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Customs Notification, Circulars Exemption Notification(2001-2002) Notification No.17 / 2001-Customs, Dt.01-03-2001
List 25 (See S. No. 309 of the Table)

(A) Wireless Apparatus andaccessories -
(1) HF, VHF, or UHF transreceiver(combination of transmitter andreceiver) meant for amateurfrequencies with accessories inassembled or kit form
(2) VHF/VHF or VHF/UHFRepeater (combination oftransmitter and receiver) meant foramateur frequencies withaccessories in assembled or kit form
(3) Transvertor for amateurfrequencies in assembled or kitform
(4) Grid Dip Oscillator, RadioFrequency Interference Filter,Balun Transformer, SWR bridge orreflectometer, Morse reader orNoise bridge
(5) Antenna with or withoutfeeders/Antenna rotators foramateur frequencies
(6) Digital Frequency counter (upto600 MHz) with accessories

(B) Parts -
(1) Transistors, diodes, integratedcircuits/ chips, thermionic valves orvaccum tubes
(2) Toroidal cores, quartz crystals,relays, rotatory switches, ferritebeads
(3) Variable condensers, air-dielectrictype
(4) Precision capacitors (fixed type)value (s) between 1pF to 5000 pF
(5) Spare nicad cells or pack, asrequired or used with thermionicvalves or vaccum tubes or toroidalcores (in the case of hand heldtransreceiver)
(6) Slow motion tuning mechanismwith or without dials.

List 26 (See S. No. 326 of the Table)

(1) Chlorine
(2) Helium
(3) Silicon tetra chloride
(4) Germanium tetra chloride
(5) Phosphorous oxychloride
(6) Sulphur hexa flouride oxygen
(7) Oligo-poly iso cyanate ethyl-acetatesolution
(8) Colouring ink for fibre
(9) Binder of polyurethane or vinylchloride-vinyl acetate copolymer
(10) UV resin-1/ UV resin-2
(11) Nylon-12 granules / chips forsheath / loose tube
(12) Coloured nylon-12
(13) Elongated polyethylene tape
(14) Polyester tape
(15) Nylon thread
(16) Polyethylene cord
(17) Biaxilly oriented nylon tape
(18) Silica tube / rod, other thanpreform

List 27 (See S. No. 326 of the Table)

(1) E-glass yarn / roving for FRP
(2) UV resin for FRP
(3) Complex high molecularweight resin in acrylate solution forFRP
(4) Acrylated monomers
(5) Photoinitiater
(6) Tert butyl perbenzoate
(7) Zinc soap of long fatty acidmixture
(8) Modified polypropylene
(9) Ethylene acrylic acid (EAA)

LIST 27A (SEE S. NO. 337 A of the table)

(1) UV/Visible spectrophotometer, either with PDA and/or kinetics measurement and low bandwidth,
(2) Preparative chromatographic system,
(3) Chiral columns and other HPLC columns for specific applications,
(4) X-ray diffraction equipment,
(5) Capillary electrophoresis,
(6) Robotic sample processing system,
(7) Particle size analysers, laser diffraction, lights scattering and photo correlation spectroscopy types,
(8) Atomic absorption spectrophotometer,
(9) Tensiometer,
(10) Moisture balance,
(11) Elemental analyzer,
(12) High Precision Auto titrator,
(13) TOC Analyzer,
(14) Ion Chromatograph,
(15) Spectrofluorimeter/Luminescence meter,
(16) Parenteral particle counting system,
(17) Particle shape analyzer,
(18) FT-NIR Spectrophotometer,
(19) FT-Raman Spectrophotometer,
(20) Spectropolarimeter,
(21) Adsorption gas apparatus,
(22) Freezing point apparatus,
(23) Hot stage microscope,
(24) Osmometer,
(25) Porosity analyzer,
(26) Sample preparation instrument,
(27) Automated sampling devises,
(28) Surface area analyzer,
(29) Multiple organic synthesizer,
(30) Focussed Microwave oven for organic synthesis,
(31) Immersion cooling probe for 100 îC
(32) High pressure hydrogenator,
(33) Gas generators,
(34) Automated dissolution test apparatus, including robotics,
(35) Stability chambers conforming to ICH guidelines,
(36) Rotational visco meter and Rheometer,
(37) Assembly for lontophoresis studies,
(38) Ultra filteration equipment,
(39) Diffusion cell apparatus,
(40) Densitometer,
(41) Sustained release apparatus,
(42) Suppository testing devise,
(43) Zeta potential analyzer,
(44) Ultracentrifuge,
(45) Inverted microscope with fluorescence microscopy and photographic attachments,
(46) Transilluminator,
(47) Moodular protein electrophoresis apparatus (1D/2D),
(48) Nucleic acid sequencer,
(49) Imaging densitometer,
(50) Fast-protein Liquid Chromatography,
(51) U.V. Crosslinker,
(52) Probe Sonicator,
(53) Scintillation counters (y and B),
(54) CO2 incubator,
(55) Incubator shakedr for bacterial culture,
(56) Polymerase chain reaction machine,
(57) Cell harvestor,
(58) Speed Vac,
(59) Hybridizing oven,
(60) Protein sequencer,
(61) Confocal microscope,
(62) Capillary alectrophoresis,
(63) Electroporator,
(64) Scanning electron microscope,
(65) Amino acid analyzer,
(66) Peptide synthesizer,
(67) Phosphor imager,
(68) Fluorescence activated cell sorter,
(69) ELISA reader,
(70) Fermenter,
(71) Spray drier,
(72) Protein purification set up,
(73) Stimulator,
(74) Two channel organ bath (with two channel recorder accessories) (a) Isotonic transducer (b) Isometric transducer (c) Pressure transducer,
(75) Plethymsometer,
(76) Blood pressure monitor,
(77) Blood pressure manual scanner,
(78) Auto analyzer,
(79) Biofuge,
(80) Passive avoidance apparatus with controller,
(81) Auto stainer,
(82) Microtome,
(83) Cell harvestor,
(84) Tissue embedding machine,
(85) 4 channel auto track system,
(86) Blood cell counter,
(87) Blood flow meter,
(88) Stereo toxic microscope,
(89) Microdialysis (pull-push counter),
(90) Radiotelemetric monitoring system,
(91) High speed refrigerated research centrifuge,
(92) pH meter (3 decimal reading),
(93) Microscope phase contrast,
(94) Microscope polarizing,
(95) Vacuum rotary evaporators with digital display and control, different sizes,
(96) Freeze drier (Lyophilizer),
(97) Precision pipetting devises,
(98) Refrigerated bath,
(99) Low temperature circulatory bath (-33îC),
(100) Magnetic stirrer with precision temperature control and digital display,
(101) Thermostatic blocks (Dry bath) with or without magnetic stirring facility.

(List 27A has been inserted vide Cus Ntf No.10/2002 Date 21/01/2002)


List 28 (See S. No. 340 of the Table)

(1) Calorimeter for semen analysis
(2) Phase contrast microscope
(3) Photometer for semen analysis
(4) Ovucheck pregnancy detectingkit
(5) Freeze drier
(6) Tuberculin syringe
(7) Programmed biological freezer
(8) Automatic semen analyser
(9) Semen straws (French mediumand mini)
(10) Sheath for French mini straws
(11) Cryo containers above 60litres capacity
(12) Liquid nitrogen tankers above500 litre capacity

List 29 (See S. No. 348 of the Table)

(1) Australia Antigen RIA kit
(2) Cardiac catheters withguidewires
(3) Clips for aneurysms and clipsapplying forceps in Neuro-Surgery
(4) Cardio vascular sutures,including sternum steel sutures
(5) Cardiovascular specialinstruments, namely:-

    (i) Coronaryperfusion cannulae
    (ii) Electrical orgas operated sternal cutter
    (iii) Highpressure stop cocks and connectorsfor pressure recording
    (iv) Vascularbull-dog clamps
    (v) Vascularclamps
    (vi) Vascular needle holders
    (vii) Vascular scissors straight orangled
    (viii) Vascular tissue forceps

(6) Compressed air breathingapparatus complete
(7) D.C. Defibrillators for internaluse and pace makers
(8) Laryngeal Mask / EndotrachealTube
(9) Haemodialysors
(10) Heart lung machine
(11) Heart valve prothesis includingvalve frames
(12) Nebulized humidifier
(13) Hydrocephalus shunts
(14) Hyper-baric oxygen chamber
(15) Fogarty and embolectomycatheters
(16) Implantable cardiacpacemakers
(17) Intra-arterial catheters andguidewires and material forintervention radiology
(18) Intra-cardiac patches
(19) Nebulizers (excludingultrasonic nebulizers and heatnebulizers)
(20) Omayya reservoirs forintraventicular investigation /therapy
(21) Operating sets forPercutaneous Nephrostomy andPercutaneous removal of kidneystones with continuous irrigationand suction with ultrasonicLithotrite, etc.
(22) Ostomy products
(Appliances)for managing Colostomy,Illcostomy, Ureterostomy, IllealConduit Urostomy Stoma casessuch as bags, belts, adhesives sealsor discs or rolls adhesive remover,skin barriers micropore surgicaltapes, bag closing clamps karayaseals paste or powder, irrigationsets, plastic or rubber faceplates,flanges, male or female urinaryincontinency sets, skin gels, in partsor sets
(23) Oxygenator
(24) Plastic disposable 3-wayconnectors
(25) Portable intermittent positive,pressure breathing apparatus
(26) Pulmoflator
(27) Respirators includingventimeters
(28) Sengstaken tubes
(29) Tracheostomy tubes
(30) Ventilator used withanaesthesia apparatus115
(31) Vascular grafts
(32) Tracheostomy tube of plainPVC, Low pressure PVC, RedRubber Plain, and Red Rubbercuffed
(33) Various types of CardiacCatheters including balloon tipped,double Lumen and PTCA catheters,balloon dilatation catheters andEndomyocardial biopsy forceps
(34) Disposable and non-disposablecannula for aorta, vena cavae andsimilar veins and blood vessels andcannula for intra-corporal spaces
(35) Programmer for pacemaker
(36) Ancillaries for bloodcomponent therapy required for thetreatment of cancer, namely, Y typeblood solution recipient set,Transfer pack 1000 ml. and 300ml., disposable pherasis bowl 225ml. and 373 ml., wasting harnesswith bypass, and waste bags
(37) AIDS
(Acquired ImmuneDeficiency Syndrome) test kits,Enhanced luminescene analysersfor AIDS, Hepatitis and otherAnalyses
(38) Iridium wire
(39) Anti-HLA sera (AB-CDR)
(40) T.P.H.A. Kits and AIDSdiagnostic kits
(41) Gamma knife
(42) Bone Marrow TransplantEquipment including silastic longstanding intravenous catheters forChemotherapy
(43) Cell Separator
(44) Pressure Transducer andPressure Amplifier
(45) Cell Saver
(46) Continuous AmbulatoryPeritoneal Dialysis Fluid
(47) Craniotome (Pneumatic andElectric Equipment) and Drills
(48) Binocular Loupes
(49) Intra Aortic Balloon Pump
(50) Remote After Loading BrachyTherapy Equipment
(51) Dosimetry System
(52) Cell Saver Equipment
(53) Cell Washer
(54) Thawer Equipment for BloodWarming
(55) Mammography Unit
(56) O2 Concentrator
(57) Ventricular Assist Device
(58) Pace Maker
(59) Activated Clot Time Machine
(60) Cobalt Therapy Unit
(61) Colour Doppler UltrasoundScanner
(62) SPECT Gamma Camera
(63) Deep Therapy Unit
(64) Cardiac and VascularAngiography System includingDigital substraction Angiography
(65) Pulse Oximeter
(66) Blood Gas Analyser
(includingcartridges, if any), SodiumPotassium Analyser, Auto Analyserfor enzymes, drug levels and bio-chemicalinvestigations, or acombination of two or more of theaforesaid
(67) Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator
(68) Intra Cranial PressureMonitoring Equipment
(69) Radio Therapy Simulator
(70) Treatment Planning System
(71) Angiography Contrast Agent
(72) Image Intensifier
(73) Magnetic Resonance ImagingSystem
(74) Surgical Laser
(75) Electro Hydraulic OperatingTable for Cardio Throacic andNeuro Surgery
(76) Implants for pain relief andbladder control
(77) Artificial electronics larynxinstruments
(78) Ventilators other than thoseused with anaesthesia
(79) Digital Video EEG System
(80) Instruments and implants forseverely physically handicappedpatients and joints replacement andspinal instruments and implantsincluding bone cement
(81) Small portable pumps used forgiving slow infusion of anti-cancerdrugs or thalassaemic drugs
(82) Fibre optic endoscopes, Fibreoptic Colonoscopeincluding , Paediatric resectoscope /audit resectoscope,Peritoneoscopes, Arthoscope,Microlaryngoscope, FibreopticFlexible Nasal PharyngoBronchoscope, Fibreoptic FlexibleLaryngo Brochoscope , VideoLaryngo Brochoscope and VideoOesophago Gastroscope,Stroboscope, Fibreoptic FlexibleOesophago Gastroscope.

(In Sl.No.82 bold words has been added vide Cus Cir No. 76/2001 Date 7/12/2001.)


List 30 (See S. No. 351 of the Table)

Ophthalmic equipment, namely :-
(1) Ophthalmoscope-Direct/Indirect
(2) Ophthalmic/Xenon Arc
(3) Flurescein AngiographyEquipment including FundusCamera
(4) Ultrasonic Equipment
(A scan/Pacchy meter)
(5) Microsurgical needles, cannulas,blades, trephine blades, membranepeelers, diathermy probes, vitreouscutters, atraumatic needles andsutures, intraocular scissors andforceps
(6) Tonometer (Schiotz/Applanation / Pneumo)
(7) Retinoscope streak/ spot
(8) Operating glasses (2X, 4X, 6X)/Binomag
(9) Gonioscope, 3 mirror lens,special lenses for laser delivery,special diagnostic lenses (14D,20D, 90D), Endo lens
(10) Sterilisers (high speed /ethylene)
(11) Specular microscope withmonitor and recorder
(12) Intraocular lenses/Keratoprosthesis / orbital implants
(13) Diathermy equipment
(14) Synoptophore
(15) Silicone Sponges/ rubber /bands, for Retinal DetachmentSurgery
(16) Vitrectomy equipment
(17) Phaco-emulsification system
(18) Visual field recordingequipment
(19) Ocular electro physiologicaltesting equipment[Electroretinography /Electroculography / Visuallyevoked response equipment(ERG/EOG and VER)]
(20) Keratometer / AutomaticKeratometer
(21) Prism bars
(22) Laser Interferometer
(23) Pacchymeter - optical /electronic
(24) Aspiration - irrigationequipment
(25) Automatic refractometer orlensometer / projection lensometeror a combination of the aforesaid
(26) Complete refraction unit withphoropter / projection - chart
(27) Ophthalmic hydraulic chair
(28) Low visual aids and sets(telescopic glasses)
(29) Colour vision testingequipment
(30) Photoelectric keratoscope andthermokeratoscope
(31) Pseudo-isochromatic chartbook / Ishiare
(32) Slit lamp biomicroscope /photo slit lamp
(33) Surgical operating zoommicroscope with closed circuit TVcamera
(34) Surgical operating microscopemanual
(35) Argon / krypton laser
(36) Yag laser, excimer laser ordiode laser

List 31 (See S. No. 352 of the Table)

ENT equipment, namely :-
(1) Otoscope
(2) Impedance Audiometer
(3) BERA (Brain Evoked ResponseAudiometry)
(4) Speech Audiometer
(5) Surgical Operating Microscope
(6) Fresnel’s glasses
(7) Magnifying Operating Glasses(Magnifying Loupes)
(8) Microsurgical instruments forall Ear surgeries
(9) Sialistic sheet used forTympanoplasty operations
(10) Sinoscopes 0o, 30o, 70o, 120o(2.6 mm and 4 mm diameter)
(11) Instruments for EndoscopicSinus Surgery
(12) CCD Camera, Monitor, VCRto fit with Sinoscopes
(13) Cochlear Implants andequipment for performing Cochlear
(14) Voice Prostheses
(15) Blom Singer Voice Prostheses
(16) Electronic Larynx
(17) Sigel’s Speculum
(18) Microlaryngeal instruments
(19) Video Processor
(20) Video Cassette Recorders usedalong with the Video Endoscope
(21) ENT Burrs

List 32 (See S. No. 353 of the Table)

(1) 12 (+/- 1) mm Laparoscope
(Single incision)
(2) Falope Ring - applicator singleincision (for two rings) andprocedure instruction manual, kitcontaining guide and loader andcleaning brush
(3) 12 (+/- 1) mm Trocar (includingpiston type) with spare washers forsleeve and canulae and cleaningbrush
(4) Fibre Optic Light Cable
(5) Bulbs, fuse lamps, Adapter forFibre Optic LightCable/Laparoscope
(6) Carbondioxide (CO2 ) cylinderwith pneumoperitoneum apparatus
(7) Light Source
(8) Machine for Gas Insufflatorwith Gas Tubing SpareCarbondioxide (CO2 ) Hose Pipe anda Gauge
(9) Dual incision applicator Tworings
(10) Trocal and Cannula 6-8 mmwith valves gas stopcock
(11) Probe 34-37 cm
(12) Verres Needle (4” and 51/2 ”)
(13) Minilight source withaccessories consisting of :-
(a) 6 volts rechargeable battery
(b) AC battery charger
(c) AC power supplier 220 volts
(d) Inter-connection assembly
(e) Convertor

(14) Falope Rings
(15) 6-8 mm Laparoscope (doublepuncture)
(16) Scissors 34-37 cm
(17) Suction Cannula 34-37 cmNotes:-
(A) Item Nos.(6), (7) and (8) maybe imported separately or incombinations as dual controlassembly.
(B) Item Nos. (1) and (2) may beseparate or in combination, when incombination, it is calledLaparocator.

List 33 (See S. No. 354 of the Table)
(1) Braille writers and braille writing instruments
(2) Hand writing equipment Braille Frames, Slates, Writing Guides, Script Writing Guides, Styli, Braille Erasers
(3) Canes, Electronic aids like the Sonic Guide
(4) Optical, Environmental Sensors
(5) Arithmetic aids like the Taylor Frame (arithmetic and algebra types), Cubarythm, Speaking or Braille calculator
(6) Geometrical aids like combined Graph and Mathematical Demonstration Board, Braille Protractors, Scales, Compasses and Spar Wheels
(7) Electronic measuring equipment, such as calipers, micrometers, comparators, gauges, gauge blocks Levels, Rules, Rulers and Yardsticks
(8) Drafting, Drawing aids, tactile displays
(9) Specially adapted clocks and watches

(1) Orthopaedic appliances falling under heading No.90.21 of the First Schedule
(2) Wheel chairs falling under heading No. 87.13 of the First Schedule
Artificial electronic larynx and spares thereof
Artificial electronic ear (Cochlear implant)
List 34 (See S. No. 369 of the Table)

Thermal Projects :

1. Kahalgaon Stage II-1500 MW
2. North Karanpura STPP– 2000 MW
3. Barh STPP-2000 MW
4. Cheyyur-1500 MW
5. Hirma-3960 MW
6. Krishnapattanam-1500 MW
7. Pipavav-2000 MW
8. Maithon-1000 MW
9. Anta-1300 MW
10. Kawas-1300 MW
11. Auraiya-1300 MW
12. Gandhar-1300 MW
13. Cuddalore-1000 MW
14. Narmada-1000 MW

Hydel Projects :

1. Koel-Karo (Jharkhand )-710 MW
2. Teesta-V (Sikkim)-510 MW
3. Koldam (Himachal Pradesh)– 800 MW
4. Parvati (Himachal Pradesh)-800 MW

List 35 (See S. No. 370 of the Table)

1. Tarapur Atomic Power Plants –3 and 4 (Maharashtra)-1000 MW
2. Kudankulam (Tamil Nadu)-2000 MW
3. Kaiga-3 and 4 (Karnataka)-440 MW

LIST 36( See S.No 69A of the Table)

1. 120 MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant at Basin Bridge, Chennai, of Tamil Nadu Electricity Board;

2. 20 MW Power Plant of Ms Nagarjuna Electric Generating Company at Patancheru, Medak District, Andhra Pradesh ;

3. 515 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant at Hazira, Gujarat of Ms Essar Power Limited;

4. 167 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant at Vadodara of Ms Gujarat Industries Power Corporation Limited ;

5. 48 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant at Sancoale village, Mormugao District, Goa, of Ms Reliance Salgaoncar Company Limited;

6. 220 MW Barge Mounted Power Plant at Mangalore of Ms Tanir Bavi Power Company Private Limited, Bangalore;

7. 165 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant at Eloor, District Ernakulam, Kerala of Ms BSES Kerala Power Limited

(List 36 has bee inserted vide Cus Ntf No.12/2002 date 30/01/2002)

(T. R. Rustagi)
Joint Secretary to the Government of India

F.No.334/ 1 /2001-TRU



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