Eximkey - India Export Import Policy 2004 2013 Exim Policy

Customs Notification No.16/2000 (I)-Customs, dated the 1st March, 2000

·  Notification

·  Table

·  Annexture

·  List 1 to 9

·  List 10 to 34


                       List 10 (See S. No. 207 of the Table)



(1) Hot mix plant batch type with electronic controls and bag type filter arrangements 

    more than 120 T/hour capacity 

(2) Electronic paver finisher (with sensor device) for laying bituminous pavement 7 m 

    size and above 

(3) Slip form / fixed form paverfinisher for laying concrete pavement 

(4) Surface dressing equipment (self propelled) (chips spreader) 

(5) Slurry seal machine for filling up cracks in roads 

(6) Kerb laying machine 

(7) Mobile bridge inspection unit 

(8) Mechanical broom with blower 

(9) Toll collection and traffic control equipment 

(10) Electronic Total station instrument for topographic survey 

(11) Global Positioning System (GPS) Instrument 

(12) Stone crushing (cone type) plants 

(13) Concrete Batching plants 50 cum / hr or more 

(14) Hydraulically operated self propelled piling rig with accessories 

(15) Hydraulically operated rough terrain self propelled 100 tons crane with telescopic boom 

(16) Hydraulically operated self propelled soil boring equipment with casing pipes for 

     deep earth anchore 

(17) Mobile concrete pump placer of 90/120 CU.M/HR capacity 

(18) Automatic asphalt extraction equipment 

(19) Fully automatic, hydraulically operated, pre cast segment moulds 

(20) Hydraulic gantry crane of 100 tonnes capacity for launching truss 

(21) Skid steer loaders


                               LIST 11 (See S. No. 209 of the Table)



  I. Kitchen Equipment:


(1) Dough Kneading Machine

(2) Dough Dividing Machine

(3) Electric Egg Boiler

(4) Band Saw Machine for cutting Meat - Fish Bones etc.

(5) Meat cutting slicing Machine / mincing and grinding machines (capacity 300 kg per hour)

(6) Meat tenderising machine

(7) Silver burnishing and polishing machine - small and large table ware

(8) Commercial heavy duty can opener ( motorised )

(9) Smoker

(10) Salad dryer

(11) Vertical chopper

(12) Ice flakers

(13) Waffle Irons

(14) Bread buttering machine

(15) Vertical cutter and mixer

(16) Cold beverage dispenser as manufactured by jet spray

(17) Planetary mixer - heavy duty

(18) Dough sheeter and cutter

(19) Sandwich unit

(20) Butter portioning machine

(21) Automatic glass washing machine

(22) Chinese range with steamers

(23) Vaccum packing machine

(24) Glass dispenser

(25) Vegetable preparation and washing machine

(26) Conveyor table

(27) Bread - Slicing Machine 

(28) Roll - in - Refrigeration (Absorption type) or Mini Bars

(29) Baking ovens - gas fired

(30) Ice cubes machines over 1000 lbs. capacity

(31) Potato peelers

(32) Potato chipper

(33) Coffee machine

(34) Dish washing machine

(35) Glass washing machine

(36) Luckon hot plate

(37) Plate dispenser

(38) Toaster - Conveyor type

(39) Tilting frying table / pans

(40) Tilting boiling pan

(41) Croissant machine

(42) Deck oven, Pizza oven, Convection oven and Rotating ovens, for baking

(43) Microwave ovens

(44) Banquet Trolley( Refrigerated)

(45) Cocktail mixer / beverage mixer

(46) Juice dispenser

(47) Walk - in Coolers and Freezers

(48) Gas Ranges with ovens / flame failure device

(49) High pressure hot water cleaning jets

(50) Puree machines

(51) Deep fat frier with thermostatic control ( gas operated)

(52) Deep fat frier with thermostatic control ( electrically operated)

(53) Vegetable cutting / dicing machine 

(54) Energy saving steam cooker (double / quadruple type)

(55) Hamburger machine, pastry rollers and noodle makers

(56) Chocolate coating units

(57) Pastamatic machines

(58) Cold cut Slicer

(59) Sausage making machine

(60) Waste food disposal machine

(61) Flambe trolley

(62) Vegetable steam cooker

(63) Draught beer dispensing unit

(64)Chinese Banquet Silverware.

(65) Infra Grill

(66) Heavy duty salamander ( Gas / Electrical )

(67) Blast Freezer.


     II.Health Club Equipment:


(68) Rowing machine

(69) Orbital massagers

(70) Abdominal board

(71) Steam bath

(72) Jogomatic motorised treadmill

(73) Butter-fly machine

(74) Slendertone shinning equipment

(75) MSA Oxygen administrator complete with cylinder / face mask

(76) Power Jog machine.

III. Laundry Equipment:

(77) Dry cleaning presses

(78) Extractors - 65 lbs.

(79) Washer extractors ( more than 100 lbs.)

(80) Multi-purpose presses and utility presses

(81) Garment finisher

(82) Steam finishing boards

(83) Marking machines

(84) Water-spray gun and air vaccum system

(85) Vaccum unit

(86) Spotting Board

(87) Tumblers ( Hot oil operated / Steam heated) Dryer (Programmable)

(88) Flat work iron ( (Hot oil operated / Steam heated)

(89) Steam Cabinet unit

(90) Shirt Unit ( i.e. Sleeves, Body and Bossom Collar and Cut Press, etc.)

(91) Upholstry processing machines viz. , perfect pleet machine and curtain stretcher.

(92) Puff iron

(93) Lint Separator.


    IV. House Keeping Equipment:


(94) Industrial type vaccum cleaner

(95) Carpet shampooing machine

(96) Drying machine ( for carpets)

(97) Breathing apparatus for fire fighting

(98) Smoke / fire detectors & sprinkler systems

(99) Portable motorised deodoriser m/c.

(100) Fogging machine for fire fighting

(101) Papoosing machine

(102) Pile lifter

(103) Floor Polishing Machine, Floor Scrubbing Machines

(104) Insect and Pest Killers


        V. Energy Saving Devices:


(105) Tinted glass

(106) Centrifugal Heat Reclaim Machine

(107) Double Effect Absorption Machine for Air-conditioning


        VI. Miscellaneous Equipment:


(108) Locks and keys with emergency / construction keys and emergency Escape doors

(109) Gas Leak detector

(110) Digital temperature gauge

(111) 6600 Vol. 1100 volts high tension magger & insulation testing kit 

(112) Magnetic locking devices sliding folding partition

(113) Ultra high pressure washer with accessories for coil cleaning drain cleaning

(114) Garbage incinerator with heat recovery unit ( steam hot water) boiler with accessories

(115) Sterasyl water filter for drinking water - or equipment using silver iodide

(116) Submerged swimming pool cleaner ( with motor of extra low voltage 40 volts) unit 

      with accessories - complete set

(117) Fireman suit.

(118) Electronic liquid level indicator

(119) Hand Driers.

(120) Garbage compactizer

(121) Bottle Crusher

(122) Sauna Heaters and Saunas


        VII. Front Office Equipment:


(123) Electric locking system

(124) Key cutting machine

(125) Computerised electronic vaults


                              List 12 (See S. No. 213 of the Table)



(1) Telephonic or telegraphic apparatus of the following description:

    (a)switching apparatus for cellular mobile telephone service

    (b) base station controllers

(2) Radio communication equipment microwave communication equipment with following

    description, namely, base transceivers stations (BTS)

(3) Network management stations

(4) Cellular repeaters

(5) BTS ancillary equipment

(6) Computers for billing and 

(7) Voice mail service hardware

(8) Short message service hardware

(9) Automatic call distribution system

(10) Transcoders

(11) BSS test equipment including VHF, UHF and customer service


                               List 13 (See S. No. 214 of the Table)


(1) Paging control terminal

(2) Transmitter controller

(3) Paging transmitter

(4) Link transmitter / link repeater, monitor receiver

(5) Link receiver

(6) N+1 Arbitrators for the above, hot standby panel

(7) Combiners 

(8) Automatic monitoring system

(9) Network management & control system

(10) Integrated ACD / OAP system

(11) Isolators

(12) Cavity filters

(13) Multicouplers

(14) Directional power sensors

(15) Communication analysers 

(16) Radio communication test set up, spectrum analyser, field strength meter

(17) POCSAG or FLEX encoders

(18) Global positioning system

(19) Simul cast controller

(20) Automatic call distribution equipment / system


                               List 14 (See S. No. 215 of the Table)



(1) Satellite communication equipment (other than customer premises equipment)

(2) Network management system.


                               List 15 (See S. No. 216 the Table)



(1) Controllers -

 (a) Network controller; Master controller 

 (b) Line conditioner for controller 

 (c) Computer for Network Management and Control System, System Watch 

 (d) Process Controller Frame, shelves 

 (e) Network Interface Module 

 (f) Voice Tone Module


(2) Trunked Repeaters (multiple repeaters required for operations) -

 (a) Repeaters, 350/400/800 MHz. , 20- 100 Watts, 

 (b) Line Interface Module 

 (c) Repeater programming kit and cable 

 (d) Extender card, extender cable 

 (e) Re Module Packing kit 


(3) Antenna System equipment -

 (a) Tower top pre-amplifier 

 (b) (b) Bi-directional amplifier


(4) Voting Equipment -

 (a) Voter cable 

 (b) Audio Revert option kit 

 (c) Receiver decoder module 

 (d) SMC main site RDM 

 (e) Receiver Voter Module 

 (f) Remote Multiplexor Module, 

 (g) Voter Diagnostic Module 

 (h) RDM test cable 

 (i) Satellite Power supply 

 (j) Central Demix module 

 (k) Voter Shell assembly 


(5) Field Programming kit - 

 (a) Radio Interface Box (RIB), 

 (b) RIB to Repeater cable


(6) Test Equipment – 

 (a) Spectrum Analyser, 

 (b) Field Strength Meter, 

 (c) Global Positioning System, 

 (d) Communication Analyser, 

 (e) Power Meter


(7) Billing System - 

 (a) Computer system, 

 (b) Data loggers


                               List 16 (See S. No. 217 of the Table)



(1) Router 

(2) ATM Switch 

(3) Frame Relay Switch

(4) Ethernet switch/card

(5) Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) equipment


(Item (4) & (5) has been added vide Custom Notification No. 117/2000, dt.31-8-2000)


                               LIST 17 (See S. No. 219 and 220 of the Table)



(1) Singeing machine

(2) Yarn / Fabric mercerising machine

(3) Continuous bleaching plant

(4) Fabric reversing machine

(5) Fabric dyeing machine complete with dye kitchen & accessories

(6) Wet febric spreading and squeezing machine

(7) Relax drum / conveyer drying machine

 (I) Drying range

 (ii) Float dryers

 (iii) Loop dryers

 (iv) Drum dryers

 (v) Jet dryers

 (vi) Rapid dryers

(8) Compacting Machine

(9) HTHP Hosiery yarn dyeing machine complete with dye kitchen and accessories

(10) Soft package winders (dye package winders)

(11) Yarn drying machine

(12) Automatic dye weighing and dispensing machine

(13) Volumetric / Gravimetric measurement liquid chemical station

(14) Open width Tubular inspection machine 

(15) Lab dye preparation machine

(16) Fastness testing equipment

(17) Shrinkage testing equipment and Knitted fabrics

(18) Lab infra Red Drying Machine

(19) Indigo dyeing range with/without sizing plant

(20) Continuous weight reduction machinery through microwave technique

(21) Computer colour matching equipment

(22) High speed computer control padding mangle

(23) Effluent treatment unit with biopaq reactor, activated sludge process, activated 

     carbon, ultrafiltrations ozonisation facilities.

(24) Powder dot coating machine

(25) Laser engraver

(26) Kier decatising / continous decatising machine

(27) Combined contipress / decatising machine

(28) Effluent treatment unit with automatic sensing devices, automatic controlled 

     chemical dozing dissolved air floatation (DAF), reverse osmosis, sludge 

     dewatering, decanters, ultrafilters, vaccum filters to deliver water for reuse

(29) Pre-shrinking range for flat and Knitted goods

(30) Knit-tubular mercerising or bleaching-cum-mercerising machine

(31) Auto flame controlled, width controlled singeing machine for flat 

(32) Solvent scouring machine chainstitch machine

(33) Milling and scouring Machine

(34) Shearing and Polishing Machine

(35) Kier Decatising / Decatising Machine

(36) Combined Contripress / Decatising machine

(37) Blanket Fringing Machine

(38) Raising / Brushing Machine

(39) Hydraulic Flat Paper Press / Continuous Hydraulic Flat Paper Press / Rotary Press

(40) Circular Knitting Machine

(41)Industrial Sewing machine

(42)Single needle bed drop feed lockstitch machine

(43) Single needle lockstitch flat bed machine

(44) Single needle flat bed drop feed lockstitch machine with speed more than 3500 

     stitches per minute

(45) High speed twin needle feed lockstitch machine

(46) High speed two needle lockstitch machine

(47) Computerised multineedle lockstitch / chainstitch machine

(48) Single needle lockstitch machine with built in trimmer

(49) Blind stitch machine of various models

(50) Single needle drop feed

(51) Two needle chainstitch or lockstitch machine

(52) Chainstitch overedging machine

(53) Two or three needle chainstitch machine

(54) Two thread chainstitch for high speed seaming and banding operation with gear 

     driven pulled feed / compount feed of speed 3500 stitches per minute and above.

(55) Safety stitch machine.

(56) Fully fashioned high speed knitting machine.

(57) Power driven flat bed knitting machine

(58) Computerised flat bed knitting machine

(59) Power operated flat lock / overlock machine

(60) Linking machine

(61) Loop making machine

(62) Power driven socks knitting / gloves knitting machine.

(63) Whole garment making machine (knitted)

(64) Plain stitching machine with more than 3500 stitches per minute

(65) Computerised plain stitching machine with more than 3500 stitches per minute

(66) High speed needle feed two needle flat bed industrial sewing machine.

(67) Sewing machine zig-zag flat bed

(68) High speed multiple needle sewing machine

(69) Class feed of the arm industrial sewing machine.

(70) Button hole sewing machine 

(71) Button stitch sewing machine.

(72) Elastic inserting machine (on a variety of garments)

(73)Belt attaching machine 

(74) Zip attaching machine

(75) Bar tacking machine

(76) Hemstitch machine

(77) Smoking machine

(78) Computerised pattern maker / pattern grading / marker machine.

(79) Power driven cloth cutting machine.

(80) Band knife cutting machine

(81) Collar turning and blocking machine and cuff turning and blocking machine.

(82) Cuff press

(83) New automatic collar turning machine

(84) Automatic pocket weld sewing machine

(85) Pocket creasing machine

(86) Embroidery machine with 10 heads and above

(87) Computerised embroidery machine

(88) Computerised embroidery pattern making machine with plotter

(89) Printing and curing machine

(90) Quilting machine

(91) Snap fasterns fixing machine and/or siwa thereof

(92) Thread cleaning machine

(93) Steam Press

(94) Portable boiler for steam press

(95) Steam Cabinet

(96) Vaccum table

(97) Fusing press

(98) Dry to Dry cleaning machine 

(99) Stain / spot removing machine / gun 

(100) Automatic 25-needle shirring/smoking machine

(101) Shirt folding machine

(102) Form finisher

(103) Collar contour trimmer

(104) Spreading machine

(105) Shoulder pad attaching machine.

(106) Shrinkage controlling machines for knitting fabrics

(107) Loopdrivers for tubular knitted fabrics

(108) Mercerising machines for tubular knitted fabrics

(109) Singeing machines for tubular fabrics.

(110) Pile cutting machines for knitted fabrics

(111) Rotating edging machine for fabric rolls

(112) Conveyors for garments

(113) Garment Calendering machine

(114) Tie making machines

(115) Labelling machines

(116) Laying and cutting machines

(117) Button and Rivet fixing machine and/or dies thereof

(118) Auto fabric detwister

(119) Weft straightening and calendering machine

(120) Slit Opening Machine

(121) Rotary / Flat bed screen printing machine

(122) Curing / Polymerising machine

(123) Continuous rope / open width washing machine

(124) Lab Yarn dyeing machine

(125) Lab dyeing machine

(126) Lab pressing machine

(127) Automatic cone winding machine with yarn splicer and auto doffing system

(128) High speed warping machine with yarn tensioning, pneumatic suction devices and 


(129) Shuttleless looms (air jet, water jet, rapier and projectile)

(130) Drawing in machine

(131) Beam knotting machines

(132) Computer aided design system

(133) Fully automatic grey fabric inspection machines with roll to roll winding having 

      microprocessor recorder

(134) Auto control type humidification plant

(135) Colour matching computer

(136) Carding Sets, for use in woollen textile industry 

(137) High speed Intersecting Rotary / Chain / Pin Drawing Sets / Gill Boxes

(138) Rectilinear Combs

(139) Draw Frame / Roving Frame / Automatic Rubbing Frame / Bobbiners / Finishers, for 

      use in woollen textile industry

(140) Ring frames from 60 MM Ring Dia and above, for use in woollen textile industry

(141) Ring Frames with Siro Sp-inning attachment / Auto Doffers having maximum 75 MM 

      Ring Dia, for use in woollen textile industry

(142) Shearing, polishing and cropping machines

(143) Step cleaner

(144) Flax hackling machine

(145) Drawing machine for Flax

(146) Roving machine for Flax

(147) Wet ring frame for Flax

(148) Auto winding machine for Flax 

(149) Continuous spinning machines for Viscose Filament Yarn. 

(150) Digital electronic frequency inverters for spinning machines including control 


(151) Finishing oil metering pumps with relevant feed system

(152) Metering gear pumps for Viscose

(153) Portable systems for injection of pigments for viscose dope complete with 

      stirred vessel, metering pumps, instruments and control panel

(154) Precious metal spinnerettes including distribution plates (pre-spinnerette)

(155) Spin bath degassinag plant by flash evaporation

(156) Spin bath backwash filtration system with candle filters

(157) Continuous dissolving and homogenisisng system for viscose preparation

(158) Contidisk filters for viscose

(159) Spinbath heat exchanger in graphite


                       LIST 18 (See S. No. 221 , 222 and 223 of the Table)



(1)     Land Seismic Survey Equipment and accessories, requisite vehicles including those 

        for carrying the equipment, seismic survey vessels, global positioning system and 

        accessories, and other materials required for seismic work or other types of 

        Geophysical and Geochemical surveys for onshore and offshore activities


(2)     All types of Drilling rigs, jackup rigs, submersible rigs, semi submersible rigs, 

        drill ships, drilling barges, shot-hole drilling rigs, mobile rigs, workover rigs 

        consisting of various equipment and other drilling equipment required for drilling 

        operations, snubbing units, hydraulic workover units, self elevating workover 

        platforms, Remote Operated Vessel(ROV)


(3)     Helicopters including assemblies/parts


(4)     All types of Marine vessels to support petroleum operations including work boats, 

        barges, crew boats, tugs, anchor handling vessels, lay barges and supply boats;

        Marine ship equipment including water Maker, DP system and Diving system


(5)     All types of Equipment / units for specialised services like diving, cementing, 

        logging, casing repair, production testing, simulation and mud services, oil field 

        related lab equipment, reservoir engineering, geological equipment, directional 

        drilling, Stimulation, Coil Tubing units, drill stem testing (DST), data acquisition 

        and processing, solids control, fishing(as related to downhole retrieval in oil field 

        operations), well control, blowout prevention(BOP),pipe inspection including Non 

        Destructive Testing, coring, gravel pack, well completion and workover for oil / gas 

        wells including wireline and downhole equipment


(6)     All types of casing pipes, drill pipes, production tubing, pup joints, 

        connections, coupling, kelly, cross overs and swages, Drive Pipes


(7)     All types of drilling bits, including nozzles, breakers and related tools


(8)     All types of oil field chemicals including synthetic products used in petroleum 

        operations, oil well cement and cement additives, required for drilling, production 

        and transportation of oil or gas


(9)     Process, production and well platforms for oil, gas and water injection including 

        items forming part of the platforms and equipment required like process equipment, 

        turbines, pumps, generators, compressors, primemovers, water makers, filters and 

        filtering equipment, Telemetery, Telecommunication, Tele-Control and other material 

        required for platforms


(10)    Line pipes for flow lines and trunk pipelines including weight-coating and wrapping


(11)    Derrick barges, Mobile and stationary cranes, trenchers, pipelay barges, cargo 

        barges and the like required in the construction / installation of platforms and 

        laying of pipelines


(12)    Single buoy mooring systems, mooring ropes, fittings like chains, shackles, 

        couplings marine hoses and oil tankers to be used for oil storage and connected 

        equipment; Tanks used for storage of oil, condensate, water, mud, chemicals and 

        related materials


(13)    All types of fully equipped vessels and other units / equipment required for 

        pollution control, fire prevention, fire fighting, safety items like Survival Craft, 

        Life Raft, fire and gas detection equipment, including H2S monitoring equipment.


(14)    Mobile and skid mounted pipe laying, pipe testing and pipe inspection equipment


(15)    All types of valves including high pressure valves


(16)    Communication equipment required for Petroleum operations including synthesized 

        VHF Aero and VHF Marine multi channel sets


(17)    Non - directional radio beacons, intrinsically safe walkie-talkies, directional 

        finders, EPIRV, electronic individual security devices including electronic access 

        control system


(18)    Specialized antenna system, simplex telex over radio terminals, channel micro 

        wave systems, test and measurement equipment


(19)    X-band radar transponders, area surveillance system


(20)    Common depth point (CDP) cable, logging cable, connectors, geo-phone strings, 

        perforation equipment and explosives


(21)    Wellhead and christmas trees, including valves, chokes, heads spools, hangers and 

        actuators, flexible connections like chicksons and high pressure hoses, shut down 



(22)    Cathodic Protection Systems including anodes


(23)    Technical drawings, maps, literature, Data tapes, Operational and Maintenance 

        Manuals required for petroleum operations 


(24)    Sub-assemblies, tools, accessories, stores, spares, materials, supplies, 

        consumables for running, repairing or maintenance of the goods specified in this List


                               LIST 19 (See S.No. 225 of the Table)



(1) LSI / VLSI tester

(2) Micromanipulators

(3) Molecular beam expitaxy system (MBE system)

(4) Expitaxial reactors

(5) Chemical vapour deposition

    (CVD) system - Low pressure

    CVD (LP CVD) - Metal organic

    CVD (MO CVD)

(6) High pressure oxidation systems

(7) Chemical etching systems

(8) Plasma etchers

(9) Reactive ion beam etchers (RIBE)

(10) Reactive ion etchers

(11) RF sputtering systems

(12) Direct digital control furnaces

(13) Ion-implanters (low / medium / high current)(14) Lithography systems

(15) Direct step on wafers / steppers

(16) X-ray lithography systems

(17) E-Beam mask making system

(18) E-Beam direct write system

(19) Mask aligners

(20) Mask inspection systems (comparators)

(21) Tape automated bounders

(22) Laser zappers

(23) Wafer recognition wire bonders

(24) Wafer scriber or Wafer slicer or Wafer sawing machine or Wafer fractures or any

     combination thereof

(25) Die bonders or wire bonders or combination thereof (26) Wafer sawing machine

(27) Leak detection system

(28) Clean room air showers

(29) Particle monitor / counter both air and liquid borne

(30) Automatic encapsulation system; Automatic marking / branding machine

(31) Clean room laminar flow air handling system

(32) Ultra clean room equipment

(33) Ultra high purity demineralised water treatment plant

(34) PVDF welding and orbital welding machines

(35) Ultra high pure (UHP) gas distribution system

(36) Toxic gas distribution / monitoring system


                               LIST 20 (See S.No. 226 of the Table)



(A) Dental equipment, namely:-


(1) Air motor / turbine hand piece and control box with foot control , micromotors for 

    dental applications

(2) Air rotor / turbine complete with or without air compressor

(3) Dental engines, for laboratory work or for chair side clinical work on patients

(4) Dental operating lights and fibre optic lights

(5) Ultrasonic dental cleaning system

(6) Ultrasonic scalers of all types

(7) Spot welders for dental use with auxiliary functions, outlet :-annealing jack, 

    heat-treat tables, auxiliary cables or plug-in vise 

(8) Air turbine head / cartridges :-borden turbines - regular cartridge, borden 

    turbines-silencer cartridge and quiet air turbines - compact miniature standard

(9) Dental burrs of all varieties of various shapes and sizes - carbide, diamond or 

    steel, Carbon Burrs with Titanium coating, Tungsten Burrs

(10) Dental hand pieces, for - air motor, air turbine or drilling engines (clinical 

     and laboratory) for filling, packing and condensation purposes and micromotors

(11) Endodontic instruments (root canal instruments), brosches, reamers and files, 

     fillers / wideners and pluggers 

(12) Anaesthetic cartridges for dental use

(13) Body contoured self-adjusting electrically operated dental chair

(14) Equipment for chrome cobalt work

(15) Fibre optic light equipment with attachments for dental work

(16) Porcelain furnace

(17) Sand blasting equipment for dental use

(18) Vaccum investing equipment for dental castings

(19) Developing tarks for dental X-ray (automatic and ordinary)



(B) Ophthalmic equipment, namely:-


(1) Projection magnifier for contact lens inspection and verification

(2) Radiuscope base curve (for measurement of contact lenses)

(3) Contact lens thickness measuring gauge

(4) Stereozoom microscope for inspection of contact lenses 

(5) Softometer for measurement of the base curve of soft contact lenses

(6) Contact lens lathes

(7) Contact lens polishing machines

(8) Ophthalmic operating lights and fibre optic lights

(9) Exophthalmometer

(10) Ophthalmo dynamometer 

(11) Corneal anesthesiometer

(12) Dark adaptometer

(13) Glare testing equipment

(14) Pantoscope

(15) Cryo-lathe

(16) Ophthalmic cryo equipment

(17) CAM stimulator

(18) Roper hall foreign body locator


(C) Other medical equipment, namely:-


(1) High powered X-ray unit more than 50 KW with special attachments for paediatric 

    patients, image intensifiers, TV system and cut film camera

(2) Automatic electronic blood cell counter

(3) Multi channel recorder for cardiac electrophysiology with computerised analysis 

    system including facilities for memory 

(4) Equipment for computerised intra-operative mapping system

(5) Operating table- electro hydraulic type

(6) Operating lamps - shadowless

(7) Immuno - flourescence microscope with or without attached photo micrography set

(8) Cryostat

(9) Thermodyne 

(10) Ultramicrotome

(11) Cardio-tachograph

(12) Intensive care servo-controlled incubator

(13) Open infant care system with servo control

(14) Oxygen analyser

(15) Apnea monitor

(16) Non-invasive continuous BP monitor

(17) Transcutaneous oxygen monitor

(18) ‘Filter cartridge’ of ‘filter self rescuer’

(19) Portable intermittent traction machines

(20) Burn therapy dressing soaked in protective gel

(21) Cystoscope and colposcope

(22) Urological X-ray examination table

(23) Bipolar angiography equipment

(24) Electron microscope

(25) Rotary microtome

(26) Billirubinmeter

(27) Fluorescent microscope

(28) Phase contrast microscope

(29) Inverted microscope

(30) Caogulometer

(31) Daree gromel illuminator microscope

(32) Densitometer

(33) Tissue processor

(34) Paediatric / neonatal laryngoscope

(35) Resuscitator other than compressed air breathing type

(36) O2 blenders

(37) Reinforced corrugated tubing

(38) Automatic plasmapheresis equipment (blood cell separation)

(39) Gas failure alarms 

(40) Ultrasonic nebulisers

(41) Heat nebulisers 

(42) Local analgesic spray

(43) Non-re breathing valves 

(44) Ethylene sterilisers (gas)

(45) High pressure, pulsing, electronic controlled autoclaves

(46) Anaesthesia apparatus

(47) Hypothermia machine

(48) Respirometer

(49) Pulmonary function test machines

(50) Capnograph-CO2 meter blood gas - CO2 meter gas to gas

(51) Oxygen blending mask

(52) Paediatric anaesthesia set

(53) Cautery proof cardioscopes with memory

(54) Dosemeter

(55) Polystyrene phantoms

(56) Water phantom

(57) Mould room equipment (including styrofoam gatter)

(58) Radiation field analyser

(59) Survey equipment (including neutron monitor )

(60) Densitometer for film densitometry

(61) TLD (for internal dosimetry)

(62) Isotope calibrator

(63) Whole body human phantom

(64) Angioscope for coronary angiography

(65) Doppler equipment

(66) Xeroradiographic equipment

(67) Urological X-ray examination unit

(68) Pressure injector with rapid serial changing unit

(69) Computerised tread mill

(70) Vector cardiograph

(71) Polygraph

(72) Phonocardiograph and systolic time interval equipment 

(73) Tonometer

(74) Photo-coagulator

(75) Lithotome

(76) Extracorporal lithotriper

(77) Calibrated thermo compensated / thermostabilised anaesthetic vapouriser

(78) Foetal monitor

(79) Bipolar coagulator and forceps

(80) Electro-encephalography equipment

(81) Doppler carotid scanner

(82) Electromyography equipment and accessories thereof

(83) Cryosurgery equipment

(84) Trans-cutaneous nerve stimulator

(85 ) Filters for extra corporal circulation

(86) PET scanner

(87) Operating microscope for microsurgery

(88) Operating instruments for microsurgery

(89) Cardio-vascular catheterisation lab equipment

(90) Automatic / laser multi image and multi format cameras

(91) Bedside arrythmia analyser / monitor

(92) High pressure contrast medium injector

(93) Thermal printers, black / white for medical use 

(94) Thermal printers, colour for medical use

(95) Optical disc recorders for medical image storage

(96) Multichannel patient monitoring system upto three channels provided - 

        (a) system has plug-in module option for any three parameters out of ECG, 

            respiration, BP, pulse and temperature or 

        (b) system has monitoring options for any three parameters out of ECG, 

            respiration, BP, pulse, temperature as well as one or more out of arrythmia, 

            cardiac output, oxygen and carbondioxide saturation levels

(97) Brain mapping system

(98) Evoked potential system

(99) Holter monitor system

(100) X-ray tubes and tube inserts for X-ray equipment, CT and Cardiac more than 20/40 KW

(101) Micro processor controlled high frequency X-ray generator more than 50 KW

(102) Contrast medium injector with or without ECG trigger

(103) Catheterisation cine film analyser

(104) radiation protection equipment

(105) Catherterisation table light (dentalite)

(106) Air / power driven drills, saws and reamers

(107) Automatic percutaneous lumbar disectomy, console and kits (108) Urodynamic study

(109) Gamma counter

(110) Cell counter

(111) DC Defibrillator for external use

(112) Suction catheter, Epidural catheter, thermodilution catheter

(113) Manual skin grafting knife and its disposable blades

(114) Electric dermatome (skin grafting knife) electrically operated (mains battery 

      powered) and its disposable knife blades

(115) Air driven dermatome (skin grafting knives) operated on compressed air and its 

      disposable knife blades

(116) Mesh graft dermatome for expanding skin grafts, disposable mesh graft carriers 

      for the above

(117) The following items required by spinal patients and other categories of 

      Physically handicapped people :-

        (a) chairs - folding wheel chairs with detachable arms and footrests, special 

            light wheel chairs for easy handling, motorised wheel chairs, special purpose 

            chairs for stairs climbing for tetraplegics and paraplegic workers 

        (b) aids for disabled, namely, folding walking frames

        (c) aids to extend reach to pick up small items (with small magnet pick up)

        (d) specialised fixtures for orthopaedic and spastic, tetraplegics for 

            manoeuvering and providing dexterity to fingers and wrist

        (e) turning beds for prevention of pressure sores

        (f) emulsion cushions for tetraplegics and working paraplegics to avoid 

            pressure sores

(118) Multichannel (more than 3 channels) cardiac monitoring system with / without 

      central monitoring unit

(119) Hyperthermia machine

(120) Polypropylene mesh for hernia repair

(121) Dental X-ray machine

(122) Digital imaging system for face X-rays

(123) Orthopantom ram (O.P.G.) X-rays for jaws

(124) Jaw surgery equipment - 

        (a) stryker saws 

        (b) special titanium and tungsten carbide drill bits 

        (c) jaw surgery instruments including special retractors, bone holders

(125) ECG transtelephonic recorder / transmitter / recorder-cum-transmitter

(126) Linear accelarator

(127) Precision delivery device used for administration of insulin with penfill 

      cartridges such as Novopen


(D) Other goods, namely:-

(1) Dental implant

(2) Dental cements

(3) Impression materials of all types / alginate / rubber base / silicon base

(4) Dental fillings and non precious 

        (a) chrome cobalt / nickel chrome / porcelain bond metal / low fusing technique alloy

        (b) dental crowns and artficial teeth

(5) Gutta- percha points- dental 

(6) Dental investment of all types / phosphate bond / gypsum bond / plaster and stone cure

(7) Dental X-ray film - intra-oral / extra- oral / panoramic / occlusal

(8) Dental porcelain of all types

(9) Acrylics for dental use - denture base material heat cure and cold metal for crown 

    / bridge / and cast partial denture-silver amalgam

(10) Waxes of all types for dental use


                               LIST 21 (See S.No. 236 of the Table)



(1) Capacitors (excluding paper capacitors and power capacitors)

(2) Ferrite parts including memory cores and ferrite magnets

(3) Switches with contact rating less than 5 amperes at voltage not excceding 250 

    Volts AC or DC

(4) Connectors

(5) Magnetic -Heads (all types)

(6) Loud speakers (cone type)

(7) Deflection parts, namely:-

        (i)     EHT/LOT/FBT transformers

        (ii)    Line driver transformers

        (iii)   Deflection coil / yoke

        (iv)    Linearity coil

        (v)     Width coil 

(8) Ceramic / Magnetic cartridges and stylus

(9) Air cored and Ferrite cored transformers

(10) Microphones / Microphone cartridges

(11) RF/IF coils, Inductance coils, Peaking coils, Tuning coils

(12) Antennas

(13) Relays of contact rating upto 7 amperes

(14) EHT cables

(15) Level meters / level indicators / tuning indicators / peak level meters / battery 

     meter / VC meters / Tape counters

(16) Tone arms

(17) Microwave passive parts 

(18)    (i)  Saw filters

        (ii) Ceramic filter/trap

        (iii)Delay lines

        (iv) CRT socket

        (v)  Spark gap

        (vi) Degaussing coil

(19) Fibre optics and other optoelectronic parts and devices namely, Couplers, 

     Attenuators, Connectors, Splicers, Multiplexers and Demultiplexers

(20) Passive optical parts, namely, Microlens and splitters, Micropositioners, Optical 

     filters and gratings and Phase plates

(21) Special purpose optical fibres, namely, polarisation holding fibres, plastic 

     fibres and large core fibres

(22) Electron guns

(23) Liquid crystal displays


                               LIST 22 (See S. No. 237 of the Table)




 (a) Laser rods - Neodymium: YAG, Neodymium : Glass, Ruby, Erbium : YAG, TI :

     A1203, Alexandrite, HO : YAG

 (b) Helium- Neon Laser Tubes

 (c) Semi-conductor visible lasers

 (d) Dielectric coated mirrors for visible , near IR & 10.6 micrometer region

 (e) Hard dielectric coated optics including thin film polarisers, calcite 

     polarisers and Beam splitters

 (f) ZnSe mirrors, ZnSe lenses and ZnSe windows

 (g) Gratings and prisms 

 (h) Dye cells and laser dyes

 (i) Thin film polarisers for visible, near IR region

 (j) Electro- optic switches for visible, near IR and 10.6 micrometer region

 (k) Flash lamps (Xenon, Krypton)

 (l) Arc lamps (Krypton)

 (m) Second harmonic generation crystals


(2) Energy storage capacitors

(3) Thyratrons

(4) Photodetectors and photomultipliers

(5) Metering needle valves and pressure indicators 

(6) Spectroscopic grade pure gases viz., Xenon, Krypton, Fluorine, Argon

(7) Vaccum pumps of capacity upto 20 litres per minute

(8) Quartz and Special glasses

(9) Non linear crystals

(10) Electro- optic and Acousto-optic switches

(11) Special materials, namely, High purity gases, Kovar, Alumina and Zirconia fibres, 

     Recrystallised Alumina Tubes, Optical polishing materials, Optical cleaning 

     material, Dyes and Pitch for optical polishing

(12) Optical filters


                               LIST 23 (See S. No. 238 of the Table)



(1) Television cameras with portable field video recorders (professional grade)

(2) Audio recording equipment

(3) Table top post production video editing machines

(4) Four source editing controllers to control editing machines

(5) 8-channel video mixer / switches 

(6) Special effect generators for fading and superimposing of text and graphics

(7) Time base correctors / Frame synchronisers

(8) Broadcast standard 3-D computer graphic systems

(9) Professional grade colour video monitors

(10) Portable lighting equipment with lamps for shooting in low light situation 

(11) Professional grade photographic cameras of all formats

(12) Dark room equipment including enlargers

(13) Computer control editing machines

(14) Spares and accessories of above mentioned equipment as permitted by the Deputy 

     Principal Information Officer in the Press Information Bureau in the Ministry of 

     Information and Broadcasting


                               LIST 24 (See S. No. 284 of the Table)



(A) Wireless Apparatus and accessories -

(1) HF, VHF, or UHF transreceiver (combination of transmitter and receiver) meant for 

    amateur frequencies with accessories in assembled or kit form

(2) VHF / VHF or VHF / UHF Repeater (combination of transmitter and receiver) meant 

    for amateur frequencies with accessories in assembled or kit form

(3) Transvertor for amateur frequencies in assembled or kit form (4) Grid Dip 

    Oscillator, Radio Frequency Interference Filter, Balun Transformer, SWR bridge or 

    reflectometer, Morse reader or Noise bridge

(5) Antenna with or without feeders/Antenna rotators for amateur frequencies

(6) Digital Frequency counter (upto 600 MHz) with accessories


(B) Parts -

(1) Transistors, diodes, integrated circuits / chips, thermionic valves or vaccum tubes 

(2) Toroidal cores, quartz crystals, relays, rotatory switches, ferrite beads

(3) Variable condensers, air-dielectric type

(4) Precision capacitors (fixed type) value (s) between 1pF to 5000 pF

(5) Spare nicad cells or pack, as required or used with thermionic valves or vaccum 

    tubes or toroidal cores (in the case of hand held transreceiver)

(6) Slow motion tuning mechanism with or without dials.


                               LIST 25 (See S. No. 301 of the Table)


(1) Chlorine

(2) Helium

(3) Silicon tetra chloride

(4) Germanium tetra chloride

(5) Phosphorous oxychloride

(6) Sulphur hexa flouride oxygen 

(7) Oligo-poly iso cyanate ethyl-acetate solution

(8) Colouring ink for fibre

(9) Binder of polyurethane or vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate copolymer

(10) UV resin-1 / UV resin-2

(11) Nylon-12 granules / chips for sheath / loose tube 

(12) Coloured nylon-12

(13) Elongated polyethylene tape

(14) Polyester tape

(15) Nylon thread

(16) Polyethylene cord

(17) Biaxilly oriented nylon tape

(18) Silica tube / rod, other than preform


                               LIST 26 (See S. No. 301 of the Table)



(1) E-glass yarn / roving for FRP

(2) UV resin for FRP

(3) Complex high molecular weight resin in acrylate solution for FRP 

(4) Acrylated monomers

(5) Photoinitiater

(6) Tert butyl perbenzoate 

(7) Zinc soap of long fatty acid mixture

(8) Modified polypropylene

(9) Ethylene acrylic acid (EAA)


                               LIST 27 (See S. No. 313 of the Table)



(1) Calorimeter for semen analysis

(2) Phase contrast microscope

(3) Photometer for semen analysis

(4) Ovucheck pregnancy detecting kit

(5) Freeze drier 

(6) Tuberculin syringe

(7) Programmed biological freezer

(8) Automatic semen analyser

(9) Semen straws (French medium and mini)

(10) Sheath for French mini straws

(11) Cryo containers above 60 litres capacity

(12) Liquid nitrogen tankers above 500 litre capacity


                               LIST 28 (See S. No. 320 of the Table)



(1) Australia Antigen RIA kit

(2) Cardiac catheters with guidewires

(3) Clips for aneurysms and clips applying forceps in Neuro-Surgery

(4) Cardio vascular sutures, including sternum steel sutures

(5) Cardiovascular special instruments, namely:- 

 (i)    Coronary perfusion cannulae 

 (ii)   Electrical or gas operated sternal cutter 

 (iii) High pressure stop cocks and connectors for pressure recording 

 (iv)   Vascular bull-dog clamps 

 (v)    Vascular clamps 

 (vi)   Vascular needle holders 

 (vii) Vascular scissors straight or angled 

 (viii) Vascular tissue forceps

(6) Compressed air breathing apparatus complete

(7) D.C. Defibrillators for internal use and pace makers

(8) Laryngeal Mask-Endotracheal Tube

(9) Haemodialysors 

(10) Heart lung machine with ultrasonic Lithotrite, etc.

(11) Heart valve prothesis including valve frames

(12) Nebulized humidifier

(13) Hydrocephalus shunts

(14) Hyper-baric oxygen chamber

(15) Fogarty and embolectomy catheters

(16) Implantable cardiac pacemakers

(17) Intra-arterial catheters and guidewires and material for intervention radiology

(18) Intra-cardiac patches

(19) Nebulizers (excluding ultrasonic nebulizers and heat nebulizers)

(20) Omayya reservoirs for intraventicular investigation / therapy

(21) Operating sets for Percutaneous Nephrostomy and Percutaneous removal of kidney 

     stones with continuous irrigation and suction 

(22) Ostomy products (Appliances) for managing Colostomy, Illcostomy, Ureterostomy, 

     Illeal Conduit Urostomy Stoma cases such as bags, belts, adhesives seals or discs 

     or rolls adhesive remover, skin barriers micropore surgical tapes, bag closing 

     clamps karaya seals paste or powder, irrigation sets, plastic or rubber 

     faceplates, flanges, male or female urinary incontinency sets, skin gels, in 

     parts or sets

(23) Oxygenator

(24) Plastic disposable 3-way connectors

(25) Portable intermittent positive, pressure breathing apparatus

(26) Pulmoflator

(27) Respirators including ventimeters

(28) Sengstaken tubes

(29) Tracheostomy tubes

(30) Ventilator used with anaesthesia apparatus

(31) Vascular grafts

(32) Tracheostomy tube of plain PVC, Low pressure PVC, Red Rubber Plain, and Red 

     Rubber cuffed

(33) Various types of Cardiac Catheters including balloon tipped, double Lumen and 

     PTCA catheters, balloon dilatation catheters and Endomyocardial biopsy forceps

(34) Disposable and non-disposable cannula for aorta, vena cavae and similar veins and 

     blood vessels and cannula for intra-corporal spaces

(35) Programmer for pacemaker

(36) Ancillaries for blood component therapy required for the treatment of cancer, 

     namely, Y type blood solution recipient set; Transfer pack 1000 ml. and 300 ml.; 

     disposable pherasis bowl 225 ml. and 373 ml.; wasting harness with bypass, and 

     waste bags

(37) AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) test kits; Enhanced luminescene 

     analysers for AIDS, Hepatitis and other Analyses

(38) Iridium wire

(39) Anti-HLA sera (AB-CDR)

(40) T.P.H.A. Kits and AIDS diagnostic kits

(41) Gamma knife

(42) Bone Marrow Transplant Equipment including silastic long standing intravenous 

     catheters for Chemotherapy

(43) Cell Separator

(44) Pressure Transducer and Pressure Amplifier

(45) Cell Saver 

(46) Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis Solution Bag with or without tubing system

(47) Craniotome (Pneumatic and Electric Equipment) and Drills

(48) Binocular Loupes

(49) Intra Aortic Balloon Pump

(50) Remote After Loading Brachy Therapy Equipment

(51) Dosimetry System

(52) Cell Saver Equipment

(53) Cell Washer

(54) Thawer Equipment for Blood Warming

(55) Mammography Unit

(56) O2 Concentrator

(57) Ventricular Assist Device

(58) Pace Maker

(59) Activated Clot Time Machine

(60) Cobalt Therapy Unit

(61) Colour Doppler Ultrasound Scanner

(62) SPECT Gamma Camera

(63) Deep Therapy Unit

(64) Cardiac and Vascular Angiography System including Digital substraction Angiography

(65) Pulse Oximeter

(66) Blood Gas Analyser (including cartridges, if any), Sodium Potassium Analyser, 

     Auto Analyser for enzymes, drug levels and bio-chemical investigations, or a 

     combination of two or more of the aforesaid 

(67) Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator

(68) Intra Cranial Pressure Monitoring Equipment

(69) Radio Therapy Simulator

(70) Treatment Planning System

(71) Angiography Contrast Agent

(72) Image Intensifier

(73) Magnetic Resonance Imaging System

(74) Surgical Laser

(75) Electro Hydraulic Operating Table for Cardio Throacic and Neuro Surgery

(76) Implants for pain relief and bladder control

(77) Artificial electronics larynx instruments

(78) Ventilators other than those used with anaesthesia

(79) Digital Video EEG System

(80) Instruments and implants for severely physically handicapped patients and joints 

     replacement and spinal instruments and implants including bone cement

(81) Small portable pumps used for giving slow infusion of anti-cancer drugs or 

     thalassaemic drugs

(82) Fibre optic endoscopes including , Paediatric resectoscope / audit resectoscope, 

     Peritoneoscopes, Arthoscope, Microlaryngoscope, Fibreoptic Flexible Nasal 

     Pharyngo Bronchoscope, Fibreoptic Flexible Laryngo Brochoscope , Video Laryngo 

     Brochoscope and Video Oesophago Gastroscope, Stroboscope, Fibreoptic Flexible 

     Oesophago Gastroscope.


                               LIST 29 (See S. No. 323 of the Table)



(1) Ophthalmoscope-Direct / Indirect

(2) Ophthalmic / Xenon Arc

(3) Flurescein Angiography Equipment including Fundus Camera

(4) Ultrasonic Equipment (A scan / Pacchy meter)

(5) Microsurgical needles, cannulas, blades, trephine blades, membrane peelers, 

    diathermy probes, vitreous cutters, atraumatic needles and sutures, intraocular 

    scissors and forceps

(6) Tonometer (Schiotz / Applanation / Pneumo)

(7) Retinoscope streak/ spot

(8) Operating glasses (2X, 4X, 6X)/ Binomag

(9) Gonioscope, 3 mirror lens, special lenses for laser delivery, special diagnostic 

    lenses (14D, 20D, 90D), Endo lens

(10) Sterilisers (high speed / ethylene)

(11) Specular microscope with monitor and recorder 

(12) Intraocular lenses / Keratoprosthesis / orbital implants

(13) Diathermy equipment

(14) Synoptophore

(15) Silicone Sponges / rubber / bands, for Retinal Detachment Surgery

(16) Vitrectomy equipment

(17) Phaco-emulsification system

(18) Visual field recording equipment

(19) Ocular electro physiological testing equipment [Electroretinography /

     Electroculography / Visually evoked response equipment (ERG / EOG and VER)]

(20) Keratometer / Automatic Keratometer

(21) Prism bars

(22) Laser Interferometer

(23) Pacchymeter - optical / electronic

(24) Aspiration - irrigation equipment 

(25) Automatic refractometer or lensometer / projection lensometer or a combination of 

     the aforesaid

(26) Complete refraction unit with phoropter / projection - chart

(27) Ophthalmic hydraulic chair

(28) Low visual aids and sets (telescopic glasses)

(29) Colour vision testing equipment

(30) Photoelectric keratoscope and thermokeratoscope

(31) Pseudo-isochromatic chart book / Ishiare

(32) Slit lamp biomicroscope / photo slit lamp

(33) Surgical operating zoom microscope with closed circuit TV camera

(34) Surgical operating microscope manual

(35) Argon / krypton laser

(36) Yag laser, excimer laser or diode laser


                               LIST 30 (See S. No. 324 of the Table)


(1) Otoscope

(2) Impedance Audiometer

(3) BERA (Brain Evoked Response Audiometry)

(4) Speech Audiometer

(5) Surgical Operating Microscope

(6) Fresnel’s glasses

(7) Magnifying Operating Glasses (Magnifying Loupes)

(8) Microsurgical instruments for all Ear surgeries

(9) Sialistic sheet used for Tympanoplasty operations 

(10) Sinoscopes 0 0 , 30 0 , 70 0 , 120 0 (2.6 mm and 4 mm diameter)

(11) Instruments for Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

(12) CCD Camera, Monitor, VCR to fit with Sinoscopes

(13) Cochlear Implants and equipment for performing Cochlear

(14) Voice Prostheses

(15) Blom Singer Voice Prostheses

(16) Electronic Larynx

(17) Sigel’s Speculum

(18) Microlaryngeal instruments 

(19) Video Processor

(20) Video Cassette Recorders used along with the Video Endoscope

(21) ENT Burrs


                               LIST 31 (See S. No. 325 of the Table)



(1) 12 (+/- 1) mm Laparoscope (Single incision)

(2) Falope Ring - applicator single incision (for two rings) and procedure instruction 

    manual, kit containing guide and loader and cleaning brush

(3) 12 (+/- 1) mm Trocar (including piston type) with spare washers for sleeve and 

    canulae and cleaning brush

(4) Fibre Optic Light Cable

(5) Bulbs, fuse lamps, Adapter for Fibre Optic Light Cable/Laparoscope

(6) Carbondioxide (CO2 ) cylinder with pneumoperitoneum apparatus

(7) Light Source 

(8) Machine for Gas Insufflator with Gas Tubing Spare Carbondioxide (CO2 ) Hose Pipe 

    and a Gauge

(9) Dual incision applicator Two rings

(10) Trocal and Cannula 6-8 mm with valves gas stopcock

(11) Probe 34-37 cm

(12) Verres Needle (4” and 5 1 /2 ”)

(13) Minilight source with accessories consisting of :-

 (a) 6 volts rechargeable battery

 (b) AC battery charger

 (c) AC power supplier 220 volts

 (d) Inter-connection assembly

 e) Convertor 

(14) Falope Rings

(15) 6-8 mm Laparoscope (double puncture)

(16) Scissors 34-37 cm

(17) Suction Cannula 34-37 cm




(A) Item Nos.(6), (7) and (8) may be imported separately or in combinations as dual 

    control assembly.


(B) Item Nos. (1) and (2) may be separate or in combination; when in combination, it 

    is called Laparocator.


                               LIST 32 (See S. No. 327 of the Table)



(A)     (1) Braille writers and braille writing instruments

        (2) Hand writing equipment Braille Frames, Slates, Writing Guides, Script 

            writing Guides, Styli, Braille Erasers

        (3) Canes, Electronic aids like the Sonic Guide

        (4) Optical, Environmental Sensors

        (5) Arithmetic aids like the Taylor Frame (arithmetic and algebra types), 

            Cubarythm, Speaking or Braille calculator 

        (6) Geometrical aids like combined Graph and Mathematical Demonstration Board, 

            Braille Protractors, Scales, Compasses and Spar Wheels

        (7) Electronic measuring equipment, such as calipers, micrometers, comparators, 

            gauges, gauge blocks Levels, Rules, Rulers and Yardsticks

        (8) Drafting, Drawing aids, tactile displays 

        (9) Specially adapted clocks and watches


(B)     (1) Orthopaedic appliances falling under heading No.90.21 of the First Schedule

        (2) Wheel chairs falling under heading No. 87.13 of the First Schedule


(C)     Artificial electronic larynx and spares thereof


(D)     Artificial electronic ear (Cochlear implant)


                               List 33 (See S.No. 338 of the Table)



Thermal Projects :


1. Kahalgaon Stage II – 1500 MW

2. North Karanpura STPP– 2000 MW

3. Barh STPP – 2000 MW

4. Cheyyur – 1500 MW

5. Hirma – 3960 MW

6. Krishnapattanam – 1500 MW

7. Pipavav – 2000 MW 8. Maithon-1000 MW

9. Anta-1300 MW

10. Kawas – 1300 MW

11. Auraiya-1300 MW

12. Gandhar-1300 MW

13. Cuddalore-1000 MW

14. Narmada-1000 MW Hydel Projects :

 1. Koel-Karo (Bihar) – 710 MW

 2. Teesta-V (Sikkim) – 510 MW

 3. Koldam (Himachal Pradesh)– 800 MW

 4. Parvati (Himachal Pradesh) – 800 MW


                               List 34 (See S.No. 338A of the Table)



1. Tarapur Atomic Power plants - 3 and 4 (maharashtra) - 1000 MW

2. Kundakulam (Tamil Nadu) - 2000 MW

3. Kaiga - 3 and 4 (Karnataka) - 440 MW


(List 34 has been inserted vide Customs Notification No.02/2001, dt. 08-01-2001)



(T. R. Rustagi) 

Joint Secretary to the Government of India





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