engineering controls, largedisplay screens, microwave transmission and receiver equipments, logic multipoint recorder/multiplexers, andtheir hardware and software.

    31. All types of Fire and Gas Detection Systems, consisting of LEL/fire/smoke/UV/gas/IR/toxic detectors,panels, cables, weather protection housing, junction boxes, detector cards, cabinets, calibration equipments,beacons and lights, and their hardware, and software.

    32. All types of Pipes, Tubes and Hoses, including cladded, coated, lined, made of carbon steel, lowtemperature carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, GRP, copper, aluminium HDPE, PP, fibre glass, monelincolloy, titanium or any other materials, and other in seamless or welded construction, for all applicationsfields joint coating materials, with instrumentation and control systems like pipeline surge relief systems,auxiliaries, painting and insulation.

    33. All types of Pipe Fittings, including elbows, connectors, tees, pipe fabrication accessories, spargers,nozzles, plugs, packing glands, rings, flanges, gaskets, supports, pads, manifolds, siphons, shock absorbers,struts, fasteners, mitre/long radius/short radius bends, sockolets, weldolets, spray nozzles, graylock fittings,swagelock/compression fittings, insulating kits, special steam traps, liquid float traps, bellows, flexible hoses,couplings, vent silencers, and speciality items like Teflon sliders, standpipe expansion joints, springsupports/hangers, scraper tees, pipeline and manifolds with valves, cleaning/scraping/monitoring pigs, piglauncher, pig receiver and pig detection system, cathodic protection system with sacrificial anodes and CPmonitoring system, with instrumentation and auxiliaries.

    34. All types of valves, including ball, butterfly, check, diaphragm, gate, double disc or knife gate,, globebellow sealed globe, jacketed, plug, through conduit type valves, with manual/gear/motor/hydraulicoperations, for oil, water, steam, hydrocarbon, chemical, cryogenic, subsea, nitrogen blanketing and thermicfluid services, and specialised services valves, like FCC butterfly valves, Cooker switch valves, standpipe slidevalves, flue gas divertor valves, pressure reducing station systems, pipeleine and manifolds and riser tie-inmanifolds.

    35. All types of Gaskets and fasteners, including anchor/foundation/structural bolts, flanges, studs, nuts,washers, and metallic/soft/spiral wound gaskets and O-rings.

    36. all types of Structural Steels, Materials and Plates including carbon steel/LT carbon steel/alloysteel/stainless steel plates, bars, rolled sections, tubular sections, HYSD bars, dampers, prefabricated tresties,pipe bridges with pre-installed pipes, loading platforms, steel A frames, blast proof doors, steel tubulars,seamless and welded, special steel piles, dolphins, low, medium and high strength steel, fasteners, and specialapplication refractory/copalite/sulphide resistant quick setting cements.

    37. All types of ferrous or non-ferrous pre-fabricated/semi-fabricated, Plant Structures, including pipe racks,supporting frames, trestles, pipe bridges with pipes pre-installed and pre-insulated.

    38. All types of Analyzers, either on-line or off line, for measurement of H2S, Oxygen, NOX, SOX, CO2, CO,hydrocarbon, dew point, density, conductivity, pH, combustible gases, oil in water, vapour pressure, silica,sodium, distillation, flash point, moisture, viscosity and smoke point, and analyzer sampling systems/cubicles,analyzer houses with sample conditioning systems, sample probes/sensors, tubings, HAVC systems, calibrationgases cylinders and Drager tubes.

    39. All types of Laboratory Equipments, including sampling, quality control and analytical equipments fortesting and measurement of various petroleum crude/products/by products quality parameters, and includingsample collection equipments, gas/ion chromatograph, CFR engines for octane and cetana number, pulse NMR,spectrophotometers of different types, distillation equipment systems, analyzer management systems andlaboratory information management systems, with instrumentation, auxiliaries, hardware and software.

    40. All types of Safety and Fire Fighting Equipments, for safety of personnel and plant and machinery includingfire suits, fire monitors, Q.B. bulbs, spray nozzles, ambient air monitors, heat and flame resistant clothings,portable extinguishers, deluge skid systems, explosimeters, rupture discs, fire fighting systems, fire tenders,foam systems with foam storage and monitor, transport and booms, snorkels, sprinkler systems, breathing airapparatus, fire proofing materials for passive fire protection of steel structures and oil spill protection booms,with auxiliaries.

    41. All types of Communication Equipments, including cables, bone mikes, frequency synthesizers,meteorological instruments, microwave transmission and receiving equipments, public address systems,intrinsically safe walkie-talkies, UHF/VHF multi-channel communication systems, radio telemetry systems,withremote telemetry units, portable units and PC based master telemetry units and antenna systems.

    42. Initial charge of all types of catalysts, deslocants, zeolites, activated carbons, clay molecular sleves, used inrefining and processing of petroleum crude, petroleum products and by-products.

    43. Software Support Systems, including training simulation systems, electronic documentation systems, CADstations, date tapes, operation/maintenance/safety manuals, scanners, plotters, printers, software includinglicenses, specifications, drawings, technical literature, and their hardware and software.

    44. Special Maintenance Systems, including hydro-jetting tools, pneumatic torque wrenches, EOT/mobilecranes, hoists, grinders, high pressure cleaning systems, induction bending machines, auto welding machines,various welding equipments like girth welding, vertical flux cord, bottom saw, four-side edge preparation, anglerolls, rolling and levelling machines, sky climbers, hot tapping machines, bolt tensioners, high pressure testpumps, tube bundles pullers, tube nippers, ultrasonic leak detectors, machine condition monitoring systems andassociated sub-assemblies, vibration analysers and computerized alignments systems.

    45. Sub-assemblies, tools, accessories, protective coating/paint materials, stores, spares, materials, supplies,consumables for running, repairing or maintenance of the goods specified in this List.


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